Automata, languages and programming. 27th international colloquium, ICALP 2000, Geneva, Switzerland, July 9–15, 2000. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 0941.00034

Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 1853. Berlin: Springer. xvi, 941 p. (2000).

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The articles of mathematical interest will be reviewed individually. The preceding colloquium (26th, 1999) has been indicated (see Zbl 0917.00014).
Indexed articles:
Engebretsen, Lars; Holmerin, Jonas, Clique is hard to approximate within \(n^{1-o(1)}\), 2-12 [Zbl 0973.68079]
Krivelevich, Michael; Vu, Van H., Approximating the independence number and the chromatic number in expected polynomial time, 13-24 [Zbl 0973.68183]
Calcagno, Cristiano; Moggi, Eugenio; Taha, Walid, Closed types as a simple approach to save imperative multi-stage programming, 25-36 [Zbl 0973.68037]
Mycroft, Alan; Sharp, Richard, A statistically allocated parallel functional language, 37-48 [Zbl 0973.68586]
Pettie, Seth; Ramachandran, Vijaya, An optimal minimum spanning tree algorithm, 49-60 [Zbl 0973.68534]
Hagerup, Torben, Improved shortest paths on the word RAM, 61-72 [Zbl 0973.68535]
Alstrup, Stephen; Holm, Jacob, Improved algorithms for finding level ancestors in dynamic trees, 73-84 [Zbl 0973.68665]
Plotkin, Gordon; Power, John; Sannella, Donald; Tennent, Robert, Lax logical relations, 85-102 [Zbl 0973.03016]
Ghica, Dan R.; McCusker, Guy, Reasoning about Idealized Algol using regular languages, 103-115 [Zbl 0973.68506]
Martin, Keye, The measurement process in domain theory, 116-126 [Zbl 0973.68131]
Engels, Gregor; Heckel, Reiko, Graph transformation as a conceptual and formal framework for system modeling and model evolution, 127-150 [Zbl 0973.68626]
Atserias, Albert; Galesi, Nicola; Gavaldà, Ricard, Monotone proofs of the pigeon hole principle, 151-162 [Zbl 0973.03074]
Lüttgen, Gerald; Mendler, Michael, Fully-abstract statecharts semantics via intuitionistic Kripke models, 163-174 [Zbl 0973.68130]
Bruni, Roberto; Sassone, Vladimiro, Algebraic models for contextual nets, 175-186 [Zbl 0973.68161]
Bollig, Beate; Wegener, Ingo, Asymptotically optimal bounds for OBDDs and the solution of some basic OBDD problems, 187-198 [Zbl 0973.68515]
Hromkovič, Juray; Karhumäki, Juhani; Klauck, Hartmut; Schnitger, Georg; Seibert, Sebastian, Measures of nondeterminism in finite automata, 199-210 [Zbl 0973.68114]
Diekert, Volker; Gastin, Paul, LTL is expressively complete for Mazurkiewicz traces, 211-222 [Zbl 0973.68165]
Moszkowski, Ben C., An automata-theoretic completeness proof for interval temporal logic. (Extended abstract), 223-234 [Zbl 0973.03508]
Dantsin, Evgeny; Goerdt, Andreas; Hirsch, Edward A.; Schöning, Uwe, Deterministic algorithms for \(k\)-SAT based on covering codes and local search, 236-247 [Zbl 0973.68253]
Blömer, Johannes, Closest vectors, successive minima, and dual HKZ-bases of lattices, 248-259 [Zbl 0973.11103]
Libkin, Leonid, Variable independence, quantifier elimination, and constraint representations, 260-271 [Zbl 0973.68083]
Bulatov, Andrei A.; Krokhin, Andrei A.; Jeavons, Peter, Constraint satisfaction problems and finite algebras, 272-282 [Zbl 0973.68181]
Seiden, Steven S., An optimal online algorithm for bounded space variable-sized bin packing, 283-295 [Zbl 0973.68527]
