Differential equations with applications to biology. Proceedings of the international conference, Halifax, Canada, July 25–29, 1997. (English) Zbl 0903.00038

Fields Institute Communications. 21. Providence, RI: American Mathematical Society (AMS). x, 509 p. (1999).

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Indexed articles:
Allegretto, W.; Nistri, P., On a class of nonlocal problems with applications to mathematical biology, 1-14 [Zbl 0919.35045]
Allen, Linda J. S.; Allen, Edward J.; Atkinson, David N., Integrodifference equations applied to plant dispersal, competition, and control, 15-30 [Zbl 0915.45004]
Benaïm, Michel; Hirsch, Morris W., Differential and stochastic epidemic models, 31-44 [Zbl 0916.58040]
Brauer, Fred, General recruitment models for sexually transmitted diseases, 45-50 [Zbl 0913.92022]
Buchanan, J. Robert, Asymptotic behavior of two interacting pioneer/climax species, 51-63 [Zbl 0913.92026]
Campbell, Sue Ann, Stability and bifurcation of a simple neural network with multiple time delays, 65-79 [Zbl 0926.92003]
Chao, Dennis; Levin, Simon A., Herding behavior: The emergence of large-scale phenomena from local interactions, 81-95 [Zbl 0913.92032]
Clements, Clyde J.; Clements, John C.; Horáček, B. Milan, On the formation of scroll waves in an anisotropic ventricular myocardium, 97-107 [Zbl 0919.35063]
Clements, John C., An optimal control theory approach to the inverse problem of electrocardiography, 109-117 [Zbl 0919.92002]
Cressman, R., Natural selection as an extensive form game, 119-130 [Zbl 0913.92015]
Le Dung; Smith, Hal L.; Waltman, P., Growth in the unstirred chemostat with different diffusion rates, 131-142 [Zbl 0920.35076]
Faria, Teresa, Bifurcation aspects from some delayed population models with diffusion, 143-158 [Zbl 0922.35016]
Franke, John E.; Yakubu, Abdul-Aziz, Extinction and persistence in a size-structured, discrete competitive system with dispersion, 159-174 [Zbl 0924.92021]
Freedman, H. I.; Zhao, Xiaoqiang, Global attractivity in a nonlocal reaction-diffusion model, 175-186 [Zbl 0918.35065]
Freitas, Pedro, Nonlocal reaction-diffusion equations, 187-204 [Zbl 0921.35075]
Gard, Thomas C., Practical persistence in stochastic population models, 205-215 [Zbl 0929.92027]
Gedeon, Tomáš, Structure and dynamics of artificial neural networks, 217-224 [Zbl 0949.34027]
Gedeon, Tomáš; Glass, Leon, Continuity of resetting curves for FitzHugh-Nagumo equations on the circle, 225-236 [Zbl 0918.35014]
Genik, Lynne; van den Driessche, P., An epidemic model with recruitment-death demographics and discrete delays, 237-249 [Zbl 0926.92029]
Hadeler, K. P., Nonlinear propagation in reaction transport systems, 251-257 [Zbl 0918.35066]
an der Heiden, Uwe, On the dynamics of nonlinear feedback loops in cell membrane, neural and sensory systems, 259-268 [Zbl 0913.92011]
Hino, Yoshiyuki; Murikami, Satoru, Skew product flows of quasi-processes and stabilities, 269-277 [Zbl 0929.37024]
Huang, Ying Sue, Periodic solutions to a system of globally coupled oscillators, 279-291 [Zbl 0919.34039]
Kan-on, Yukio, Bifurcation structure of stationary solutions of a Lotka-Volterra competition model with density-dependent diffusion, 293-305 [Zbl 0923.35024]
Kato, Junji; Pan, Jiaqi, Stability domain of a chemostat system with delay, 307-315 [Zbl 0919.92038]
Morita, Yoshihisa; Pernarowski, Mark; Dockery, Jack, Homoclinic bifurcations in a diffusively coupled excitable system, 307-407 [Zbl 0949.34029]
Kong, Qingkai, Oscillation criteria for second order half-linear differential equations, 317-323 [Zbl 0924.34025]
Kuang, Yang, Rich dynamics of Gause-type ratio-dependent predator-prey system, 325-337 [Zbl 0920.92032]
Ladeira, Luiz A. C., Differentiability with respect to delays for a neutral differential-difference equation, 339-352 [Zbl 0920.34057]
Lampreia, J. P.; Severino, R.; Sousa Ramos, J., Renormalizations for trimodal maps, 353-362 [Zbl 0927.37006]
Lasota, Andrzej; Mackey, Michael C., Statistical stability of strongly perturbed dynamical systems, 363-376 [Zbl 0923.60082]
Liu, Xinzhi, A generalization of the variation of parameters and Lyapunov’s method, 377-385 [Zbl 0917.34045]
Milota, Jaroslav, Persistence in an epidemiological model, 387-395 [Zbl 0913.92024]
Petzeltová, Hana, Compactness and asymptotic spatial homogeneity in conservation laws with memory, 409-417 [Zbl 0915.45006]
Schmitt, Klaus, On boundary value problems for quasilinear elliptic equations, 419-427 [Zbl 0922.35059]
Selgrade, James F.; Schlosser, Paul M., A model for the production of ovarian hormones during the menstrual cycle, 429-446 [Zbl 0979.92016]
So, Joseph W.-H.; Yu, J. S., Global stability for a general population model with time delays, 447-457 [Zbl 0921.34068]
Thieme, Horst R.; van den Driessche, P., Global stability in cyclic epidemic models with disease fatalities, 459-472 [Zbl 0924.92018]
Toni, B.; Thieffry, D.; Bulajich, R., Feedback loop analysis for chaotic dynamics with an application to the Lorenz system, 473-483 [Zbl 0921.34041]
Wu, Weihua; Deng, Zongqi, Absolute stability of the second canonical form of control systems, 485-491 [Zbl 0917.34046]
Xiao, Dongmei; Ruan, Shigui, Bogdanov-Takens bifurcations in predator-prey systems with constant rate harvesting, 493-506 [Zbl 0917.34029]


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