Advances in Cryptology – EUROCRYPT 1998. Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on the Theory and Application of Cryptographic Techniques. Espoo, Finland, May 31 – June 4, 1998. (English) Zbl 0889.00042

Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 1403. Berlin: Springer. x, 607 p. DM 114.00; $ 69.00 (1998).

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Indexed articles:
Shoup, Victor; Gennaro, Rosario, Securing threshold cryptosystems against chosen ciphertext attack, 1-16 [Zbl 0919.94031]
Young, Adam; Yung, Moti, Auto-recoverable auto-certifiable cryptosystems, 17-31 [Zbl 0919.94033]
Fujisaki, Eiichiro; Okamoto, Tatsuaki, A practical and provable secure scheme for publicly verifiable secret sharing and its applications, 32-46 [Zbl 0919.94021]
Kunihiro, Noboru; Koyama, Kenji, Equivalence of counting the number of points on elliptic curve over the ring \(\mathbb Z_n\) and factoring \(n\), 47-58 [Zbl 0927.11054]
Boneh, Dan; Venkatesan, Ramarathnam, Breaking RSA may not be equivalent to factoring. (Extended abstract), 59-71 [Zbl 0922.94008]
Maurer, Ueli; Wolf, Stefan, Lower bounds on generic algorithms in groups, 72-84 [Zbl 0919.94027]
Biryukov, Alex; Kushilevitz, Eyal, Improved cryptanalysis of RC5, 85-99 [Zbl 0919.94020]
Biham, Eli; Knudsen, Lars R., Cryptanalysis of the ANSI X9. 52 CBCM mode, 100-111 [Zbl 0929.68047]
Hawkes, Philip, Differential-linear weak key classes of IDEA, 112-126 [Zbl 0919.94022]
Blaze, Matt; Bleumer, Gerrit; Strauss, Martin, Divertible protocols and atomic proxy cryptography, 127-144 [Zbl 0929.68048]
Kurosawa, Kaoru; Desmedt, Yvo, Optimum traitor tracing and asymmetric schemes, 145-157 [Zbl 0919.94025]
Jutla, Charanjit S., On finding small solutions of modular multivariate polynomial equations, 158-170 [Zbl 0919.94024]
Weber, Damian, Computing discrete logarithms with quadratic number rings, 171-183 [Zbl 0926.11091]
Patarin, Jacques; Goubin, Louis; Courtois, Nicolas, Improved algorithms for isomorphisms of polynomials, 184-200 [Zbl 0919.94030]
Shamir, Adi, Visual cryptanalysis, 201-210 [Zbl 0929.68049]
Cohen, Gérard; Lobstein, Antoine; Naccache, David; Zémor, Gilles, How to improve an exponentiation black-box, 211-220 [Zbl 0929.68050]
Boyko, Victor; Peinado, Marcus; Venkatesan, Ramarathnam, Speeding up discrete log and factoring based schemes via precomputations, 221-235 [Zbl 0929.68052]
Bellare, Mihir; Garay, Juan A.; Rabin, Tal, Fast batch verification for modular exponentiation and digital signatures, 236-250 [Zbl 0929.68053]
Blaze, Matt; Feigenbaum, Joan; Naor, Moni, A formal treatment of remotely keyed encryption. (Extended abstract), 251-265 [Zbl 0936.68034]
Bellare, Mihir; Krovetz, Ted; Rogaway, Phillip, Luby-Rackoff backwards: increasing security by making block ciphers non-invertible, 266-280 [Zbl 0994.94521]
Jakubowski, Mariusz H.; Venkatesan, Ramarathnam, The chain & sum primitive and its applications to MACs and stream ciphers, 281-293 [Zbl 0929.68054]
Hühnlein, Detlef; Jacobson, Michael J. jun.; Sachar, Paulus; Takagi, Tsuyoshi, A cryptosystem based on non-maximal imaginary quadratic orders with fast decryption, 294-307 [Zbl 0919.94023]
Okamoto, Tatsuaki; Uchiyama, Shigenori, A new public-key cryptosystem as secure as factoring, 308-318 [Zbl 0919.94028]
Hiltgen, Alain P., Towards a better understanding of one-wayness: Facing linear permutations, 319-333 [Zbl 0919.94015]
Simon, Daniel R., Finding collisions on a one-way street: Can secure hash functions be based on general assumptions?, 334-345 [Zbl 0919.94032]
Franklin, Matthew; Wright, Rebecca N., Secure communication in minimal connectivity models, 346-360 [Zbl 0929.68055]
Cachin, Christian, On the foundations of oblivious transfer, 361-374 [Zbl 0929.68058]
Beaver, Donald; Wool, Avishai, Quorum-based secure multi-party computation, 375-390 [Zbl 0936.68035]
Pointcheval, David, Strengthened security for blind signatures, 391-405 [Zbl 0929.68059]
Michels, Markus; Stadler, Markus, Generic constructions for secure and efficient confirmer signature schemes. (Extended abstract), 406-421 [Zbl 0929.68060]
Poupard, Guillaume; Stern, Jacques, Security analysis of a practical “on the fly” authentication and signature generation, 422-436 [Zbl 0929.68061]
Abe, Masayuki, Universally verifiable mix-net with verification work independent of the number of mix-servers, 437-447 [Zbl 0929.68062]
Jakobsson, Markus, A practical mix, 448-461 [Zbl 0929.68065]
Carlet, Claude, On the propagation criterion of degree \(l\) and order \(k\), 462-474 [Zbl 0919.94013]
Filiol, Eric; Fontaine, Caroline, Highly nonlinear balanced Boolean functions with a good correlation-immunity, 475-488 [Zbl 0919.94014]
Millan, William; Clark, Andrew; Dawson, Ed, Heuristic design of cryptographically strong balanced Boolean functions, 489-499 [Zbl 0919.94017]
Padró, Carles; Sáez, Germán, Secret sharing schemes with bipartite access structure, 500-511 [Zbl 0919.94029]
Luby, Michael; Staddon, Jessica, Combinatorial bounds for broadcast encryption, 512-526 [Zbl 0919.94026]
Safavi-Naini, R.; Wang, H., New results on multi-receiver authentication codes, 527-541 [Zbl 0934.94016]
Coppersmith, Don, Specialized integer factorization, 542-545 [Zbl 0948.94010]
Okamoto, Tatsuaki; Uchiyama, Shigenori, Security of an identity-based cryptosystem and the related reductions, 546-560 [Zbl 0924.94030]
Chan, Agnes; Frankel, Yair; Tsiounis, Yiannis, Easy come-easy go divisible cash, 561-575 [Zbl 0929.68063]
Naor, Moni; Pinkas, Benny, Secure and efficient metering, 576-590 [Zbl 1028.68525]
Asokan, N.; Shoup, Victor; Waidner, Michael, Optimistic fair exchange of digital signatures. (Extended abstract), 591-606 [Zbl 0929.68064]


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