25th Southern German colloquium on differential geometry, Vienna, Austria, June 2, 2000. (25. Süddeutsches Differentialgeometrie-Kolloqium, Wien, Österreich, 2. Juni 2000.) (English, German) Zbl 0980.00037

Wien: TU Wien, Institut für Geometrie. iii, 113 S. (2001).

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Indexed articles:
Reif, Ulrich, On the solvability of non-parametric fairing problems, 1-7 [Zbl 0991.65016]
Pabel, H.; Keilbach, R., On the centroaffine family of relative normals and their minimal surfaces, 9-15 [Zbl 1006.53008]
Lordick, Daniel, Elementary access to tangents on self-shade limits of curved surfaces, 17-30 [Zbl 1005.51007]
Preissler, Gabi, Willmore tori and isothermic curvature line parametrization, 31-46 [Zbl 1010.53048]
Molnár, Emil, Minimal surfaces and crystallography, 47-70 [Zbl 1002.53002]
Szilvási-Nagy, Marta, Construction of blending surfaces by means of trigonometric blending functions, 71-78 [Zbl 0991.65017]
Schröcker, Hans-Peter, The product of three projectively connected conics, 79-94 [Zbl 1014.51013]
Glaeser, Georg, Differential geometry with Open Geometry, 95-108 [Zbl 0999.53001]


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53-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to differential geometry