Proceedings of the 6th international conference on graph theory, Marseille-Luminy, France, August 28 – September 2, 2000. (English) Zbl 0974.00033

Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics. 5. Amsterdam: Elsevier, approx. 92 papers (electronic) (2000).

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The articles of this volume will be announced individually. The 4th conference (1990) has been reviewed (see Zbl 0783.00016).
Selected papers from the conference will also appear as one or more special issues of Discrete Mathematics. This volume will contain full-length versions of presentations at the conference.
Indexed articles:
Aider, Meziane; Gravier, Sylvain, Critical graphs for clique-coloring, 3-6 [Zbl 1412.05063]
Ando, Kiyoshi, Contractible edges in a \(k\)-connected graph (\(K_{1} + P_{4}\))-free graph, 7-10 [Zbl 1412.05115]
Balińska, Krystyna T.; Quintas, Louis V., Results and problems concerning edge transformed graphs, 11-14 [Zbl 1412.05054]
Bang-Jensen, Jørgen, Problems concerning global connectivity of directed graphs, 15-18 [Zbl 1412.05116]
Bendali, F.; Mahjoub, A. R.; Mailfert, J., Composition of graphs and the triangle free subgraph polytope, 19-22 [Zbl 1412.05157]
Bielak, Halina, Local Ramsey numbers for copies of cycles, 23-26 [Zbl 1412.05135]
Bodlaender, Hans L., The algorithmic theory of treewidth, 27-30 [Zbl 1412.05183]
Bonato, Anthony; Cameron, Kathie, On 2-e.c. graphs, tournaments, and hypergraphs, 31-34 [Zbl 1412.05081]
Bonichon, Nicolas; Le Saëc, Bertrand; Mosbah, Mohamed, Orthogonal drawings based on the stratification of planar graphs, 35-37 [Zbl 1412.05139]
Bordalo, G. H.; Monjardet, B., The lattice of strict completions of a poset, 38-41 [Zbl 1420.06001]
Brešar, Boštjan, On subgraphs of Cartesian product graphs and S-primeness, 42-45 [Zbl 1412.05172]
Brewster, Richard C.; Hell, Pavol, On homomorphisms to edge-coloured cycles, 46-49 [Zbl 1412.05064]
Cameron, Kathie, Induced matchings in intersection graphs, 50-52 [Zbl 1412.05158]
Canogar, Roberto, Partition designs with two subsets of the Hamming space, 53-55 [Zbl 1412.05134]
Caspard, Nathalie; Le Conte de Poly-Barbut, Claude; Mantaci, Roberto; Morvan, Michel, Cayley lattices of finite Coxeter groups are bounded, 56-59 [Zbl 1420.06003]
Charon, Irène; Hudry, Olivier, Slater orders and Hamiltonian paths of tournaments, 60-63 [Zbl 1412.05124]
Cockayne, E. J.; Favaron, O.; Mynhardt, C. M., On \(i\)-minus-edge-removal-critical graphs, 64-66 [Zbl 1412.05148]
Cohen, Gérard; Encheva, Sylvia; Zémor, Gilles, A hypergraph approach to digital fingerprinting, 67-70 [Zbl 1415.94468]
Corrêa, Ricardo C.; Szwarcfiter, Jayme L., On extensions, linear extensions, upsets and downsets of ordered sets (extended abstract), 71-74 [Zbl 1420.06004]
Courcelle, Bruno, Clique-width of countable graphs: a compactness property, 75-76 [Zbl 1412.05149]
Crapo, Henry; Le Conte de Poly-Barbut, Claude, Coxeter groups through the looking glass: mirrors and convexity, 77-80 [Zbl 1420.20002]
Csákány, Rita, Some results on the sandglass conjecture, 81-84 [Zbl 1420.06007]
Dankelmann, Peter; Rautenbach, Dieter; Volkmann, Lutz, Some results on graph parameters in weighted graphs, 85-88 [Zbl 1412.05086]
de Figueiredo, Celina M. H.; Klein, Sulamita; Vušković, Kristina, The graph sandwich problem for 1-join composition is NP-complete, 89-92 [Zbl 1412.05184]
