Proceedings of the conference on partial differential equations, La Chapelle sur Erdre, France, Nantes, June 5–9, 2000. Exp. Nos. I-XX. (Journées “Équations aux dérivées partielles”, La Chapelle sur Erdre, Nantes, France, 5 au 9 juin 2000. Exposés Nos. I-XX.) (French) Zbl 0990.00045

Nantes: Université de Nantes. viii, 267 p. (pag. non coontinue) (2000).

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Indexed articles:
Barbaroux, Jean-Marie; Germinet, François; Tcheremchantsev, Serguei, Quantum diffusion and generalized Rényi dimensions of spectral measures., Exp. No. 1, 16 p. [Zbl 1213.81129]
Christiansen, T.; Joshi, M. S., Recovering asymptotics at infinity of perturbations of stratified media., Exp. No. 2, 9 p. [Zbl 1213.35333]
Chruściel, Piotr T.; Lengard, Olivier, Polyhomogeneous solutions of wave equations in the radiation regime, Exp. No. 3, 17 p. [Zbl 1008.83007]
Fournais, Søren, On the current of large atoms in strong magnetic fields., Exp. No. 4, 14 p. [Zbl 1213.81224]
Hérau, Frédéric, A Gårding inequality with boundary, Exp. No. 5, 12 p. [Zbl 1034.35169]
Herzlich, Marc, Refined Kato inequalities in Riemannian geometry, Exp. No. 6, 11 p. [Zbl 1028.58025]
Froese, R. G.; Hislop, P. D., On the distribution of resonances for some asymptotically hyperbolic manifolds, Exp. No. 7, 16 p. [Zbl 1016.58018]
Kajitani, Kunihiko, Propagation of analyticity of solutions to the Cauchy problem for Kirchhoff type equations, Exp. No. 8, 14 p. [Zbl 1021.35005]
Kay, Bernard S., Application of linear hyperbolic PDE to linear quantum fields in curved spacetimes: Especially black holes, time machines and a new semi-local vacuum concept, Exp. No. 9, 19 p. [Zbl 1011.81046]
Lesch, Matthias, Essential self-adjointness of symmetric linear relations associated to first order systems, Exp. No. 10, 18 p. [Zbl 1023.47015]
Carlen, Eric; Carvalho, M. C.; Loss, Michael, Many-body aspects of approach to equilibrium., Exp. No. 11, 12 p. [Zbl 1213.81230]
Paturel, Éric, Solutions of the Dirac-Fock equations without projector, Exp. No. 12, 10 p. [Zbl 1008.81022]
Helffer, Bernard; Ramond, Thierry, Semiclassical expansion for the thermodynamic limit of the ground state energy of Kac’s operator, Exp. No. 13, 17 p. [Zbl 1012.35068]
Rendall, Alan D., Blow-up for solutions of hyperbolic PDE and spacetime singularities, Exp. No. 14, 12 p. [Zbl 1021.35004]
Ricci, Fulvio, Solvability of second-order left-invariant differential operators on the Heisenberg group, Exp. No. 15, 10 p. [Zbl 1016.43007]
Sjöstrand, Johannes, Asymptotic distribution of eigenfrequencies for damped wave equations., Exp. No. 16, 8 p. [Zbl 1213.35331]
Parnovski, Leonid; Sobolev, Alexander V., On the Bethe-Sommerfeld conjecture., Exp. No. 17, 13 p. [Zbl 1213.35193]
Suslina, Tatiana, Absolute continuity of the spectrum of periodic operators of mathematical physics., Exp. No. 18, 13 p. [Zbl 1213.35194]
Tzvetkov, N., Bilinear estimates related to the KP equations, Exp. No. 19, 12 p. [Zbl 1005.35082]
Laptev, Ari; Weidl, Timo, Recent results on Lieb-Thirring inequalities., Exp. No. 20, 14 p. [Zbl 1135.81337]


00B25 Proceedings of conferences of miscellaneous specific interest
35-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to partial differential equations