Nonlinear physics: theory and experiment. Nature, structure and properties of nonlinear phenomena. Proceedings of the workshop, Lecce, Italy, June 29–July 7, 1995. (English) Zbl 0941.00008

Singapore: World Scientific. xv, 612 p. (1996).

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Contents: V. E. Adler, On the rational solutions of the Shabat equation (3-10); Yurij M. Berezansky, Integration of nonlinear nonisospectral difference-differential equations by means of the inverse spectral problem (11-20); G. Biondini and S. De Lillo, Analytical and numerical solutions of the semilinear Burgers equation (21-28); L. V. Bogdanov and B. G. Konopelchenko, Continuous, lattice and \(q\)-difference integrable systems and their transformation properties via \(\overline \partial\)-dressing method (29-36); M. Boiti, F. Pempinelli and A. K. Pogrebkov, Spectral theory of solitons on a generic background for the KPI equation (37-52); R. Carroll and Y. Kodama, Characterization and solution of the dispersionless Hirota equations (53-59); P. J. Caudrey, Some thoughts on integrating non-integrable systems (60-66); R. Conte and M. Musette, Beyond the two-singular manifold method (67-74); E. V. Doktorov and V. S. Shchesnovich, Nonlinear initial-boundary evolutions with singular dispersion laws associated to the quadratic bundle (75-82); Valerii Dryuma, Geometrical properties of nonlinear dynamical systems with regular and chaotic behaviour (83-93).
V. G. Dubrovsky, The application of the \(\overline \partial\)-dressing method to some integrable \((2+1)\)-dimensional nonlinear equations (94-103); E. V. Ferapontov and O. I. Mokhov, The equations of the associativity as hydrodynamical type system: Hamiltonian representation and integrability (104-115); V. S. Gerdjikov, I. M. Uzunov and F. Lederer, The nonlinear Schrödinger equation and \(N\)-soliton interactions. Generalization of the Karpman-Soloviev approach (116-123); P. G. Grinevich and M. U. Schmidt, Periodic preserving deformations of the finite-gap solutions of the soliton equations (124-130); T. B. Gurel, M. Gurses and I. Habibullin, Integrable boundary conditions for evolution equations (131-138); I. T. Habibullin, V. V. Sokolov and R. I. Yamilov, Multi-component integrable systems and nonassociative structures (139-168); D. J. Kaup and T. I. Lakoba, How the variational method can give rise to false instabilities (169-176); A. Khrennikov, \(p\)-adic description of chaos (177-184); K. Konno and H. Kakuhata, Inverse problem, linearization and related topics of a coupled integrable, dispersionless system (185-192); B. G. Konopelchenko and I. A. Taimanov, Generating equation for constant mean curvature surfaces as Hamiltonian system (193-198); D. Levi and P. Winternitz, Symmetry analysis of discrete physical systems (199-216).
W. X. Ma and B. Fuchssteiner, Binary nonlinearization of Lax pairs (217-224); M. Musette and R. Conte, Non-Fuchsian Painlevé test (225-232); W. Oevel, Darboux transformations for integrable lattice systems (233-240); H. Oono, \(N\) soliton solution of Harry Dym equation by inverse scattering method (241-248); M. Palese, E. Alfinito, M. Leo, R. A. Leo and G. Soliani, Algebraic and geometrical properties of integrable nonlinear field equations (249-252); A. Parker, From solitary waves to periodic waves via nonlinear superposition: a bilinear approach (253-260); F. Pempinelli, M. Boiti and J. Leon, Bäcklund and Darboux transformations for the Ablowitz-Ladik spectral problem (261-268); A. Pickering, Lax pairs and exact solutions from Painlevé analysis (269-277); C. Rogers and W. K. Schief, On generalized Ermakov systems (278-285); V. Rosenhaus and Gerald H. Katzin, Noether operator relation and conservation laws for partial differential equations (286-293).
