Algebra. Proceedings of the international algebraic conference on the occasion of the 90th birthday of A. G. Kurosh, Moscow, Russia, May 25–30, 1998. (English) Zbl 0933.00023

Berlin: Walter de Gruyter. xx, 410 p. (2000).

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Indexed articles:
Kostrikin, A. I., A word about Kurosh, 1-7 [Zbl 0963.01026]
Abramov, A. A.; Belash, V. O.; Yukhno, L. F., Two methods for solving the linear problem of elimination, 9-15 [Zbl 0959.65071]
Ágoston, István; Dlab, Vlastimil; Lukács, Erzsébet, Strictly stratified algebras, 17-26 [Zbl 0981.16013]
Anisimov, N. Yu.; Demidov, E. E., Randomness: Algebraic, statistical and complexity theory aspects, 27-34 [Zbl 0959.68052]
Artamonov, V. A., General quantum polynomials, 35-48 [Zbl 0969.16009]
Astrelin, A. V.; Golubitsky, O. D.; Pankratiev, E. V., Gröbner bases and involutive bases, 49-55 [Zbl 0970.13009]
Bahturin, Y.; Giambruno, A.; Zaicev, M., Codimension growth and graded identities, 57-76 [Zbl 0968.16007]
Bryant, R. M.; Krasil’nikov, A. N., On certain non-finitely based varieties of groups, 77-84 [Zbl 0962.20019]
Campana, F., \(\mathcal G\)-connectedness of compact Kähler manifolds. II: Solvable quotients of Kähler groups, 85-97 [Zbl 0984.32010]
Davydov, A. A., Finite groups with the same character tables, Drinfel’d algebras and Galois algebras, 99-111 [Zbl 0991.20006]
Grigorchuk, R. I.; Herfort, W. N.; Zalesskii, P. A., The profinite completion of certain torsion \(p\)-groups, 113-123 [Zbl 0964.20018]
Grinenko, Mikhail, Birational correspondences of a double cone, 125-133 [Zbl 1003.14003]
Heineken, Hermann, Groups with neighbourhood conditions for certain lattices, 135-136 [Zbl 0961.20027]
Iyudu, N. K., Subalgebra membership problem and subalgebra standard basis, 137-143 [Zbl 0962.16021]
Jordan, David A., Graded algebras generated by Eulerian derivatives, 145-153 [Zbl 0967.16008]
Kachi, Yasuyuki; Sato, Eiichi, Characterizations of projective spaces and hyperquadrics, 155-165 [Zbl 0990.14020]
Knauer, Ulrich, Non additive Morita theory. A survey, 167-180 [Zbl 0962.20045]
Kostrikin, A. I.; Dzhumadil’daev, A. S., Modular Lie algebras: New trends, 181-203 [Zbl 0976.17011]
Kulikov, Vic. S., On generic coverings of the plane, 205-213 [Zbl 1018.14002]
Latyshev, V. N., General version of standard bases in linear structures, 215-226 [Zbl 0968.16011]
Lichtman, A. I., Division rings generated by group rings and enveloping algebras, 227-236 [Zbl 0978.16019]
Nikolova, D. B.; Plotkin, B. I., Some notes on universal algebraic geometry, 237-261 [Zbl 0962.08003]
Passman, D. S.; Temple, W. V., Groups with all irreducible modules of finite degree, 263-279 [Zbl 0963.16021]
Petrogradsky, V. M., Schreier’s formulae for free Lie algebras, their applications and asymptotics, 281-289 [Zbl 0983.17008]
Pinus, A. G., Conditional terms and their applications, 291-299 [Zbl 0971.03037]
Prokhorov, Yu. G., Blow-ups of canonical singularities, 301-317 [Zbl 1003.14005]
Regev, Amitai; Guterman, Alexander, On the growth of identities, 319-330 [Zbl 0964.16025]
Shemetkov, L. A., Radical and residual classes of finite groups, 331-344 [Zbl 0969.20014]
Shestakov, Ivan P., Speciality and deformations of algebras, 345-356 [Zbl 1027.17001]
Vovkivsky, Taras, Infinite torsion groups arising as generalizations of the second Grigorchuk group, 357-377 [Zbl 0986.20037]
Yanchevskii, Vyacheslav I., Brauer groups of curves and reciprocity laws in Brauer groups of their function fields, 379-396 [Zbl 1045.14502]
Zakharov, V. K.; Mikhalev, A. V., Mathematical systems, 397-410 [Zbl 0961.03010]


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00B30 Festschriften

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Kurosh, A. G.