Csirik, János; Woeginger, Gerhard J., Resource augmentation for online bounded space bin packing. (Extended abstract), 296-304 [Zbl 0973.68529]
Ambühl, Christoph; Gärtner, Bernd; von Stengel, Bernhard, Optimal projective algorithms for the list update problem, 305-316 [Zbl 0973.68514]
Kučera, Antonín, Efficient verification algorithms for one-counter processes, 317-328 [Zbl 0973.68163]
Mayr, Richard, On the complexity of bisimulation problems for basic parallel processes, 329-341 [Zbl 0973.68166]
Lugiez, Denis; Schnoebelen, Philippe, Decidable first-order transition logics for PA-processes, 342-353 [Zbl 0973.68162]
Focardi, Riccardo; Gorrieri, Roberto; Martinelli, Fabio, Non interference for the analysis of cryptographic protocols, 354-372 [Zbl 0973.94517]
Akhavi, Ali; Vallée, Brigitte, Average bit-complexity of Euclidean algorithms, 373-387 [Zbl 0973.11102]
Banderier, Cyril; Flajolet, Philippe; Schaeffer, Gilles; Soria, Michèle, Planar maps and Airy phenomena, 388-402 [Zbl 0973.05067]
König, Barbara, Analysing input/output-capabilities of mobile processes with a generic type system, 403-414 [Zbl 0973.68144]
Hennessy, Matthew; Riely, James, Information flow vs. resource access in the asynchronous pi-calculus. (Extended abstract), 415-427 [Zbl 0973.68519]
Manna, Zohar; Sipma, Henny B., Alternating the temporal picture for safety, 429-450 [Zbl 0973.68141]
De Santis, Alfredo; Di Crescenzo, Giovanni; Persiano, Giuseppe, Necessary and sufficient assumptions for non-interactive zero-knowledge proofs of knowledge for all NP relations. (Extended abstract), 451-462 [Zbl 0973.94526]
Aiello, William; Bhatt, Sandeep; Ostrovsky, Refail; Rajagopalan, S. Raj., Fast verification of any remote procedure call: Short witness-indistinguishable one-round proofs for NP, 463-474 [Zbl 0973.68523]
Esparza, Javier; Heljanko, Keijo, A new unfolding approach to LTL model checking, 475-486 [Zbl 0973.68140]
Meenakshi, B.; Ramanujam, R., Reasoning about message passing in finite state environments, 487-498 [Zbl 0973.68167]
Baudron, Olivier; Pointcheval, David; Stern, Jacques, Extended notions of security for multicast public key cryptosystems, 499-511 [Zbl 0973.94530]
Cachin, Christian; Camenisch, Jan; Kilian, Joe; Müller, Joy, One-round secure computation and secure autonomous mobile agents. (Extended abstract), 512-523 [Zbl 0973.94545]
Baum-Waidner, Birgit; Waidner, Michael, Round-optimal and abuse-free optimistic multi-party contract signing, 524-535 [Zbl 0973.94540]
Karhumäki, Juhani; Petre, Ion, On the centralizer of a finite set, 536-546 [Zbl 0973.68115]
Neven, Frank; Schwentick, Thomas, On the power of tree-walking automata, 547-560 [Zbl 0973.68116]
Béal, Marie-Pierre; Carton, Olivier, Determinization of transducers over infinite words, 561-570 [Zbl 0973.68113]
Mehlhorn, Kurt, Constraint programming and graph algorithms, 571-575 [Zbl 0973.68252]
Alon, Noga; Kaplan, Haim; Krivelevich, Michael; Malkhi, Dahlia; Stern, Julien, Scalable secure storage when half the system is faulty, 576-587 [Zbl 0973.68610]
Boros, Endre; Gurvich, Vladimir; Khachiyan, Leonid; Makino, Kazuhisa, Generating partial and multiple transversals of a hypergraph, 588-599 [Zbl 0973.68182]
Espírito Santo, José, Revisiting the correspondence between cut elimination and normalisation, 600-611 [Zbl 0973.03073]
