Transform methods and special functions. Proceedings of the 2nd international workshop, Varna, Bulgaria, August 23–30, 1996. (English) Zbl 0914.00065

Sofia: Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics. vi, 614 p. (1998).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The 1st Workshop (1994) has been announced (see Zbl 0914.00063).
Indexed articles:
Adamczyk, Gabriela, On a generalization of the theorem on two constants, 1-6 [Zbl 0923.30011]
Antonevich, Anatolij, On a construction of the solutions for some elliptic equations with generalized coefficients, 7-14 [Zbl 0934.35033]
Antosik, Piotr, Elementary proofs of some classical theorems, 15-23 [Zbl 0930.46007]
Balikov, G. I.; Dimitrov, I. P., Some non-metrizable spaces of harmonic functions, 24-31 [Zbl 1113.31300]
Bazhlekova, E. G., Duhamel-type representations of the solutions of nonlocal boundary value problems for the fractional diffusion-wave equation, 32-40 [Zbl 0926.35027]
Betancor, Jorge J.; Rodríguez-Mesa, Lourdes, Pointwise convergence for Hankel transforms, 41-47 [Zbl 0924.46034]
Bonilla, B.; Trujillo, J.; Rivero, M., On fractional order continuity, integrability and derivability of real functions, 48-55 [Zbl 0923.26006]
Bozhinov, N. S., On the root functions of a nonlocal Sturm-Liouville problem, 56-62 [Zbl 0923.34027]
Butzer, Paul L.; Jansche, Stefan, Mellin transform theory and the role of its differential and integral operators, 63-83 [Zbl 0923.44002]
Callebaut, Dirk K., Exact solution of some systems of non-selfadjoint partial differential equations, 84-90 [Zbl 0924.35162]
Dobner, H.-J.; Ritter, S., Numerical computation of Lamé functions, 91-99 [Zbl 0960.33001]
Dziok, J., Some extremal problems for \(p\)-valent alpha-convex functions, 100-106 [Zbl 0923.30013]
Fisher, Brian; Kılıçman, Adem, An extension of a result on the neutrix convolution product of distributions, 107-113 [Zbl 0924.46032]
Gabali, M. A.; Kalla, S. L., Simple algorithms for approximations of generalized elliptic-type integrals, 114-120 [Zbl 0923.65006]
Glaeske, H.-J., On Zernicke polynomials, 121-131 [Zbl 0924.33007]
Gorenflo, R., The tomato salad problem in spherical stereology, 132-149 [Zbl 0924.45008]
Hayek, N.; Trujillo, J. J.; Rivero, M.; Bonilla, B.; Moreno, J. C., On existence of solutions of ordinary differential equations of fractional order, 150-158 [Zbl 0923.34006]
Jelínek, J., A Tauberian theorem for distributions, 159-163 [Zbl 0938.40002]
Kalla, S. L.; Khajah, H. G., Radiation field integrals and their evaluation techniques, 164-177 [Zbl 1113.65303]
Kamiński, A., On the product of distributions, 178-187 [Zbl 0924.46033]
Kamiya, Noriaki, On isotopies of algebras and triple systems, 188-200 [Zbl 1113.17303]
Kanas, S.; Lecko, A., Univalence criteria connected with arithmetic and geometric means. I, 201-209 [Zbl 0926.30014]
Kempfle, S.; Beyer, H., Global and causal solutions of fractional linear differential equations, 210-226 [Zbl 0923.34007]
Kierat, Władysław; Skoŕnik, Krystyna, On the application of Mikusiński’s operational calculus to the controllability of dynamical systems, 227-235 [Zbl 0923.34062]
Kilbas, Anatoly A.; Saigo, Megumi, Application of fractional calculus to solve Abel-Volterra nonlinear and linear integral equations, 236-263 [Zbl 0922.45002]
Kim, Yong Chan, A note on linear operators and fractional calculus operators in the univalent function theory, 264-272 [Zbl 0923.30007]
Krasinska, S., Application of the generalized Mikhaylov criterion, 273-277 [Zbl 0947.93522]
Łazińska, A., On some classes of holomorphic functions in the half-plane, 278-287 [Zbl 0935.30011]
