Integer programming and combinatorial optimization. 8th international IPCO conference, Utrecht, Netherlands, June 13–15, 2001. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 0967.00091

Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 2081. Berlin: Springer. xi, 423 p. (2001).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference (7th, 1999) has been reviewed (see Zbl 0914.00106).
Indexed articles:
Archer, Aaron, Two \(O(\log^*k)\)-approximation algorithms for the asymmetric \(k\)-center problem, 1-14 [Zbl 1010.90513]
Azar, Yossi; Regev, Oded, Strongly polynomial algorithms for the unsplittable flow problem, 15-29 [Zbl 1010.90521]
Cheriyan, Joseph; Vempala, Santosh, Edge covers of setpairs and the iterative rounding method, 30-44 [Zbl 1010.90520]
Chou, Cheng-Feng Mabel; Queyranne, Maurice; Simchi-Levi, David, The asymptotic performance ratio of an on-line algorithm for uniform parallel machine scheduling with release dates, 45-59 [Zbl 0987.68005]
Chudak, Fabián A.; Roughgarden, Tim; Williamson, David P., Approximate \(k\)-MSTs and \(k\)-Steiner trees via the primal-dual method and Lagrangean relaxation, 60-70 [Zbl 0987.68102]
Cornuéjols, Gérard; Li, Yanjun, On the rank of mixed 0,1 polyhedra, 71-77 [Zbl 1010.90049]
Eisenbrand, Friedrich; Rote, Günter, Fast 2-variable integer programming, 78-89 [Zbl 1010.90048]
Elkin, Michael; Peleg, David, Approximating \(k\)-spanner problems for \(k>2\), 90-104 [Zbl 0987.68052]
Fleiner, Tamás, A matroid generalization of the stable matching polytope, 105-114 [Zbl 1010.90062]
Fleischer, Lisa, A 2-approximation for minimum cost {0,1,2} vertex connectivity, 115-129 [Zbl 1010.90518]
Frank, András; Király, Tamás, Combined connectivity augmentation and orientation problems, 130-144 [Zbl 0988.05055]
Frank, András; Szegö, László, An extension of a theorem of Henneberg and Laman, 145-159 [Zbl 0988.05078]
Fujishige, Satoru; Iwata, Satoru, Bisubmodular function minimization, 160-169 [Zbl 1010.90512]
Garg, Naveen; Khandekar, Rohit; Konjevod, Goran; Ravi, R.; Salman, F. S., On the integrality gap of a natural formulation of the single-sink buy-at-bulk network design problem, 170-184 [Zbl 1010.90522]
Guenin, Bertrand, Circuit Mengerian directed graphs, 185-195 [Zbl 0989.05049]
Guenin, Bertrand, Integral polyhedra related to even cycle and even cut matroids, 196-209 [Zbl 1010.90088]
Halperin, Eran; Zwick, Uri, A unified framework for obtaining improved approximation algorithms for maximum graph bisection problems, 210-225 [Zbl 0989.90126]
Hassin, Refael; Levin, Asaf, Synthesis of 2-commodity flow networks, 226-235 [Zbl 1010.90501]
Hordijk, A.; van der Laan, D. A., Bounds for deterministic periodic routing sequences, 236-250 [Zbl 1010.90504]
Iyengar, G.; Çezik, M. T., Cutting planes for mixed 0-1 semidefinite programs, 251-263 [Zbl 1010.90511]
Jackson, Bill; Jordán, Tibor, Independence free graphs and vertex connectivity augmentation, 264-279 [Zbl 0988.05056]
Kodialam, Murali S., The throughput of sequential testing, 280-292 [Zbl 1010.90510]
Lasserre, Jean B., An explicit exact SDP relaxation for nonlinear 0-1 programs, 293-303 [Zbl 1010.90515]
Margot, François, Pruning by isomorphism in branch-and-cut, 304-317 [Zbl 1010.90508]
Miller, Andrew J.; Nemhauser, George L.; Savelsbergh, Martin W. P., Facets, algorithms, and polyhedral characterizations for a multi-item production planning model with setup times, 318-332 [Zbl 1010.90020]
Newman, Alantha; Vempala, Santosh, Fences are futile: On relaxations for the linear ordering problem, 333-347 [Zbl 1010.90042]
Perregaard, Michael; Balas, Egon, Generating cuts from multiple-term disjunctions, 348-360 [Zbl 1010.90043]
Queyranne, Maurice; Sviridenko, Maxim, A \((2+\varepsilon)\)-approximation algorithm for generalized preemptive open shop problem with minsum objective, 361-369 [Zbl 1010.90506]
Schuurman, Petra; Vredeveld, Tjark, Performance guarantees of local search for multiprocessor scheduling, 370-382 [Zbl 0987.68004]
Sebő, András; Tannier, Eric, Connected joins in graphs, 383-395 [Zbl 0988.05075]
Sitters, René, Two NP-hardness results for preemptive minsum scheduling of unrelated parallel machines, 396-405 [Zbl 1010.90025]
Stein, Clifford; Wagner, David P., Approximation algorithms for the minimum bends traveling salesman problem, 406-421 [Zbl 1010.90519]


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