Computational modelling of impact damage in brittle materials. (English) Zbl 0929.74101

Summary: A Lagrangian finite element method of fracture and fragmentation in brittle materials is developed. A cohesive-law fracture model is used to propagate multiple cracks along arbitrary paths. In axisymmetric calculations, radial cracking is accounted for through a continuum damage model. An explicit contact/friction algorithm is used to treat the multi-body dynamics which inevitably ensues after fragmentation. Rate-dependent plasticity, heat conduction and thermal coupling are also accounted for in calculations. The properties and predictive ability of the model are exhibited in two case studies: spall tests and dynamic crack propagation in a double cantilever beam specimen. As an example of application of the theory, we simulate the experiments of Field (1988) involving the impact of alumina plates by steel pellets at different velocities. The calculated conical, lateral and radial fracture histories are found to be in good agreement with experiment.


74S05 Finite element methods applied to problems in solid mechanics
74R05 Brittle damage
74M20 Impact in solid mechanics


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