Proceedings of the fourth international conference on symmetry in nonlinear mathematical physics, Kyïv, Ukraine, July 9–15, 2001. Part 2. Dedicated to the 200th anniversary of M. Ostrohrads’kyi. (English) Zbl 0989.00035

Proceedings of the Institute of Mathematics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Mathematics and its Applications. 43(2). Kyïv: Institute of Mathematics of NAS of Ukraine. 403-784 (2002).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference (3, 1999) has been reviewed (see Zbl 0937.00046 and Zbl 0937.00045).
Indexed articles:
Beckers, Jules; Debergh, Nathalie, On the Heisenberg-Lie algebra and some non-Hermitian operators in oscillator-like developments, 403-406 [Zbl 1040.81031]
Klimyk, A. U., On classification of irreducible representations of \(q\)-deformed algebra \(U_q'(\operatorname {so}_3)\) related to quantum gravity, 407-418 [Zbl 1040.81043]
Arzhantsev, Ivan V., Invariant differential operators and representations with spherical orbits, 419-424 [Zbl 1039.20022]
Bondarenko, Andrew; Popovych, Stanislav, \(C^*\)-algebras associated with \({\mathcal F}_{2^n}\) zero Schwarzian unimodal mappings, 425-431 [Zbl 1039.46051]
Debergh, Nathalie; Stancu, Florica, The Lipkin-Meshkov-Glick model and its deformations through polynomial algebras, 432-438 [Zbl 1040.82013]
Duplij, Steven, Ternary Hopf algebras, 439-448 [Zbl 1092.17004]
Iorgov, Nikolai, On the center of \(q\)-deformed algebra \(U'_q(so_3)\) related to quantum gravity at \(q\) a root of 1, 449-455 [Zbl 1092.17009]
Jørgensen, Palle E. T.; Proskurin, Daniil P.; Samoilenko, Yurii S., Generalized canonical commutation relations: representations and stability of universal enveloping \(C^*\)-algebras, 456-460 [Zbl 1039.46047]
Kruglyak, Stanislav; Kyrychenko, Anatolii, On four orthogonal projections that satisfy the linear relation \(\alpha_1 P_1+\alpha_2 P_2+\alpha_3 P_3+\alpha_4 P_4=I\), \(\alpha_i>0\)., 461-465 [Zbl 1037.47047]
Lutfullin, Maxim W.; Popovych, Roman O., Realizations of real 4-dimensional solvable decomposable Lie algebras, 466-468 [Zbl 1092.17006]
Maistrenko, Tatiana Yu., Positive conjugacy for simple dynamical systems, 469-473 [Zbl 1034.37012]
Nesterenko, Maryna O.; Boyko, Vyacheslav M., Realisations of indecomposable solvable 4-dimensional real Lie algebras, 474-477 [Zbl 1092.17007]
Palev, T. D.; Stoilova, N. I.; Van der Jeugt, J., Jacobson generators for (quantum) \(sl(n+1| m)\). Related statistics., 478-485 [Zbl 1092.17008]
Popova, Nataly, On one algebra of Temperley-Lieb type., 486-489 [Zbl 1037.16010]
Strelets, Alexander V., On involutions which preserve natural filtration, 490-494 [Zbl 1039.46045]
Niederle, Juri; Nikitin, Anatolii G., Extended SUSY with central charges in quantum mechanics, 497-507 [Zbl 1040.81027]
Plyushchay, Mikhail; Klishevich, Sergey, Nonlinear supersymmetry, 508-519 [Zbl 1040.81028]
Samsonov, Boris F., Time-dependent supersymmetry and parasupersymmetry in quantum mechanics, 520-529 [Zbl 1040.81029]
Shima, Kazunari, Geometry of nonlinear supersymmetry in curved space-time and unity of nature, 530-539 [Zbl 1036.83023]
Gavrilik, A. M., Quantum algebras, particle phenomenology, and (quasi)supersymmetry, 540-547 [Zbl 1092.17500]
Rausch de Traubenberg, M.; Slupinski, M. J., Fractional supersymmetry and \(F\)-fold Lie superalgebras, 548-554 [Zbl 1092.81034]
Keller, Jaime, General relativity as a symmetry of a unified space-time-action geometric space, 557-568 [Zbl 1036.83013]
Klink, W. H., Point form relativistic quantum mechanics and an algebraic formulation of electron scattering, 569-576 [Zbl 1040.81034]
Schmid, Rudolf; Sun, Qicum, Relativity without the first postulate, 577-588 [Zbl 1036.83001]
Bedrij, Orest, New relationships and measurements for gravity physics, 589-601 [Zbl 1036.83002]
Burban, I. M., D-branes, \(B\) fields and deformation quantization, 602-608 [Zbl 1040.81074]
