Research and practice in multiple criteria decision making. Proceedings of the 14th international conference on multiple criteria decision making (MCDM), Charlottesville, VA, USA, June 8–12, 1998. (English) Zbl 0940.00066

Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems. 487. Berlin: Springer. xvii, 553 p. (2000).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference (13th, 1997) has been indicated (see Zbl 0901.00058).
Indexed articles:
Hammond, John S.; Keeney, Ralph L.; Raiffa, Howard, The even-swap method for multiple objective decisions, 1-14 [Zbl 0960.90515]
Johnson-Payton, Lori R.; Haimes, Yacov Y.; Lambert, James H., A methodology for risk management of compound failure modes, 15-44 [Zbl 0961.90042]
Yu, P. L.; Li, J. M., Forming win-win strategy – a new way to study game problems, 45-56 [Zbl 0973.91002]
Caballero, R.; Cerdá, E.; Muñoz, M. M.; Rey, L., Relations among several efficiency concepts in stochastic multiple objective programming, 57-68 [Zbl 0961.90107]
Ehrgott, Matthias, Hard to say it’s easy – four reasons why combinatorial multiobjective programmes are hard, 69-80 [Zbl 1016.90041]
Gómez, M.; Ríos-Insua, S.; Bielza, C.; Fernández del Pozo, J. A., Multiattribute utility analysis in the IctNeo system, 81-92 [Zbl 1054.91528]
Göpfert, A.; Tammer, Chr., Maximal point theorems in product spaces and applications for multicriteria approximation problems, 93-104 [Zbl 1016.90040]
Guillén, Servio T.; Trejos, Mayra S.; Canales, Roberto, A robustness index of binary preferences, 105-113 [Zbl 1054.91524]
Miettinen, Kaisa; Mäkelä, Marko M., Tangent and normal cones in nonconvex multiobjective optimization, 114-124 [Zbl 0961.90099]
Nishizaki, Ichiro; Sakawa, Masatoshi, Multiobjective linear production programming games, 125-136 [Zbl 0971.91005]
Rajabi, S.; Hipel, K. W.; Kilgour, D. M., Multiple criteria subset selection under quantitative and non-quantitative criteria, 137-148 [Zbl 1054.91525]
Schandl, Bernd; Klamroth, Kathrin; Wiecek, Margaret M., Using block norms in bicriteria optimization, 149-160 [Zbl 0961.90100]
Seo, Fumiko, Multiple risk assessment with random utility models in probabilistic group decision making, 161-172 [Zbl 0961.90045]
Tamura, Hiroyuki; Takahashi, Satoru; Hatono, Itsuo; Umano, Motohide, On a behavioral model of analytic hierarchy process for modeling the legitimacy of rank reversal, 173-184 [Zbl 0961.90103]
Wang, Hsiao-Fan, Resolution of variational inequality problems by multiobjective programming, 185-195 [Zbl 1018.47045]
Yamada, Syuuji; Tanino, Tetsuzo; Inuiguchi, Masahiro, An outer approximation method for optimization over the efficient set, 196-207 [Zbl 0961.90106]
Yun, Y. B.; Nakayama, H.; Tanino, T., On efficiency of data envelopment analysis, 208-217 [Zbl 0961.90046]
Zaras, Kazimierz, Rough approximation of a preference relation by a multi-attribute stochastic dominance for a reduced number of attributes, 218-227 [Zbl 1054.91526]
Bell, Michelle L.; Hobbs, Benjamin F.; Elliott, Emily M.; Ellis, Hugh; Robinson, Zachary, An evaluation of multicriteria decision-making methods in integrated assessment of climate policy, 228-237 [Zbl 0976.90501]
Chiang, C. I.; Li, J. M.; Tzeng, G. H.; Yu, P. L., A revised minimum spanning table method for optimal expansion of competence sets, 238-247 [Zbl 0961.90095]
Ensslin, Leonardo; Montibeller Neto, Gilberto; de Lima, Marcus Vinicius A., Constructing and implementing a DSS to help evaluate perceived risk of accounts receivable, 248-259 [Zbl 0961.90038]
