Black holes in string theory. (English) Zbl 0973.83054

Kowalski-Glikman, Jerzy (ed.), Towards quantum gravity. Proceedings of the 35th winter school on theoretical physics, Polanica, Poland, February 2-11, 1999. Berlin: Springer. Lect. Notes Phys. 541, 325-364 (2000).
Summary: This is a set of introductory lecture notes on black holes in string theory. After reviewing some aspects of string theory such as dualities, brane solutions, supersymmetric and non-extremal intersection rules, we analyze in detail extremal and non-extremal \(5d\) black holes. We first present the D-brane counting for extremal black holes. Then we show that \(4d\) and \(5d\) non-extremal black holes can be mapped to the BTZ black hole (times a compact manifold) by means of dualities. The validity of these dualities is analyzed in detail. We present an analysis of the same system in the spirit of the adS/CFT correspondence. In the “near-horizon” limit (which is actually a near inner-horizon limit for non-extremal black holes) the black hole reduces again to the BTZ black hole. A state counting is presented in terms of the BTZ black hole.
For the entire collection see [Zbl 0948.00067].


83E30 String and superstring theories in gravitational theory
83C57 Black holes
83E15 Kaluza-Klein and other higher-dimensional theories
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