Casahorran, Javier, The Euclidean propagator in quantum models with non-equivalent instantons, 609-615 [Zbl 1040.81021]
Galkin, Alexander, Equation for particle of spin 3/2 with anomalous interaction, 616-622 [Zbl 1040.81096]
Glazunov, Nikolaj, Mirror symmetry: Algebraic geometric and Lagrangian fibrations aspects, 623-628 [Zbl 1035.14016]
Kucheryavy, V. I., Symmetries and dynamical symmetry breaking of general \(n\)-dimensional self-consistently renormalized spinor diangles, 629-640 [Zbl 1040.81040]
Naon, Carlos; Salvay, Mariano, On a CFT prediction in the sine-Gordon model, 641-644 [Zbl 1040.81083]
Nasiri, S.; Safari, H., A symmetric treatment of damped harmonic oscillator in extended phase space, 645-651 [Zbl 1040.81052]
Nazarenko, Andrij, Canonical realization of Poincaré algebra: from field theory to direct-interaction theory, 652-658 [Zbl 1092.78502]
Nurmagambetov, Alexei J., Towards uniform \(T\)-duality rules, 659-662 [Zbl 1040.81078]
Pavlyuk, Anatoli, First order equations of motion from breaking of super self-duality, 663-665 [Zbl 1040.81063]
Radford, Chris, The Maxwell-Dirac equations, some non-perturbative results., 666-671 [Zbl 1040.81098]
Reity, Olexander K., Asymptotic expansions of the potential curves of the relativistic quantum-mechanical two-Coulomb-centre problem, 672-675 [Zbl 1040.81017]
Reity, Olaxander K.; Lazur, Volodymyr Yu., WKB method for the Dirac equation with the central-symmetrical potential and its application to the theory of two dimensional supercritical atoms, 676-682 [Zbl 1040.81023]
Rokhnizadeh, Rasoul; Doebner, Hans Dietrich, Geometric formulation of Berezin quantization, 683-687 [Zbl 1040.81049]
Spichak, Stanislav, On multi-parameter families of Hermitian exactly solvable matrix Schrödinger model, 688-690 [Zbl 1040.81094]
Svetlichny, George, Nonlinear Schrödinger equations for identical particles and the separation property, 691-698 [Zbl 1040.81013]
Shapovalov, Alexander; Trifonov, Andrey, Semiclassically concentrated waves for the nonlinear Schrödinger equation with external field, 701-711 [Zbl 1039.35118]
Berti, Massimiliano, Arnold diffusion: A functional analysis approach, 712-719 [Zbl 1034.37032]
Blyuss, Konstantin B., Melnikov analysis for multi-symplectic PDEs, 720-724 [Zbl 1034.37033]
Chiricalov, Vladimir A., Smoothness properties of Green’s-Samoilenko operator-function: the invariant torus of an exponentially dichotomous bilinear matrix differential systems, 725-729 [Zbl 1046.34049]
Kondakova, Svetlana, Systems of linear differential equations of rational rank with a multiple root of the characterstic equation, 730-733 [Zbl 1046.34013]
Korostil, Andrii M., On the spectral problem for the finite-gap Schrödinger operator, 734-740 [Zbl 1045.34054]
Matsyuk, Roman Ya., A covering second-order Lagrangian for the relativistic top without forces, 741-745 [Zbl 1092.70017]
Napoli, A.; Messina, A.; Tretynyk, V., General even and odd coherent states as solutions of discrete Cauchy problems, 746-750 [Zbl 1038.39001]
Pelykh, Volodymyr, Knot manifolds of double-covariant systems of elliptic equations and preferred orthonormal three-frames, 751-755 [Zbl 1037.83009]
Shkil, Mykola; Zavizion, Genadiy, The asymptotic solutions of systems of nonlinear differential equations, 756-759 [Zbl 1045.34029]
Tajiri, Masayoshi, Asynchronous development of the growing-and-decaying mode, 760-764 [Zbl 1039.35089]
Vus, Andrij, Integrable polynomial potentials in \(N\)-body problems on the line, 765-767 [Zbl 1092.70015]
Zhalij, Alexander, Towards classification of separable Pauli equations, 768-773 [Zbl 1039.81016]
Zhedanov, A.; Korovnichenko, A., “Leonard pairs” in classical mechanics, 774-776 [Zbl 1034.37031]
Znojil, Miloslav, Generalized Rayleigh-Schrödinger perturbation theory as a method of linearization of the so called quasi-exactly solvable models, 777-781 [Zbl 1040.81018]


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