Férnandez, F. R.; Mármol, A.; Puerto, J., Improving weighting information in interactive decision procedures. A visual guide, 260-271 [Zbl 0961.90040]
Hallerbach, Winfried; Spronk, Jaap, A multicriteria framework for risk analysis, 272-283 [Zbl 0960.90510]
Hodgkin, Julie; Belton, Valerie; Buchanan, Iain, Intelligent user support in multicriteria decision support, 284-295 [Zbl 0960.90512]
Inuiguchi, Masahiro; Tanino, Tetsuzo, Data envelopment analysis with fuzzy input-output data, 296-307 [Zbl 0961.90134]
Joro, Tarja, Target mix approach for measuring efficiency in data envelopment analysis, 308-318 [Zbl 1054.91518]
Herrod Julius, Susan; Scheraga, Joel D., The TEAM model for evaluating alternative adaptation strategies, 319-330 [Zbl 0973.91548]
Koulouri, Anastasia; Belton, Valerie, Fuzzy multi-criteria DSS: Their applicability and their practical value, 331-342 [Zbl 0960.90511]
Larichev, Oleg I., Problems of measurement in decision analysis, 343-356 [Zbl 0962.91015]
Olson, D. L.; Mechitov, A. I.; Moshkovich, H. M., Multicriteria decision aid techniques: Some experimental conclusions, 357-368 [Zbl 0960.90513]
Steuer, Ralph E.; Piercy, Craig, Cone decomposition for the solution of efficient extreme points in parallel, 369-380 [Zbl 0961.90101]
Azizoǧlu, Meral; Köksalan, Murat; Kondak, Suna, Scheduling to minimize maximum earliness and number of tardy jobs where machine idle time is allowed, 381-387 [Zbl 0964.90016]
Ballestero, Enrique, Using compromise programming in a stock market pricing model, 388-399 [Zbl 1054.91530]
Fandel, G.; Gal, T., Redistribution of funds for teaching and research among universities, 400-408 [Zbl 0960.90514]
Kalika, Vladimir I.; Frant, Shimon, Multicriteria optimization accounting for uncertainty in dynamic problem of power generation expansion planning, 409-420 [Zbl 0961.90505]
Klamroth, Kathrin; Wiecek, Margaret M., Time-dependent capital budgeting with multiple criteria, 421-432 [Zbl 0960.90047]
Levy, Jason K.; Hipel, Keith W.; Kilgour, D. Marc, Sustainability indicators for multiple criteria decision making in water resources: An evaluation of soil tillage practices using web-HIPRE, 433-444 [Zbl 1028.91586]
Malyon, Brett E.; Stewart, Theodor J., Soft-OR and multi-criteria decision analysis for group decision support: A case study in fisheries management, 445-457 [Zbl 0962.91528]
Onsel, Sule; Ulengin, Fusun; Topcu, Y. Ilker, Problem structuring and evaluation integration: A case study in transportation planning, 458-472 [Zbl 0960.90518]
Rodríguez Uría, M. V.; Arenas Parra, M.; Bilbao Terol, A.; Cerdá Tena, E., Management of surgical waiting lists in public hospitals, 473-482 [Zbl 0960.90050]
Smith, Charles H.; Weistroffer, H. Roland, On designing health care plans and systems from the multiple criteria decision making (MCDM) perspective, 483-491 [Zbl 0960.90516]
Tumeo, Mark A.; Mauriello, David A.; Sadeghi, Ali M.; Meekhof, Ronald, Case studies on the application of adaptive risk analysis to USDA’a resource conservation programs, 492-509 [Zbl 0962.91527]
Tzeng, Gwo-Hshiung; Chen, Yuh-Wen; Lin, Chien-Yuan, Fuzzy multi-objective reconstruction plan for post-earthquake road-network by genetic algorithm, 510-529 [Zbl 0960.90531]
van den Honert, R. C., Fair allocations using multicriteria power indices, 530-541 [Zbl 1055.91528]
Weistroffer, H. Roland; Smith, Charles H., The college selection process from a multi-criteria decision analysis perspective, 542-550 [Zbl 0960.90517]


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