P. M. Santini, The method of the multiple scales and the nonlinear Schrödinger hierarchy (294-304); W. K. Schief and C. Rogers, The geometry of the LKR system. Application of a Laplace-Darboux-type transformation to Ernst-type equations (305-312); G. Tondo, On the integrability of Hénon-Heiles type systems (313-320); R. Willox, I. Loris and J. Springael, The nlBq-hierarchy as a \(pq=C\) reduction of the KP-hierarchy (321-329); Kirill N. Alekseev, Gennady P. Berman, David K. Campbell, Ethan H. Cannon and Matthew C. Cargo, Order and chaos in semiconductor superlattices (333-340); D. E. Bar and A. A. Nepomnyashchy, Nonlinear waves generated by instabilities in presence of a conservation law (341-348); I. V. Barashenkov, Can particle-like breathing structures occur in superfluid films? (349-356); I. L. Bogolubsky and A. A. Bogolubskaya, Soliton analogs of Abrikosov-Nielsen-Olesen vortices (357-363); E. Celeghini, Statistics of the particles and quantum groups (364-371); M. D. Cunha, V. V. Konotop and L. V. Vazquez, Breathers in a nonlocal sine-Gordon model (372-376); P. Deift, Thomas Kriecherbauer and Stephanos Venakides, Forced lattice vibrations (377-389).
S. Flach, Exis tence and properties of discrete breathers (390-397); R. A. Kraenkel, M. A. Manna, J. C. Montero and J. G. Pereira, Reductive perturbation method, multiple-time solutions and the KdV hierarchy (398-405); A. V. Lazuta and V. A. Ryzhov, Second harmonic of nonlinear response of magnets (406-411); L. Martina, G. Soliani and O. K. Pashaev, Integrable models and topological field theory (412-420); E. M. Maslov and A. G. Shagalov, On dynamics of the pulson collisions (421-424); V. K. Melnikov, On the existence of self-similar structures in the resonance domain (425-436); Detlev Müller and James J. O’Brien, Nonlinear waves in covariant shallow waters (437-444); O. K. Pashaev, Chern-Simons gauge field theory with integrable dynamics in \(2+1\) dimensions (445-453); P. C. Sabatier, A patchwork approach to the nonlinearity inverse problem (454-463); M. Barthes, M. Ribet and G. De Nunzio, Proton dynamics along the hydrogen bond in chains of peptide groups: polarons or proton transfer? (467-471).
L. Battiston, C. Gabrieli, T. A. Minelli and A. Pascolini, Wavelet analysis of the electrocortical activity (472-476); Cristiano Biagini, Alessandro Cuccoli, Valerio Tognetti, Ruggero Vaia and Paola Verrucchi, The quantum easy-plane ferro- and antiferromagnet (477-484); P. P. Delsanto, M. Scalerandi and S. Biancotto, Two phases behaviour of porosity and surface width in growth phenomena (485-488); V. S. Gerdjikov and N. A. Kostov, Inverse scattering transform analysis of Stokes–anti-Stokes stimulated Raman scattering (489-492); R. E. Goldstein, The geometry of nonlinear dynamics from Turing patterns to superconductors (493-501); A. Hasegawa, Optical soliton transmission through fibers, its birth and future prospects (502-507); A. S. Kovalev, Bose-gas with nontrivial interparticle interaction and exotic magnetic solitons (508-516); A. M. Kosevich, A. S. Kovalev and I. M. Babich, Soliton solution of a non-local sine-Gordon model (517-520); E. W. Laedke, O. Kluth and K. H. Spatschek, Families of discrete solitary waves in nonlinear Schrödinger equations (521-528); J. Leon, The spectral transform on the finite interval and interpretation of SRS experiments (529-534); D. E. Lucchetta, Anomalous Levy processes and sign-singularity in electro-convective turbulence (535-538).
B. A. Malomed, R. Grimshaw and J. He, Destruction of a fundamental soliton in a periodically modulated waveguide (539-546); L. V. Mercaldo, C Attanasio, C. Coccorese, L. Maritato, S. L. Prischepa and M. Salvato, Superconducting and spin-glass interaction in coupled layered structures (547-550); T. A. Minelli and L. Turicchia, Nonlinear simulation of the electrocortical activity (551-553); A. R. Osborne, Periodic inverse scattering transform analysis of Adriatic Sea surface waves (554-562); J.-F. Paquerot, M. Remoissenet and L. Limat, Dynamics of nonlinear blood pressure waves in arteries (563-566); A. G. Shagalov, Defect-like solutions of \(2\)D sine-Gordon equation as a model of inhomogeneous states in large area Josephson junctions (567-574); Jeremy C. Smith, Jerome Baudry, Stephanie Hery, Anne Lamy, Alex Micu and Marc Souaille, Harmonic and anharmonic dynamics in proteins and molecular crystals (575-581); A. V. Ustinov and R. D. Parmentier, Coupled solitons in continuous and discrete Josephson transmission lines (582-589); A. Visinescu and D. Grecu, Thermodynamic functions of nonlinear \(1\)-D systems (590-597).


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