Pichler, Reinhard, Negation elimination from simple equational formulae, 612-623 [Zbl 0973.03014]
Anil Kumar, V. S.; Arya, Sunil; Ramesh, H., Hardness of set cover with intersection 1, 624-635 [Zbl 0973.68080]
Elkin, Michael; Peleg, David, Strong inapproximability of the basic \(k\)-spanner problem. (Extended abstract), 636-647 [Zbl 0973.68525]
Kuske, Dietrich, Infinite series-parallel posets: Logic and languages, 648-662 [Zbl 0973.68164]
Urbański, Tomasz Fryderyk, On deciding if deterministic Rabin language is in Büchi class, 663-674 [Zbl 0973.03052]
Henriksen, Jesper G.; Mukund, Madhavan; Kumar, K. Narayan; Thiagarajan, P. S., On message sequence graphs and finitely generated regular MSC languages, 675-686 [Zbl 0973.68042]
Goldreich, Oded, Pseudorandomness, 687-704 [Zbl 0973.68072]
Goldberg, Leslie Ann; Jerrum, Mark; Kannan, Sampath; Paterson, Mike, A bound on the capacity of backoff and acknowledgement-based protocols, 705-716 [Zbl 0973.68011]
Chlebus, Bogdan S.; Gąsieniec, Leszek; Östlin, Anna; Robson, John Michael, Deterministic radio braodcasting, 717-728 [Zbl 0973.68501]
Fokkink, W. J.; Luttik, S. P., An \(\omega\)-complete equational specification of interleaving. (Extended abstract), 729-743 [Zbl 0973.68533]
Bravetti, Mario; Gorrieri, Roberto, A complete axiomatziation for observational congruence of prioritized finite-state behaviors, 744-755 [Zbl 0973.68168]
Adler, Micah; Fich, Faith; Goldberg, Leslie Ann; Paterson, Mike, Tight size bounds for packet headers in narrow meshes, 756-767 [Zbl 0973.68502]
Margara, Luciano; Simon, Janos, Wavelength assignment problem on all-optical networks with \(k\) fibres per link, 768-779 [Zbl 0973.90502]
Baier, Christel; Haverkort, Boudewijn; Hermanns, Holger; Katoen, Joost-Pieter, On the logical characterisation of performability properties, 780-792 [Zbl 0973.68014]
Bournez, Olivier; Maler, Oded, On the representation of timed polyhedra, 793-807 [Zbl 0973.68143]
Bender, Michael A.; Ron, Dana, Testing acyclicity of directed graphs in sublinear time, 809-820 [Zbl 0973.05072]
Djidjev, Hristo N., Computing the girth of a planar graph, 821-831 [Zbl 0973.05071]
Fournier, Hervé; Koiran, Pascal, Lower bounds are not easier over the reals: Inside PH, 832-843 [Zbl 0973.68081]
Baliga, Ganesh; Case, John; Merkle, Wolfgang; Stephan, Frank, Unlearning helps, 844-855 [Zbl 0973.68089]
Czumaj, Artur; Lingas, Andrzej, Fast approximation schemes for Euclidean multi-connectivity problems. (Extended abstract), 856-868 [Zbl 0973.90528]
Grigni, Michelangelo, Approximate TSP in graphs with forbidden minors, 869-877 [Zbl 0973.68263]
Jansen, Klaus; Porkolab, Lorant, Polynomial time approximation schemes for general multiprocessor job shop scheduling, 878-889 [Zbl 0973.68015]
McKenzie, Pierre; Schwentick, Thomas; Thérien, Denis; Vollmer, Heribert, The many faces of a translation, 890-901 [Zbl 0973.68155]
Lutz, Jack H., Gales and the constructive dimension of individual sequences, 902-913 [Zbl 0973.68087]
Merkle, Wolfgang, The global power of additional queries to p-random oracles, 914-925 [Zbl 0973.03058]
Buresh-Oppenheim, Josh; Pitassi, Toniann; Clegg, Matt; Impagliazzo, Russell, Homogenization and the polynomial calculus, 926-937 [Zbl 0973.03013]


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