Technologies for constructing intelligent systems. 1: Tasks. (English) Zbl 0980.00012

Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing. 89. Heidelberg: Physica-Verlag. x, 404 p. (2002).

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Zadeh, Lotfi A., A new direction in AI toward a computational theory of perceptions, 3-20 [Zbl 1009.68113]
Arcos, Josep Lluís; López de Mántaras, Ramon, Combining fuzzy and case-based reasoning to generate human-like music performances, 21-31 [Zbl 1009.68114]
De Cock, Martine; Radzikowska, Anna Maria; Kerre, Etienne E., A fuzzy-rough approach to the representation of linguistic hedges, 33-42 [Zbl 1009.68154]
Godo, Lluís; Sandri, Sandra, Dealing with imprecise inputs in a fuzzy rule-based system using an implication-based rule model, 43-56 [Zbl 0997.93060]
Polkowski, Lech; Skowron, Andrzej, Constructing rough mereological granules of classifying rules and classifying algorithms., 57-70 [Zbl 1050.68134]
Chanas, Stefan; Zieliński, Paweł, Criticality in the network with imprecise activity times, 71-84 [Zbl 1009.68009]
Ribarić, Slobodan; Dalbelo-Bašić, Bojana; Tomac, Dražen, Object-oriented implementation of a model for fuzzy temporal reasoning, 85-98 [Zbl 1009.68115]
Khayata, Mohamed Yasser; Pacholczyk, Daniel, A symbolic approach to syllogistic reasoning, 99-112 [Zbl 1009.68171]
Thiele, Helmut, On algebraic foundations of information granulation, 113-126 [Zbl 0991.03032]
Fedrizzi, Mario; Fedrizzi, Michele; Marques Pereira, R. A., On the issue of consistency in dynamical consensual aggregation., 129-137 [Zbl 1066.68122]
Kacprzyk, Janusz; Zadrożny, Sławomir, A group decision support system based on linguistic multicriteria assessments, 139-152 [Zbl 1009.68146]
Narukawa, Yasuo; Murofushi, Toshiaki; Sugeno, Michio, Integral representations and decision theory, 153-166 [Zbl 1009.68147]
Fargier, Hélène; Sabbadin, Régis, Can qualitative utility criteria obey the sure thing principle?, 167-177 [Zbl 1009.68148]
Dubois, Didier; Pap, Endre; Prade, Henri, Pseudo-additive measures and the independence of events, 179-191 [Zbl 0998.60007]
De Baets, Bernard; Fodor, János, On discrete preference structures, 193-203 [Zbl 1009.68149]
Dukhovny, Alexander; Ovchinnikov, Sergei, Families of valued sets as media, 205-212 [Zbl 1005.91034]
Bodenhofer, Ulrich, A general framework for ordering fuzzy sets, 213-224 [Zbl 1009.68150]
Nguyen, Hung Son; Wang, Hui, Pattern extraction method for text classification, 227-238 [Zbl 1009.68126]
Grzymala-Busse, Jerzy W.; Goodwin, Linda K.; Grzymala-Busse, Witold; Zheng, Xinqun, A comparison of rough set strategies for pre-term birth data, 239-252 [Zbl 1028.68161]
Yager, Ronald R., Toward the intelligent control of hierarchical clustering, 253-266 [Zbl 1009.68151]
Castro, J. L.; Castro-Schez, J. J.; Zurita, J. M., Combining both a fuzzy inductive learning and a fuzzy repertory grid method, 267-280 [Zbl 1009.68127]
Montseny, E.; Sobrevilla, P., An approach to computational microtexture perceptual detection with management of uncertainty, 281-294 [Zbl 1009.68138]
François, Jérémie; Grandvalet, Yves; Denœux, Thierry; Roger, Jean-Michel, Bagging improves uncertainty representation in evidential pattern classification, 295-308 [Zbl 1009.68139]
López García, Sergio; Magdalena, Luis; Velasco, Juan R., Non-Euclidean genetic FCM clustering algorithm, 309-320 [Zbl 1009.68140]
Casillas, Jorge; Cordón, Oscar; Herrera, Francisco, Different approaches to induce cooperation in fuzzy linguistic models under the COR methodology, 321-334 [Zbl 1009.68155]
Bosc, Patrick; Liétard, Ludovic; Pivert, Olivier, Evaluation of flexible queries: The quantified statement case, 337-350 [Zbl 1009.68034]
Martín-Bautista, María J.; Vila, María-Amparo; Sánchez, Daniel; Larsen, Henrik L., Intelligent filtering with genetic algorithms and fuzzy logic, 351-362 [Zbl 1009.68128]
Crestani, Fabio, Using semantic and phonetic term similarity for spoken document retrieval and spoken query processing, 363-375 [Zbl 1009.68045]
Hüllermeier, Eyke; Dubois, Didier; Prade, Henri, Knowledge-based extrapolation of cases: A possibilistic approach, 377-390 [Zbl 1009.68160]
Marín, Nicolás; Pons, Olga; Blanco, Ignacio J.; Vila, María Amparo, A methodology to improve object oriented database systems with fuzzy types, 391-404 [Zbl 1009.68035]


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