Knots in Hellas ’98. Proceedings of the international conference on knot theory an its ramifications, European Cultural Centre of Delphi, Greece, August 7–15, 1998. (English) Zbl 0959.00034

Series on Knots and Everything 24. Singapore: World Scientific. 600 p. (2000).

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Indexed articles:
Abchir, H., TQFT invariants at infinity for the Whitehead manifold, 1-17 [Zbl 0978.57026]
Askitas, Nikos, Grids as unknotting operations, 18-26 [Zbl 1054.57007]
Boyer, Steven; Zhang, Xingru, On simple points of character varieties of 3-manifolds, 27-35 [Zbl 0971.57025]
Chen, Qi, The 3-move conjecture for 5-braids, 36-47 [Zbl 0973.57003]
Dasbach, Oliver T.; Gemein, Bernd, A faithful representation of the singular braid monoid on three strands, 48-58 [Zbl 0973.57004]
Fiedler, Thomas; Stoimenow, Alexander, New knot and link invariants, 59-79 [Zbl 0976.57014]
Habiro, Kazuo; Marumoto, Yoshihiko; Yamada, Yuichi, Gluck surgery and framed links in 4-manifolds, 80-93 [Zbl 0978.57018]
Jones, Vaughan F. R., The planar algebra of a bipartite graph, 94-117 [Zbl 1021.46047]
Kamada, Seiichi; Matsumoto, Yukio, Certain racks associated with the braid groups, 118-130 [Zbl 1003.57022]
Kanenobu, Taizo, An evaluation of the coefficient polynomials of the HOMFLY polynomial of a link, 131-137 [Zbl 0971.57014]
Kania-Bartoszyńska, Joanna; Przytycki, Józef H.; Sikora, Adam S., Estimating the size of skein homologies, 138-142 [Zbl 0977.57009]
Kauffman, Louis H., A survey of virtual knot theory, 143-202 [Zbl 1054.57001]
Kawamura, Tomomi, Lower bounds for the unknotting numbers of the knots obtained from certain links, 203-207 [Zbl 0974.57007]
Kawauchi, Akio, Torsion linking forms on surface-knots and exact 4-manifolds, 208-228 [Zbl 0969.57020]
Fenn, Roger; Keyman, Ebru, Extended braids and links, 229-251 [Zbl 0978.57004]
Kneissler, Jan A., On spaces of connected graphs. I: Properties of ladders, 252-273 [Zbl 0973.57006]
Lambropoulou, Sofia, Braid structures in knot complements, handlebodies and 3-manifolds, 274-289 [Zbl 0976.57007]
Mednykh, Alexander D., On the remarkable properties of the hyperbolic Whitehead link cone-manifold, 290-305 [Zbl 0983.53027]
Millett, Kenneth C., Monte Carlo explorations of polygonal knot spaces, 306-334 [Zbl 0970.57007]
Morton, Hugh R.; Rampichini, Marta, Mutual braiding and the band presentation of braid groups, 335-346 [Zbl 0998.57014]
Murakami, Hitoshi, Quantum \(SU(2)\)-invariants for three-manifolds associated with nontrivial cohomology classes modulo two, 347-352 [Zbl 0978.57007]
Nakanishi, Yasutaka; Shibuya, Tetsuo, Relations among self delta-equivalence and self sharp-equivalences for links, 353-360 [Zbl 0969.57005]
Ricca, Renzo L., Towards a complexity measure theory for vortex tangles, 361-379 [Zbl 1040.76013]
Roseman, Dennis, Projections of codimension two embeddings, 380-410 [Zbl 0973.57011]
Shima, Akiko, A Klein bottle whose singular set consists of three disjoint simple closed curves, 411-435 [Zbl 0970.57013]
Sikora, Adam S., Skein modules and TQFT, 436-439 [Zbl 0978.57017]
Silver, Daniel S.; Williams, Susan G., Virtual knot groups, 440-451 [Zbl 0994.57009]
Sink, Jeffrey M., A zeta function for a knot using \(SL_2 (\mathbb{F}_{p^s})\) representations, 452-470 [Zbl 0984.57005]
Stanford, Theodore B., Braid commutators and delta finite-type invariants, 471-476 [Zbl 0976.57013]
Stasiak, Andrzej, Quantum-like properties of knots and links, 477-500 [Zbl 0969.57007]
Stoimenow, A., Mutant links distinguished by degree 3 Gauß sums, 501-514 [Zbl 0969.57008]
Suzuki, Koutarou, \(E_6\) Turaev-Viro-Ocneanu invariant of lens space \(L(p,1)\), 515-523 [Zbl 0976.57021]
Uchida, Yoshiaki, Periodic knots with delta-unknotting number one, 524-529 [Zbl 0969.57006]
Willerton, Simon, The Kontsevich integral and algebraic structures on the space of diagrams, 530-546 [Zbl 0976.57015]
Morton, H. R., Problems, 547-559 [Zbl 0968.57004]


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