Proceedings of the Kirbyfest, Berkeley, CA, USA, June 22–26, 1998. (English) Zbl 0939.00055

Geometry and Topology Monographs. 2. Warwick: University of Warwick, Institute of Mathematics, 569 p. (electronic) (1999).

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Indexed articles:
Aitchison, I. R.; Rubinstein, J. H., Combinatorial Dehn surgery on cubed and Haken 3-manifolds, 1-21 [Zbl 0948.57016]
Bleiler, Steven A.; Hodgson, Craig D.; Weeks, Jeffrey R., Cosmetic surgery on knots, 23-34 [Zbl 0948.57017]
Cantwell, John; Conlon, Lawrence, Foliation cones, 35-86 [Zbl 0946.57032]
Donaldson, S. K., Topological field theories and formulae of Casson and Meng-Taubes, 87-102 [Zbl 0958.57031]
Fintushel, Ronald; Stern, Ronald J., Nondiffeomorphic symplectic 4-manifolds with the same Seiberg-Witten invariants, 103-111 [Zbl 0946.57024]
Freedman, Michael H., \(\mathbb{Z}_2\)-systolic-freedom, 113-123 [Zbl 1024.53029]
Gauld, David, Manifolds at and beyond the limit of metrisability, 125-133 [Zbl 0976.54028]
Geiges, Hansj√∂rg; Thomas, Charles B., Almost linear actions by finite groups on \(S^{2n-1}\), 135-156 [Zbl 0956.57021]
Gilmer, Patrick M., Quantum invariants of periodic three-manifolds, 157-175 [Zbl 0957.57009]
Gordon, Cameron McA., Small surfaces and Dehn filling, 177-199 [Zbl 0948.57014]
Hass, Joel; Scott, Peter, Configurations of curves and geodesics on surfaces, 201-213 [Zbl 1035.53053]
Kauffman, Louis H., Right integrals and invariants of three-manifolds, 215-232 [Zbl 0951.57005]
Kirby, Robion; Melvin, Paul, The \(E_8\)-manifold, singular fibers and handlebody decompositions, 233-258 [Zbl 0959.57020]
Kobayashi, Tsuyoshi, Classification of unknotting tunnels for two bridge knots, 259-290 [Zbl 0962.57003]
Kotschick, D., On regularly fibered complex surfaces, 291-298 [Zbl 0973.32010]
Lickorish, W. B. R., Simplicial moves on complexes and manifolds, 299-320 [Zbl 0963.57013]
Lin, Xiao-Song; Wang, Zhenghan, Fermat limit and congruence of Ohtsuki invariants, 321-333 [Zbl 0959.57008]
Livingston, Charles, Order 2 algebraically slice knots, 335-342 [Zbl 0968.57006]
Matumoto, Takao, Cusp equivalence between smooth embeddings of the 2-sphere in 4-space, 343-348 [Zbl 0944.57018]
Morita, Shigeyuki, Structure of the mapping class groups of surfaces: A survey and a prospect, 349-406 [Zbl 0959.57018]
Quinn, Frank, Group categories and their field theories, 407-453 [Zbl 0964.18003]
Rourke, Colin; Sanderson, Brian, Homology stratifications and intersection homology, 455-472 [Zbl 0947.55008]
Ruberman, Daniel, A polynomial invariant of diffeomorphisms of 4-manifolds, 473-488 [Zbl 0952.57007]
Rubinstein, Hyam; Scharlemann, Martin, Genus two Heegaard splittings of orientable three-manifolds, 489-553 [Zbl 0962.57013]
Rudolph, Lee, Positive links are strongly quasipositive, 555-562 [Zbl 0962.57004]
Taylor, Laurence R., Smooth Euclidean 4-spaces with few symmetries, 563-569 [Zbl 0946.57035]
Cantwell, John; Conlon, Lawrence, Correction to: “Foliation cones”, 571-575 [Zbl 1421.57037]
Scharlemann, Martin, Genus two Heegaard splittings: an omission. Correction to: “Genus two Heegaard splittings of orientable three-manifolds”, 577-581 [Zbl 1421.57025]


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57-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to manifolds and cell complexes
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