Topics in mathematical economics and game theory. Essays in honor of Robert J. Aumann. (English) Zbl 0928.00020

Fields Institute Communications. 23. Providence, RI: American Mathematical Society (AMS). viii, 291 p. (1999).

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Indexed articles:
Aumann, Robert J., Acceptable points in general cooperative \(n\)-person games., 1-27 [Zbl 1054.91502]
Balder, Erik J., Young measure techniques for existence of Cournot-Nash-Walras equilibria, 31-39 [Zbl 1054.91503]
Brams, Steven J., Modeling free choice in games, 41-62 [Zbl 1054.91504]
Driessen, Theo S. H., Pairwise-bargained consistency and game theory: the case of a two-sided firm, 65-82 [Zbl 1054.91507]
MartĂ­nez-Legaz, Juan Enrique, A new characterization of totally balanced games, 83-88 [Zbl 1040.91012]
Maschler, Michael, The worth of a cooperative enterprise to each member, 89-94 [Zbl 1054.91509]
McCormick, Gordon H.; Owen, Guillermo, Bargaining between heterogeneous organizations, 95-104 [Zbl 1054.91510]
McLean, Richard P., Coalition structure values of mixed games, 105-120 [Zbl 1103.91314]
Raut, Lakshmi K., Aumann-Shapley random order values of non-atomic games, 121-136 [Zbl 1103.91315]
Allen, Beth, On the existence of core allocations in a large economy with incentive-compatibility constraints, 139-152 [Zbl 1054.91506]
Chakravorti, Bhaskar; Conley, John P.; Taub, Bart, Economic applications of probabilistic cheap talk, 153-169 [Zbl 1054.91505]
Hammond, Peter J., Multilaterally strategy-proof mechanisms in random Aumann-Hildenbrand macroeconomies, 171-187 [Zbl 1054.91562]
Page, Frank H. jun.; Wooders, Myrna H., Arbitrage with price-dependent preferences: equilibrium and market stability, 189-212 [Zbl 1054.91544]
Schofield, Norman, A smooth social choice method of preference aggregation, 213-232 [Zbl 1065.91524]
Shubik, Martin; Wooders, Myrna H., Clubs, near markets amd market games., 233-256 [Zbl 1054.91553]
Turunen-Red, Arja H.; Woodland, Alan D., On economic applications of the Kuhn-Fourier theorem, 257-276 [Zbl 1054.91554]
Wako, Jun, Coalition-proofness of the competitive allocations in an indivisible goods market, 277-283 [Zbl 1039.91503]


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91-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to game theory, economics, and finance
91Axx Game theory
91Bxx Mathematical economics

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