Conférence Moshé Flato 1999: Quantization, deformations, and symmetries, Dijon, France, September 5–8, 1999. Volume II. (English) Zbl 0949.00040

Mathematical Physics Studies. 22. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers. vi, 348 p. (2000).

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Indexed articles:
Angelopoulos, Evgenios; Laoues, Mourad, Singletons on AdS\(_n\)., 3-23 [Zbl 1071.81526]
Asada, Akira, Remarks on the zeta-regularized determinant of differential operators, 25-36 [Zbl 0974.58032]
Asin Lares, Santos, Projectable star-products, 37-44 [Zbl 0981.53088]
Bordemann, Martin, The deformation quantization of certain super-Poisson brackets and BRST cohomology, 45-68 [Zbl 1004.53067]
Bursztyn, Henrique; Waldmann, Stefan, On positive deformations of *-algebras, 69-80 [Zbl 0979.53098]
Cahen, Michel; Gutt, Simone; Rawnsley, John, Symmetric symplectic spaces with Ricci-type curvature, 81-91 [Zbl 0983.53032]
Ding, Jintai; Feigin, Boris, Drinfeld realization of quantum superalgebras and \(U_q(\widehat{\mathfrak{osp}}(1,2))\), 93-104 [Zbl 1015.17013]
Enriquez, Benjamin; Kosmann-Schwarzbach, Yvette, Quantum homogeneous spaces and quasi-Hopf algebras., 105-121 [Zbl 1071.58500]
Finkelstein, R. J., Gauged \(q\)-fields., 123-130 [Zbl 1071.81534]
Gazeau, Jean-Pierre; Monceau, Pascal, Generalized coherent states for arbitrary quantum systems., 131-144 [Zbl 1071.81529]
Jarvis, Tyler J.; Kimura, Takashi; Vaintrob, Arkady, Tensor products of Frobenius manifolds and moduli spaces of higher spin curves, 145-166 [Zbl 0988.81120]
Karabegov, Alexander V., On Fedosov’s approach to deformation quantization with separation of variables, 167-176 [Zbl 0988.53042]
Kibler, Maurice, The master thesis of Moshé Flato, 177-184 [Zbl 1031.81502]
Léandre, Rémi, Anticipative Chen-Souriau cohomology and Hochschild cohomology, 185-198 [Zbl 0971.55009]
Mielnik, Bogdan, Are there macroscopic quantum bodies?, 199-209 [Zbl 1032.81504]
Moreno, Carlos; Pereira da Silva, José António, Star-products, spectral analysis, and hyperfunctions, 211-224 [Zbl 1004.53066]
Novozhilov, Victor; Novozhilov, Yuri, Induced action in QCD., 225-232 [Zbl 1071.81573]
Omori, Hideki; Maeda, Yoshiaki; Miyazaki, Naoya; Yoshioka, Akira, Deformation quantization of Fréchet-Poisson algebras: Convergence of the Moyal product, 233-245 [Zbl 0987.53036]
Pillin, Mathias, On the deformation aspects of the replica thermalisation of the SU(2)-invariant Thirring model, 247-255 [Zbl 1032.81549]
Rączka, P. A., Improved perturbation expansion in quantum chromodynamics., 257-262 [Zbl 1071.81548]
Reshetikhin, Nicolai; Yakimov, Milen, Deformation quantization of Lagrangian fiber bundles, 263-287 [Zbl 0979.53099]
Schlichenmaier, Martin, Deformation quantization of compact Kähler manifolds by Berezin-Toeplitz quantization, 289-306 [Zbl 1028.53085]
Voronov, Alexander A., Homotopy Gerstenhaber algebras, 307-331 [Zbl 0974.16005]
Weinstein, Alan, Linearization problems for Lie algebroids and Lie groupoids, 333-341 [Zbl 0968.22003]


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