Deformation theory and symplectic geometry. Proceedings of the Ascona meeting, Switzerland, June 17–21, 1996. (English) Zbl 0923.00023

Mathematical Physics Studies. 20. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers. xiii, 361 p. (1997).

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Indexed articles:
Connes, Alain, Noncommutative differential geometry and the structure of space time, 1-33 [Zbl 1149.58301]
Faddeev, Ludwig; Volkov, Alexander, Shift operator for the discrete \(\text{SL}(2)\) current algebra, 35-42 [Zbl 1149.81321]
Flato, Moshé; Dito, Giuseppe; Sternheimer, Daniel, Nambu mechanics, \(n\)-ary operations and their quantization, 43-66 [Zbl 1149.70321]
Fröhlich, Jürg, The geometrization principle, 67-68 [Zbl 1149.58303]
Frønsdal, Christian, Generalization and deformations of quantum groups, 69-84 [Zbl 1149.17301]
Gerstenhaber, Murray, Quantized intersection cardinalities., 85-102 [Zbl 1149.20302]
Gutt, Simone; Rawnsley, John, Deformation quantization and \(Mp^c\) structures, 103-115 [Zbl 1149.53324]
Jimbo, Michio; Konno, Hitoshi; Miwa, Tetsuji, Massless \(XXZ\) model and degeneration of the elliptic algebra \(\mathcal{A}_{q,p}(\widehat{\text{sl}_2})\), 117-138 [Zbl 1149.82314]
Kontsevich, Maxim, Formality conjecture, 139-156 [Zbl 1149.53325]
Kostant, Bertram, Quantum cohomology of the flag manifold as an algebra of rational functions on a unipotent algebraic group, 157-175 [Zbl 1149.14302]
Mathieu, Olivier, Homologies associated with Poisson structures, 177-199 [Zbl 1149.53319]
Bloch, Anthony; Ould el Hadrami, Mohamed; Flaschka, Hermann; Ratiu, Tudor S., Maximal tori of some symplectomorphism groups and applications to convexity, 201-222 [Zbl 1149.58305]
Polyak, Michael; Reshetikhin, Nicolai, On 2D Yang-Mills theory and invariants of links, 223-248 [Zbl 1149.58306]
Rosso, Marc, Some applications of quantum shuffles, 249-258 [Zbl 1149.17302]
Schmid, Wilfried, Character formulas and localization of integrals, 259-270 [Zbl 1149.22302]
Stasheff, Jim, Deformation theory and the Batalin-Vilkovisky master equation, 271-284 [Zbl 1149.81359]
Nest, Ryszard; Tsygan, Boris, The Fukaya type categories for associative algebras, 285-300 [Zbl 1167.18303]
Weinstein, Alan, Tangential deformation quantization and polarized symplectic groupoids, 301-314 [Zbl 1166.53324]
Bordemann, Martin; Waldmann, Stefan, Formal GNS construction and WKB expansion in deformation quantization, 315-319 [Zbl 1166.53321]
Hoppe, Jens, On the deformation of time harmonic flows, 321-326 [Zbl 1166.58303]
Lichnerowicz, André, Distinguished essential extensions of infinite dimensional classical Lie algebras, 327-332 [Zbl 1166.17302]
Omori, Hideki; Maeda, Yoshiaki; Miyazaki, Naoya; Yoshioka, Akira, Noncommutative contact algebras, 333-338 [Zbl 1166.53323]
Majid, Shahn, Braided geometry and the inductive construction of Lie algebras and quantum groups, 339-344 [Zbl 1166.17301]
Moreno, Carlos; Valero, Luis, Star products in the triangular case, 345-352 [Zbl 1166.53322]
Dito, Giuseppe, Physical aspects of deformation theory, 353 [Zbl 1166.81339]


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