Delorme, Charles, Laplacian eigenvalues and multisections, 93-96 [Zbl 1412.05129]
de Werra, D., Variations on the theorem of Birkhoff-von Neumann and extensions, 97-99 [Zbl 1412.05066]
Dobrynin, Vladimir, On rank of a matrix associated with graph, 100-103 [Zbl 1412.05130]
Dogra, Damanpal Singh; Fortin, Dominique, Simultaneous disjoint routing in regular graphs, 104-107 [Zbl 1412.05108]
Euler, Reinhardt, Coloring planar Toeplitz graphs, 108-111 [Zbl 1412.05067]
Fertin, Guillaume; Raspaud, André, Recognizing recursive circulant graphs (extended abstract), 112-115 [Zbl 1412.05185]
Fijavž, Gašper, \(K_{6}\) and icosahedron minors in 5-connected projective planar graphs, 116-119 [Zbl 1412.05049]
Finbow, A. S.; Hartnell, B. L., Well-located graphs: a collection of well-covered ones, 120-122 [Zbl 1412.05159]
Fischermann, Miranca; Volkmann, Lutz, Graphs with unique dominating sets, 123-125 [Zbl 1412.05151]
Frank, András, Edge-connectivities of graphs and digraphs, 126-129 [Zbl 1412.05117]
Frankl, Péter; Katona, Gyula Y., Extremal \(k\)-edge-Hamiltonian hypergraphs, 130-133 [Zbl 1412.05141]
Gavoille, Cyril; Paul, Christophe, Approximate distance labeling schemes, 134-137 [Zbl 1412.05176]
Giakoumakis, Vassilis; Vanherpe, Jean-Marie, Linear time recognition of weak bisplit graphs, 138-141 [Zbl 1412.05160]
Gorgol, Izolda, Some modifications of Ramsey numbers, 142-144 [Zbl 1412.05136]
Gropp, Harald, “Réseaux réguliers” or regular graphs, 145-148 [Zbl 1417.05001]
Guenin, Bertrand, A characterization of weakly bipartite graphs, 149-151 [Zbl 1412.05181]
Guénoche, Alain; Leclerc, Bruno; Makarenkov, Vladimir, Generalized trees related with tree metrics, 152-154 [Zbl 1412.05036]
Guenver, Glen-Brug; Rampon, Jean-Xavier, Split orders, 155-157 [Zbl 1412.05083]
Hansen, Pierre; Caporossi, Gilles, AutoGraphiX: an automated system for finding conjectures in graph theory, 158-161 [Zbl 1412.05191]
Haro, Christophe; Martineau, Patrick; Proust, Christian, Digraph representation by its path matrix the particular case of the bipartite graphs, 162-165 [Zbl 1412.05084]
Havet, Frédéric, Trees in tournaments, 166-169 [Zbl 1412.05037]
Hell, Pavol, Graph packings, 170-173 [Zbl 1412.05161]
Herrmann, Francine; Hertz, Alain, Finding the chromatic number by means of critical graphs, 174-176 [Zbl 1412.05068]
Heydemann, Marie-Claude; Marlin, Nausica; Prennes, Stéphane, Rotational Cayley graphs on transposition generated groups, 177-180 [Zbl 1412.05092]
Hoffmann, Arne, Regular factors in regular multipartite graphs, 181-184 [Zbl 1412.05162]
Jackson, Bill; Jordán, Tibor, Connectivity augmentation of graphs, 185-188 [Zbl 1412.05119]
Jendrol’, Stanislav; Voss, Heinz-Juergen, Light subgraphs of multigraphs embedded in compact 2-manifolds, 189-192 [Zbl 1412.05050]
Johann, Petra, On the structure of graphs with a unique \(k\)-factor, 193-195 [Zbl 1412.05109]
Kabanov, Vladislav; Vakula, Igor, The lower domination parameters in inflated graphs, 196-197 [Zbl 1433.05246]
Kaneko, Atsushi; Yoshimoto, Kiyoshi, A 4-cycle and a 2-factor with two components of a graph satisfying the Chvátal-Erdős condition, 198-200 [Zbl 1412.05114]
Kawarabayashi, Ken-Ichi, Relative length of longest path and longest cycle, 201 [Zbl 1433.05100]