Love, E. R.; Hunter, M. N., Expansions in series of Legendre functions, 288-299 [Zbl 0928.42014]
Luh, Wolfgang, Intersections with Gronwall methods, 300-308 [Zbl 0938.40001]
Mainardi, Francesco, Applications of fractional calculus in mechanics, 309-334 [Zbl 1113.26303]
Mincheva, Svetlana, Automorphisms in the commutant of the integration operator in the space of Lebesgue integrable functions, 335-344 [Zbl 0924.44006]
Owa, Shigeyoshi, Applications of fractional calculus operators to univalent functions, 345-349 [Zbl 0924.30010]
Podlubny, I., Application of orthogonal polynomials to solution of fractional integral equations, 350-359 [Zbl 0922.45001]
Prudnikov, Anatoly P.; Skórnik, Ursula, A remark on Watson transform, 360-367 [Zbl 0922.44003]
Repin, O. A., Generalized operators of fractional integro-differentiation in meaning of M. Saigo and their applications, 368-376 [Zbl 0924.35086]
Rubin, Boris; Ryabogin, Dmitri; Shamir, Eliyahu, Fractional integrals and wavelet transforms, 377-385 [Zbl 0923.26007]
Saigo, Megumi; Maeda, Nobuyuki, More generalization of fractional calculus, 386-400 [Zbl 0926.26003]
Saitoh, Hitoshi, On certain subclasses of analytic functions involving a linear operator, 401-411 [Zbl 0930.30013]
Savas, E., On some sequence spaces, 412-416 [Zbl 0937.40006]
Shawagfeh, N. T., A class of integro-differential equations via fractional calculus, 417-422 [Zbl 0922.45003]
Sokól, Janusz; Szumny, Waldemar, On some extreme points of the unit ball, 423-427 [Zbl 0924.30033]
Spirova, S., Hyper-Bessel operators, differential equations, functions and integral transforms of 4th order, 428-445 [Zbl 0922.44001]
Srivastava, H. M., Some operational techniques in the theory of special functions, 446-465 [Zbl 0932.33003]
Stankiewicz, J., Convolution in the theory of univalent functions, 466-472 [Zbl 0924.30022]
Stoyanov, Todor, Some extensions of the Rolle and Gauss-Lucas theorems, 473-475 [Zbl 0924.30004]
Takano, Katsuo, On infinitely divisible probability distributions and integral equations, 476-483 [Zbl 0924.60005]
Tremblay, Richard; Fugère, B. J., Generating functions related to pairs of inverse functions, 484-495 [Zbl 0927.33004]
Tretyakova, Nina N., Integral transforms connected with the group representations, 496-501 [Zbl 1113.26304]
Trojnar-Spelina, Lucyna, On some integral operators in the class of functions with negative coefficients, 502-507 [Zbl 0926.30010]
Trujillo, J.; Rivero, M.; Bonilla, B., On a new generalized Taylor’s formula, 508-516 [Zbl 1113.26305]
Valbuena, M.; Galue, L.; Ali, I., Some properties of the finite Laplac transform, 517-522 [Zbl 0923.44001]
Vu Kim Tuan, Airy integral transform and the Paley-Wiener theorem, 523-531 [Zbl 0923.44003]
Wiśniowska, Agnieszka, On starlike functions related with hyperbolic regions, 532-538 [Zbl 0923.30012]
Rusev, P., Nikola Obreshkoff (1896-1963). Biographical data, 541-550 [Zbl 0923.01029]
Rusev, P., Obreshkoff’s generalization of Descartes rule, 551-556 [Zbl 0936.12001]
Dimovski, I. H.; Kiryakova, V. S., Obrechkoff’s generalization of the Laplace and Meijer transforms: Origins and recent developments, 557-576 [Zbl 0924.44008]
Kiryakova, V.; Gorenflo, R.; Kempfle, S.; Mainardi, F.; Oldham, Keith B., Round table discussion: “Physical and geometrical meanings and applications of fractional calculus operators”, 577-609 [Zbl 0951.26004]


00B25 Proceedings of conferences of miscellaneous specific interest
33-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to special functions
44-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to integral transforms
26A33 Fractional derivatives and integrals


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