Shape optimization and optimal design. Proceedings of the IFIP conference. Selected papers from the sessions ”Distributed parameter systems” and ”Optimization methods and engineering design” held within the 19th conference system modeling and optimization, Cambridge, GB, July 12–16, 1999. (English) Zbl 0959.00036

Lecture Notes in Pure and Applied Mathematics. 216. New York, NY: Marcel Dekker. 442 p. (2001).

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Indexed articles:
Boisgérault, Sébastien; Zolésio, Jean-Paul, Boundary variations in the Navier-Stokes equations and Lagrangian functionals, 7-26 [Zbl 0988.76077]
Cagnol, John; Marmorat, Jean-Paul; Zolésio, Jean-Paul, Shape sensitivity analysis in the Maxwell’s equations, 27-36 [Zbl 0984.49023]
Delfour, Michel C.; Zolésio, Jean-Paul, Tangential calculus and shape derivatives, 37-60 [Zbl 1029.49035]
Deteix, Jean, Slope stability and shape optimization: Numerical aspects, 61-72 [Zbl 0979.65056]
Dostál, Zdeněk; Gomes, Francisco A. M.; Santos, Sandra A., Parallel solution of contact problems, 73-85 [Zbl 1013.74079]
Dziri, Raja; Zolésio, Jean-Paul, Eulerian derivative for non-cylindrical functionals, 87-107 [Zbl 0984.49022]
Eller, Matthias; Lasiecka, Irena; Triggiani, Roberto, Simultaneous exact/approximate boundary controllability of thermoelastic plates with variable transmission coefficient, 109-230 [Zbl 0980.74043]
Ferchichi, Jamel; Zolésio, Jean-Paul, Shape derivative on a fractured manifold., 231-253 [Zbl 1095.49029]
Fremiot, Gilles; Sokolowski, Jan, Shape sensitivity analysis of problems with singularities, 255-276 [Zbl 0984.49024]
Gasiński, Leszek, Mapping method in optimal shape design problems governed by hemivariational inequalities, 277-288 [Zbl 0981.49022]
Gomez, Nicolas; Zolésio, Jean-Paul, Existence of free boundary for two non-Newtonian fluids, 289-300 [Zbl 0994.76006]
Yvon, Jean-Pierre; Henry, Jacques; Viel, Antoine, Some new problems occurring in modeling of oxygen sensors., 301-316 [Zbl 1057.82522]
Afanasiev, Konstantin; Hinze, Michael, Adaptive control of a wake flow using proper orthogonal decomposition, 317-332 [Zbl 1013.76028]
Lasiecka, Irena, Nonlinear boundary feedback stabilization of dynamic elasticity with thermal effects, 333-354 [Zbl 0995.74045]
Myśliński, Andrzej, Domain optimization for unilateral problems by an embedding domain method., 355-370 [Zbl 1095.49030]
Popa, Cătălin, Feedback laws for the optimal control of parabolic variational inequalities, 371-380 [Zbl 0981.49004]
Rydygier, Edward; Trzaska, Zdzislaw, Application of special smoothing procedure to numerical solutions of inverse problems for real 2-D systems, 381-396 [Zbl 0977.65094]
Shubov, Marianna A., Asymptotic analysis of aircraft wing model in subsonic airflow, 397-414 [Zbl 0990.76033]
Zolésio, Jean-Paul, Weak set evolution and variational applications, 415-439 [Zbl 0988.76078]


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