Kheddouci, Hamamache, Partially square graphs, Hamiltonicity and circumference. II, 202-205 [Zbl 1412.05125]
Lazebnik, Felix; Woldar, Andrew, General properties of some graphs defined by systems of equations, 206-209 [Zbl 1412.05171]
Mahjoub, A. R.; Pesneau, P., On Steiner 2-edge connected polytopes, 210-213 [Zbl 1412.05120]
Malucelli, F.; Nicoloso, S., Shiftable intervals, 214-217 [Zbl 1433.90179]
Marczyk, Antoni, On pancyclism of Hamiltonian graphs, 218-221 [Zbl 1412.05126]
Jaroslav, Maxová; Nešetřil, Jana, On covers of graphs, 222-224 [Zbl 1412.05163]
McGuinness, Sean, Contractible bonds in graphs, 225-227 [Zbl 1412.05121]
McKay, Brendan D.; Wanless, Ian M.; Wormald, Nicholas C., The asymptotic number of graphs with a restriction on the maximum degree, 228-230 [Zbl 1412.05098]
Mohar, Bojan, Some topological methods in graph coloring theory, 231-234 [Zbl 1412.05072]
Molloy, Michael; Reed, Bruce, \(k\)-colouring when \(k\) is close to \(\Delta\), 235-238 [Zbl 1412.05073]
Montellano-Ballesteros, J. J.; Neumann-Lara, V., Totally multicoloured cycles, 239-242 [Zbl 1412.05074]
Myrvold, Wendy; Roth, Jianping, Simpler projective plane embedding, 243-246 [Zbl 1412.05187]
Naatz, Michael, A connectivity lemma, 247-250 [Zbl 1412.05122]
Nguyen, Viet Hung; Maurras, Jean François, A procedure of facet composition for the Symmetric Traveling Salesman Polytope, 251-252 [Zbl 1433.90180]
Ossona de Mendez, P.; Rosenstiehl, P., Coding properties of breadth-first search orderings, 253-255 [Zbl 1412.05099]
Pêcher, A., Cayley partitionable graphs, 256-259 [Zbl 1412.05093]
Pikhurko, Oleg, Size Ramsey numbers involving large stars, 260-262 [Zbl 1412.05137]
Radics, Norbert, Rigidity of multi-story buildings, 263-265 [Zbl 1412.05110]
Raghavan, Vijay; Spinrad, Jeremy P., Solving problems on special classes of graphs, 266-269 [Zbl 1412.05190]
Randerath, Bert, 3-colourability and forbidden subgraphs, 270-273 [Zbl 1412.05075]
Recski, András, VLSI routing in polynomial time, 274-277 [Zbl 1430.68012]
Simonyi, Gábor, Perfection, imperfection, and graph entropy, 278-280 [Zbl 1412.05080]
Smolíková, Petra, The simple chromatic number of oriented graphs, 281-283 [Zbl 1412.05077]
Székely, László A., A successful concept for measuring non-planarity of graphs: the crossing number, 284-287 [Zbl 1412.05140]
Szeszlér, Dávid, Hamilton cycles and degree sequences, 288-290 [Zbl 1412.05127]
Szigeti, Zoltán, On min-max theorems in matching theory, 291-294 [Zbl 1412.05164]
Thomason, Andrew, Subdivisions, linking, minors, and extremal functions, 295-298 [Zbl 1412.05182]
Tsuchiya, Morimasa; Ogawa, Kenjiro; Iwaia, Shin-Ichi, On construction of bound graphs, 299-302 [Zbl 1412.05192]
Vanherpe, Jean-Marie, Clique width of partner limited graphs, 303-306 [Zbl 1412.05179]
Wojda, A. Paweł; Woźniak, Mariusz; Zioło, Irmina A., On self-complementary supergraphs of (\(n,n\))-graphs, 307-310 [Zbl 1412.05166]
Woźniak, Mariusz, Packing of graphs and permutations, 311-314 [Zbl 1412.05167]
Yoshimoto, Kiyoshi, Hamiltonian cycles of certain kinds of graphs satisfying Dirac condition, 315-316 [Zbl 1412.05128]
Zhang, Heping; Zhang, Fuji, Total Z-transformation graphs of perfect matching of plane bipartite graphs, 317-320 [Zbl 1412.05053]


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