Tutorials on multiresolution in geometric modelling. European summer school lecture notes, Munich Univ. of Technology, Germany, August 22-30, 2001. (English) Zbl 0989.00044

Berlin: Springer. xi, 421 p. (2002).

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Indexed articles:
Sabin, Malcolm, Subdivision of box-splines, 3-23 [Zbl 1004.65026]
Dyn, Nira, Interpolatory subdivision schemes, 25-50 [Zbl 1004.65027]
Dyn, Nira, Analysis of convergence and smoothness by the formalism of Laurent polynomials, 51-68 [Zbl 1004.65028]
Sabin, Malcolm, Eigenanalysis and artifacts of subdivision curves and surfaces, 69-92 [Zbl 1004.65025]
Cohen, Albert; Matei, Basarab, Nonlinear subdivision schemes: Applications to image processing (Extended abstract), 93-97 [Zbl 1008.94506]
Quak, Ewald, Nonuniform \(B\)-splines and \(B\)-wavelets, 101-146 [Zbl 1004.65016]
Bonneau, Georges-Pierre, \(\text{BLaC}\) wavelets and non-nested wavelets, 147-163 [Zbl 1004.65151]
Conrad, Matthias; Prestin, Jürgen, Multiresolution on the sphere, 165-202 [Zbl 1004.65152]
Iske, Armin, Scattered data modelling using radial basis functions, 205-242 [Zbl 1004.65014]
Zeilfelder, Frank, Scattered data fitting with bivariate splines, 243-286 [Zbl 1004.65018]
Floater, Michael; Hormann, Kai, Parameterization of triangulations and unorganized points, 287-316 [Zbl 1004.65029]
Gotsman, Craig; Gumhold, Stefan; Kobbelt, Leif, Simplication and compresssion of 3D meshes, 319-361 [Zbl 1004.65030]
De Floriani, Leila; Magillo, Paola, Multiresolution mesh representation: Models and data structures, 363-417 [Zbl 1004.65031]


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