Integral methods in science and engineering. Proceedings of the 5th international conference, IMSE’98, Houghton, MI, USA, August 10–13, 1998. (English) Zbl 0940.00032

Chapman & Hall/CRC Research Notes in Mathematics. 418. Boca Raton, FL: Chapman & Hall/CRC. 360 p. (2000).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference (4, 1996) has been reviewed (see Zbl 0883.00025 and Zbl 0883.00026).
Indexed articles:
Gibson, A. G., Mathematical modeling of \(N\)-body quantum scattering processes, 3-13 [Zbl 1058.81741]
Kim, S.; Mustakis, I., Microhydrodynamics of sharp corners and edges, 14-20 [Zbl 0977.76017]
Sleeman, B. D.; Chen, H., Acoustic scattering by irregular obstacles, 21-32 [Zbl 0962.35194]
Ahues, M.; Largillier, A., On generalized inverse Steklov problems, 35-40 [Zbl 0969.34022]
Aviles-Ramos, C.; Harris, K. T.; Haji-Sheikh, A., A hybrid root finder, 41-45 [Zbl 0957.65038]
Begmatov, Akbar H., Volterra-type integral geometry problems, 46-50 [Zbl 0959.44003]
Begmatov, Akbar H.; Begmatov, Akram H., Inversion of the X-ray transform and the Radon transform with incomplete data, 51-56 [Zbl 0958.44001]
Begmatov, Akram H., Reconstructing a function by means of integrals over a family of conical surfaces, 57-61 [Zbl 0959.44004]
Bertram, B., On the use of wavelet expansions and the conjugate gradient method for solving first kind integral equations, 62-66 [Zbl 0958.65143]
Boikov, I. V.; Andreev, A. N., Optimal algorithms for the calculation of singular integrals, 67-72 [Zbl 0957.65014]
Boikova, A. I., An order one approximate method of solution of differential and integral equations, 73-78 [Zbl 0957.65119]
Chiu, C., A multigrid method for solving reaction-diffusion systems, 79-83 [Zbl 0957.65084]
Chudinovich, I.; Constanda, C., Time-dependent bending of plates with transverse shear deformation, 84-89 [Zbl 0960.35101]
Ciumasu, S. G.; Vieru, D., Polarization gradient in piezoelectric micropolar elasticity, 90-95 [Zbl 0977.74023]
Comlekci, T.; Hamilton, R.; Boyle, J. T., Thermoelastic stress separation via Poisson equation solution by means of the boundary element method, 96-101 [Zbl 0982.74075]
Corduneanu, C.; Mahdavi, M., On neutral functional differential equations with causal operators. II, 102-106 [Zbl 0960.45001]
Cretu, N.; Nita, G.; Sturzu, I.; Rosca, C., A semi-analytic method for the study of acoustic pulse propagation in inhomogeneous elastic 1-D media, 107-112 [Zbl 0960.35102]
Della Croce, L.; Scapolla, T., Efficient finite elements for the numerical approximation of cylindrical shells, 113-118 [Zbl 0986.74067]
Ding, J.; Qiu, H., Error estimates for computing fixed densities of Markov integral operators, 119-124 [Zbl 0972.60064]
Ding, J.; Wang, Z., A modified Monte Carlo approach to the approximation of invariant measures, 125-130 [Zbl 0957.37074]
Djondjorov, P.; Vassilev, V., Acceleration waves in von Kármán plate theory, 131-136 [Zbl 0958.35138]
Eissa, M., Dynamics and resonance of a nonlinear mechanical oscillator subjected to parametric and external excitation, 137-142 [Zbl 1002.70017]
Eissa, M.; Kamel, M. M., On the vibration of helical springs, 143-148 [Zbl 0977.74031]
Fisackerly, M. W.; McCartin, B. J., A two-dimensional numerical model of chemotaxis, 149-154 [Zbl 0952.92006]
Guz, I. A.; Soutis, C., Asymptotic analysis of fracture theory for layered composites in compression (the plane problem), 155-160 [Zbl 0996.74072]
Haidar, S. M., Existence and regularity of weak solutions to the displacement boundary value problem of nonlinear elastostatics, 161-166 [Zbl 0959.35160]
Haji-Sheikh, A.; Payne, F. R.; Hays-Stang, K. J., On convergence and uniqueness of microscale heat transfer equation, 167-172 [Zbl 0973.80003]
Han, W.; Sofonea, M., On numerical approximations of a frictionless contact problem for elastic-viscoplastic materials, 173-178 [Zbl 1007.74056]
Hayami, K.; Sauter, S. A., A panel clustering method for 3-D elastostatics using spherical harmonics, 179-184 [Zbl 1059.74555]
