Noncommutative geometry and string theory. Proceedings of the international workshop, Keio Univ., Yokohama, Japan, March 16–22, 2001. (English) Zbl 0989.00062

Progress of Theoretical Physics. Supplement. 144. Kyoto: Progress of Theoretical Physics, iv, 194 p. (2001).

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Indexed articles:
Bieliavsky, Pierre; Massar, Marc, Strict deformation quantization for actions of a class of symplectic Lie groups, 1-21 [Zbl 1018.53044]
Bouarroudj, Sofiane, A new higher-dimensional generalization of the Schwarzian derivative., 22-25 [Zbl 1058.53016]
Bursztyn, Henrique, Poisson vector bundles, contravariant connections and deformations, 26-37 [Zbl 1026.53053]
Cattaneo, Alberto S.; Felder, Giovanni, On the globalization of Kontsevich’s star product and the perturbative Poisson sigma model, 38-53 [Zbl 1012.81030]
Dubois-Violette, Michel; Kriegl, Andreas; Maeda, Yoshiaki; Michor, Peter W., Smooth \(\star\)-algebras, 54-78 [Zbl 1026.46062]
Furuuchi, Kazuyuki, “Topological” charge of \(U(1)\) instantons on noncommutative \(\mathbb{R}^4\), 79-91 [Zbl 1030.46099]
Gutt, Simone, Traces for star products., 92-98 [Zbl 1129.53306]
Itoyama, Hiroshi, Open string/D-brane system and noncommutative soliton, 99-110 [Zbl 1014.83043]
Kamimura, Shingo, Coarse geometry and index theory, 111-118 [Zbl 1012.19005]
Klimčík, Ctirad, Quasitriangular chiral WZW model in a nutshell, 119-124 [Zbl 1012.81506]
Lecomte, Pierre B. A., Towards projectively equivariant quantization, 125-132 [Zbl 1012.53069]
Liu, Zhang-Ju; Xu, Ping, Dynamical \(r\)-matrices coupled with Poisson manifolds, 133-140 [Zbl 1029.53089]
Matsumoto, Makoto; Nishiyama, Kyo; Yano, Masamichi, A generator of \(H^1({\mathcal M}_g^1;H^1(\Sigma_g;\mathbb{Z}))\) and a reflection representation of the mapping class groups via Iwahori-Hecke algebras, 141-144 [Zbl 1024.57019]
Ševera, Pavol; Weinstein, Alan, Poisson geometry with a 3-form background, 145-154 [Zbl 1029.53090]
Sugawara, Yuji, Wilson line in \(SU(2)\) WZW model and spherical D-brane, 155-166 [Zbl 1012.81043]
Waldmann, Stefan, Deformation of Hermitian vector bundles and non-commutative field theory, 167-175 [Zbl 1012.81029]
Yoneya, Tamiaki, String theory and gravitation – towards quantum geometry, 176-194 [Zbl 1017.83033]


00B25 Proceedings of conferences of miscellaneous specific interest
81-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to quantum theory
81T30 String and superstring theories; other extended objects (e.g., branes) in quantum field theory
81T75 Noncommutative geometry methods in quantum field theory