Principal graphs of subfactors in the index range \(4< [M:N]< 3+\sqrt{2}\). (English) Zbl 0933.46058

Araki, Huzihiro (ed.) et al., Subfactors. Proceedings of the Taniguchi symposium on operator algebras, Kyuzeso, Japan, July 6–10, 1993. Singapore: World Scientific. 1-38 (1994).
From the introduction: “In the theory of subfactors, the principal graph and more generally the paragroup of an inclusion has become the most important invariant also for index \([M:N]>4\). Unfortunately, for many concretely constructed subfactors, direct computation of its principal graph is practically impossible. The purpose of this paper is to present a set of – mostly combinatorial – rules, that limits the number of possibilities for principal graphs substantially. Here we will consider only the index range \(4<[M:N]<3+\sqrt{2}\)”.
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46L37 Subfactors and their classification