Hilgers, J. W.; Bertram, B. S.; Reynolds, W. R., Extensions of constrained least squares for obtaining regularized solutions to first kind integral equations, 185-189 [Zbl 0957.65115]
Kannan, Rangachary; Seikkala, S.; Hihnala, M., Existence and nonexistence results for some boundary value problems at resonance, 190-194 [Zbl 0991.34014]
Kashtalyan, M.; Soutis, C., Analytic investigation of thick anisotropic plates with undulating surfaces, 195-199 [Zbl 0965.74034]
Khatiashvili, N., On Stokes’ nonlinear integral wave equation, 200-204 [Zbl 0985.76009]
Kolkka, R. W.; Malkus, D., Dynamics of the spurt phenomenon for single history integral constitutive equations, 205-210 [Zbl 0976.76008]
Langdon, S., A boundary integral equation method for the heat equation, 211-216 [Zbl 0957.65089]
Liu, Q.; Narain, A., Computational simulation and interfacial shear models for downward annular wavy-interface condensing flow in a vertical pipe, 217-222 [Zbl 1059.76541]
McCartin, B. J., Compact fourth-order approximation for a nonlinear reaction-diffusion equation arising in population genetics, 223-228 [Zbl 0952.92020]
Mioduchowski, A.; Janele, P., Dynamic deformation of layered continuum surrounding a cylindrical or spherical cavity, 229-233 [Zbl 0983.74034]
Mitrea, D., Boundary value problems for harmonic vector fields on nonsmooth domains, 234-239 [Zbl 1058.35509]
Mitrea, M., The oblique derivative problem for general elliptic systems in Lipschitz domains, 240-245 [Zbl 0958.35035]
Nastase, A., Viscous aerodynamic optimal design of flying configurations via an enlarged variational method, 246-251 [Zbl 1058.76550]
Natroshvili, D.; Zazashvili, Sh., Interface crack problem for a piecewise homogeneous anisotropic plane, 252-257 [Zbl 1001.74104]
Nomura, S.; Edmiston, H., Micromechanics of heterogeneous materials, 258-262 [Zbl 0980.74015]
Okonkwo, Z. C., Admissibility and optimal control for stochastic difference equations, 263-267 [Zbl 0976.49020]
Payne, F. R.; Payne, K. R., Linear and sublinear Tricomi via DFI, 268-273 [Zbl 0957.65090]
Peat, R. M.; McBride, A. C., Multidimensional fractional integrals on spaces of smooth functions, 274-279 [Zbl 0969.26012]
Pedas, A.; Vainikko, G., Piecewise polynomial projection methods for nonlinear multidimensional weakly singular integral equations, 280-285 [Zbl 0957.65116]
Ruehr, O. G.; Bertram, B. S., Asymptotics and inequalities for a class of infinite sums, 286-291 [Zbl 0966.26011]
Samoila, C.; Teodorescu, R.; Centea, D., A new theorem concerning the Buckingham Rayleigh methods and general dimensional analysis, 292-297 [Zbl 1058.74509]
Sava, V. Al., Energy decay for a weak solution of the non-Newtonian fluid equations with slowly varying external forces, 298-303 [Zbl 0960.35084]
Sava, V. Al., An integral representation for the solution of 2D nonstationary flow of micropolar fluids, 304-309 [Zbl 0960.35085]
Sheng, Q., A monotonically convergent adaptive method for nonlinear combustion problems, 310-315 [Zbl 0959.35163]
Thomson, G. R.; Constanda, C., Stationary oscillations of elastic plates with Robin boundary conditions, 316-321 [Zbl 0980.74028]
Unsacar, F., Adapter and driver design for rotary encoders, 322-326 [Zbl 1058.94526]
Unsacar, F.; Halkaci, S.; Majlessi, A., Expert system design for fault diagnosing in CNC machine tools, 327-332 [Zbl 0960.68674]
Ursutiu, D.; Duta-Capra, A.; Nanu, D.; Cotfas, P., Non-ideal liquid solutions modeling by means of integral methods, 333-337 [Zbl 0968.76088]
Vassilev, V., Symmetry groups, conservation laws and group-invariant solutions of the Marguerre-von Kármán equations, 338-343 [Zbl 0959.35161]
Verma, A.; Harris, P. J.; Chakrabarti, R., Modeling the motion of an underwater explosion bubble, 344-349 [Zbl 1059.76515]
Virchenko, N., On some new systems of \(N\)-ary integral equations, 350-354 [Zbl 0957.45004]
Yu, G.; Narain, A., Computational simulations and flow domain classification for laminar/laminar annular/stratified condensing flows, 355-360 [Zbl 0961.76521]


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