Advances in nonlinear dynamics. (English) Zbl 0905.00028

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Indexed articles:
Martynyuk, A. A.; Sivasundaram, S., A survey of the work of S. Leela, 1-10 [Zbl 0923.01028]
Agarwal, Ravi P.; Pandian, S.; Thandapani, E., Oscillatory property for second-order nonlinear difference equations via Lyapunov’s second method, 11-21 [Zbl 0924.39007]
Bernfeld, Stephen R.; Vuillermot, Pierre A., Asymptotic behavior of solutions of limiting differential equations, 23-32 [Zbl 0928.34040]
Deimling, Klaus, Dissipation and almost-periodicity, 33-40 [Zbl 0935.34040]
Gopalsamy, K.; Liu, Pingzhou, Global stability in a hyperbolic logistic map with eventually fading memory, 41-50 [Zbl 0924.39006]
Grujić, Ljubomir T., Exponential quality of time-varying dynamical systems: Stability and tracking, 51-61 [Zbl 0931.34044]
Hatvani, L., Asymptotic constancy of the solutions of a nonlinear delay equation, 63-70 [Zbl 0928.34054]
Karakostas, George, A local attractor for the planar system \(\dot x=y, \dot y=-F (x,y)\), 71-77 [Zbl 0927.34039]
Lakshmikantham, V.; Vatsala, A. S., Stability of moving invariant sets, 79-83 [Zbl 0947.34039]
Lalli, B. S.; Grace, S. R., Stability of \(n\)-dimensional inhomogeneous delay differential equations, 85-92 [Zbl 0928.34051]
Liu, Xinzhi, Uniform boundedness for impulsive systems of integro-differential equations, 93-98 [Zbl 0930.34007]
Martynyuk, A. A., A contraction principle, 99-105 [Zbl 0926.34030]
Nieto, Juan J., Monotone iterates and stability for first-order ordinary differential equations, 107-115 [Zbl 1126.34344]
Pavel, N. H., Periodicity and stability of semigroups via “\(\lambda^K \in \rho (C^K) \Rightarrow \lambda \in \rho(C)\)”, 117-127 [Zbl 0927.34043]
Wendi, Wang; Zhien, Ma, Asymptotic stability of linear delayed systems without instantaneous dissipative terms, 129-136 [Zbl 0927.34057]
Yu, J. S.; Zhang, B. G., Uniform stability of a delay single population model, 137-146 [Zbl 0929.34056]
Cronin, Jane, Control in cardiac components, 147-155 [Zbl 1125.34320]
Chukwu, E. N., Control of nonlinear delay differential economic systems in \(W_2^{(1)}\), 157-170 [Zbl 0929.34050]
Deo, S. G.; Sivasundaram, S., Controllability of nonlinear integro-differential systems, 171-178 [Zbl 0935.93014]
Ledzewicz, Urszula; Schättler, Heinz, A second-order Dubovitskii-Milyutin Theory and applications to control, 179-192 [Zbl 0945.49016]
Roxin, Emilio O., The index for control systems, 193-196 [Zbl 0933.93046]
Ahmed, N. U., Linear systems governed by operators beyond Hille-Yosida semigroups, 197-207 [Zbl 0926.34049]
Bainov, Drumi; Minchev, Emil, Monotone iterative methods for impulsive hyperbolic equations, 209-216 [Zbl 0931.35191]
Chan, C. Y.; Ozalp, N., Beyond quenching for singular reaction-diffusion mixed boundary-value problems, 217-227 [Zbl 0926.35061]
Corduneanu, C., Neutral functional-differential equations with abstract Volterra operators, 229-235 [Zbl 0929.34062]
De Coster, C.; Habets, P., Existence and multiplicity results for a Dirichlet problem with two parameters, 237-244 [Zbl 0927.34012]
Guo, Dajun, Existence and uniqueness of solutions to impulsive integro-differential equations in Banach spaces, 245-251 [Zbl 0941.34073]
Gupta, Chaitan P., A nonlocal multipoint boundary value problem at resonance, 253-259 [Zbl 0922.34013]
Haddock, John R., The “evolution” of invariance principles à la Lyapunov’s direct method, 261-272 [Zbl 0923.34053]
Heikkilä, Seppo, First-order discontinuous differential equations with functional boundary conditions, 273-281 [Zbl 0920.34024]
Henderson, Johnny; Yin, William, Focal boundary-value problems for singular ordinary differential equations, 283-295 [Zbl 0974.34014]
Kartsatos, Athanassios G.; Zigler, William R., Some properties of differential equations in the weak topology of a reflexive Banach space, 297-306 [Zbl 0927.34046]
Lasiecka, Irena, Finite dimensional attractors for von Kármán systems with nonlinear dissipation and noncompact nonlinearity, 307-317 [Zbl 0939.35031]
Pao, C. V., Dynamics of weakly coupled parabolic systems with nonlocal boundary conditions, 319-327 [Zbl 0923.35072]
Sivasundaram, S., Convex dependence of solutions to dynamic systems on time scales relative to initial data, 329-334 [Zbl 0949.34050]
Trigiante, D., Multipoint methods for linear Hamiltonian systems, 335-348 [Zbl 0918.65053]
Li, Ta-Tsien; Kong, De-Xing, Global existence of solutions to a class of nonlinear systems of functional-differential equations, 349-353 [Zbl 0930.34045]
Lee, John W.; O’Regan, Donal, Existence principles for nonlinear integral equations on semi-infinite intervals and half-open intervals, 355-364 [Zbl 1050.45500]
Murthy, K. N.; Anand, P. V. S., Controllability and observability of continuous matrix Liapunov systems, 365-379 [Zbl 0926.93009]


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