Current trends in economics. Theory and applications. Proceedings of the 3rd international meeting held in Antalya, Turkey, June 1997. (English) Zbl 0937.00059

Studies in Economic Theory. 8. Berlin: Springer. ix, 546 p. (1999).

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Indexed articles:
Agliardi, Elettra, Pseudo-supermodular games: Theory and an application, 1-11 [Zbl 1068.91502]
Aleskerov, Fuad; Kurbanov, Eldeniz, Degree of manipulability of social choice procedures, 13-27 [Zbl 0959.91014]
Alkan, Ahmet, On the properties of stable many-to-many matchings under responsive preferences, 29-39 [Zbl 0959.91021]
Altuğ, Sumru; Demers, Fanny S.; Demers, Michel, Cost uncertainty, taxation, and irreversible investment, 41-72 [Zbl 0959.91009]
Athanasoulis, Stefano; Shiller, Robert J., The significance of the market portfolio: Theory and evidence, 73-105 [Zbl 0959.91032]
Başçı, Erdem; Sağlam, İsmail, Does money matter? A deterministic model with cash-in-advance constraints in factor markets, 107-117 [Zbl 0959.91049]
Bose, Subir; Deltas, George, Welcoming the middlemen: Restricting competition in auctions by excluding the consumers, 119-131 [Zbl 0959.91022]
Dasgupta, Manabendra; Deb, Rajat, Acyclicity of fuzzy preferences, 133-140 [Zbl 0959.91013]
Dávila, Julio, On the connection between correlated equilibria and sunspot equilibria, 141-156 [Zbl 1073.91611]
Forges, Françoise, Ex post individually rational trading mechanisms, 157-175 [Zbl 1068.91503]
Gersbach, Hans; Haller, Hans, Allocation among multi-member households: issues, cores and equilibria, 177-200 [Zbl 1073.91603]
Hammond, Peter; Villar, Antonio, Valuation equilibrium revisited, 201-214 [Zbl 0959.91045]
Herrero, Carmen; Villar, Antonio, The equal-distance rule in allocation problems with single-peaked preferences, 215-223 [Zbl 1016.91066]
Idzik, Adam, The existence of the satisfactory point, 225-231 [Zbl 1068.91506]
Kawamata, Kunio, Optimal entry and the marginal contribution of a player, 233-254 [Zbl 1032.91083]
Koutsougeras, Leonidas C., On an Edgeworth characterization of rational expectations equilibria in atomless asset market economies, 255-264 [Zbl 0963.91010]
Lahiri, Sombed, A characterization of the equal income market equilibrium choice correspondence based on average envy freeness, 265-270 [Zbl 1073.91608]
Lucke, Bernd, Non-Keynesian effects of fiscal contractions: theory and applications for Germany, 271-292 [Zbl 1073.91606]
Magill, Michael; Quinzii, Martine, Incentives and risk sharing in a stock market equilibrium, 293-323 [Zbl 0959.91044]
Oliva, Maria-Angels; Rivera-Batiz, Luis A., Mergers and acquisition, bargaining and synergy traps, 325-346 [Zbl 1073.91580]
Orbay, Benan Zeki, Protectionism versus non-protectionism under cost uncertainty in Cournot and Stackelberg markets, 347-365 [Zbl 0959.91040]
Peleg, Bezalel; Rosenmüller, Joachim; Sudhölter, Peter, The canonical extensive form of a game form: Symmetries, 367-387 [Zbl 0965.91005]
Ponsatí, Clara; Sákovics, József, Bargaining in a changing environment, 389-404 [Zbl 0959.91020]
Ramachandran, Doraiswamy; Rüschendorf, L., An extension of the nonatomic assignment model, 405-412 [Zbl 0970.91040]
Seidl, Christian; Traub, Stefan, Testing decision rules for multiattribute decision making, 413-454 [Zbl 0963.91033]
Serfes, Konstantinos; Yannelis, Nicholas C., Collusion and distribution of profits under differential information, 455-473 [Zbl 0963.91009]
Stefanescu, Anton, Predicting proposal configurations in cooperative games and exchange economies, 475-489 [Zbl 0977.91005]
Taub, Bart, International financial equilibrium with risk sharing and private information, 491-518 [Zbl 0969.91013]
Tourky, Rabee, Remark on extended price equilibria, 519-532 [Zbl 0969.91009]


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