Twentieth century harmonic analysis—a celebration. Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute, Il Ciocco, Italy, July 2–15, 2000. (English) Zbl 0972.00019

NATO Science Series II: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. 33. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers. x, 412 p. (2001).

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Indexed articles:
Havin, V. P., On the uncertainty principle in harmonic analysis, 3-29 [Zbl 1025.42004]
Shapiro, H. S., Operator theory and harmonic analysis, 31-56 [Zbl 1008.47001]
Kahane, J.-P., Probabilities and Baire’s theory in harmonic analysis, 57-72 [Zbl 1004.42001]
Janssen, A. J. E. M., Representations of Gabor frame operators, 73-101 [Zbl 1003.42017]
Körner, T. W., Does order matter, 103-125 [Zbl 1014.42021]
Jaffard, S., Wavelet expansions, function spaces and multifractal analysis, 127-144 [Zbl 0990.42017]
Grünbaum, F. A., Some plots of Bessel functions of two variables, 145-149 [Zbl 0994.33005]
Tolimieri, R.; An, M., Lesser known FFT algorithms, 151-162 [Zbl 0991.65156]
Hauptman, H. A., The phase problem of \(X\)-ray crystallography, 163-171 [Zbl 0986.82040]
Zeevi, Y. Y., Multiwindow Gabor-type representations and signal representation by partial information, 173-199 [Zbl 1010.42024]
Saffari, Bahman, Some polynomial extremal problems which emerged in the twentieth century, 201-223 [Zbl 0996.42001]
Nikolski, Nikolai, The problem of efficient inversions and Bezout equations, 235-269 [Zbl 1008.46021]
Montgomery, Hugh L., Harmonic analysis as found in analytic number theory, 271-293 [Zbl 1001.11001]
Moran, Bill, Mathematics of radar, 295-328 [Zbl 0991.78001]
Weiss, G.; Wilson, E. N., The mathematical theory of wavelets, 329-366 [Zbl 1001.42020]
Azizi, S.; McDonald, J. N.; Cochran, D., Preservation of bandlimitedness under non-affine time warping for multi-dimensional functions (research problem), 369 [Zbl 0995.42009]
Shetty, S.; McDonald, J. N.; Cochran, D., Window pairs that determine spectral phase, 369-370 [Zbl 0998.42501]
Kahane, J. P., Questions on Riesz products, 370-371 [Zbl 0998.42500]
Khabibullin, B. N., Completeness of sets of complex exponentials in convex sets: Open problems, 371-373 [Zbl 1003.30001]
Kheifets, Alexander, Density of domain of the weighted Hilbert transform, 374-375 [Zbl 0991.44501]
Krakovsky, Vladimir Ya., Harmonic sliding analysis problem, 375-377 [Zbl 0989.94502]
Pavel, Liliana, Questions on Kazhdan’s property \((T)\) on hypergroups, 377-378 [Zbl 0992.43004]
Vintsiuk, Taras K., Optimal speech signal partition into one-quasiperiodical segments, 378-380 [Zbl 0989.94503]
Ward, J. A., A question of “complexity”, 381-383 [Zbl 0995.93017]
Shapiro, H. S., Rate of decay of convolution vs. frequency of sign changes, 383-384 [Zbl 1001.31002]
Gurarii, V.; Steiner, J.; Katsnelson, V.; Matsaev, V., How to use the Fourier transform in asymptotic analysis, 387-401 [Zbl 1089.34561]


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