Encyclopedia of computer science. 4th ed. (English) Zbl 0954.68002

London: Macmillan Press. xxix, 2034 p. (2000).
The Encyclopedia of Computer Science is the definitive reference that computer professionals, engineers, scientists, and lay readers have turned to again and again for concise yet thorough guidance in computer science and technology, The new edition will remain the premier one-volume resource to cover every major aspect of the latest technology and its applications, including past, present and predicted future trends in computer science.
Still the only single volume resource to cover every major aspect of the field, the fourth edition of this influential work has been extensively revised, expanded and updated to reflect the latest developments in computer science and technology since publication of the last edition in 1993.
This edition contains 100 completely new articles, ranging from artificial life to computer ethics, data mining to Java, mobile computing to quantum computing and software safety to the World Wide Web. In addition the 623 articles have been rigorously scrutinized and subjected to update, deletion or merging with new material.
What sets the Encyclopedia in a class of its own from other reference sources is the comprehensiveness of each of its entries. Encompassing far more than mere definitions, each article elaborates its subject, allowing readers to benefit from a substantive discussion that they can readily apply to their work. Additionally, each article has been written by a carefully selected and distinguished specialist.
This edition of the Encyclopedia extends the color insert that first appeared in the previous edition to 16 pages, spotlighting advanced computer applications and providing further evidence of the explosive growth of the use of computer-generated graphics technology in the science and entertainment industries.
The Encyclopedia offers another innovative way of highlighting the historical breakthroughs in computer science and technology – an historical timeline that pinpoints discoveries from the ‘Big Bang’ to the present and even the future.
The fourth edition of the Encyclopedia retains many of the features that made the first three editions so popular. All articles are classified under nine main headings: Hardware; Software; Computer Systems; Information and Data; Mathematics of Computing; Theory of Computation; Methodologies; Applications; Computing Milieux.
Within each of these major headings are scores of articles that provide the user with uniquely broad yet detailed coverage. Cross-references can be found at the beginning of articles, helping to direct the reader immediately to related material.
In addition the Encyclopedia contains nine appendices including an expanded glossary of major terms in English, German, Spanish and Russian; a revised list of abbreviations and acronyms; an updated list of computer science and engineering research journals; and a list of articles from previous editions not in this one. There are also two indexes, a name index listing almost 3500 people who are cited in the text of the Encyclopedia and a general index with 7000 entries.


68M01 General theory of computer systems
00B15 Collections of articles of miscellaneous specific interest


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