Nonlinear partial differential equations and their applications. Collège de France seminar. Vol. XIV. Lectures held at the J. L. Lions seminar on applied mathematics, Paris, France, 1997–1998. (English) Zbl 0992.00032

Studies in Mathematics and its Applications. 31. Amsterdam: Elsevier. xii, 654 p. (2002).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. Volume XIII has been reviewed (see Zbl 0927.00031).
Indexed articles:
Arcoya, D.; Boccardo, L., An introduction to critical points for integral functionals., 1-12 [Zbl 1042.49011]
Banks, H. T.; Buksas, M. W., A semigroup formulation for electromagnetic waves in dispersive dielectric media, 13-27 [Zbl 1014.35090]
Ben Ameur, J.; Danchin, R., Nonviscous limits for axisymmetric incompressible fluids, 29-55 [Zbl 1034.35104]
Ben-Artzi, M., Global properties of some nonlinear parabolic equations, 57-67 [Zbl 1010.35060]
Bernardi, C.; Chacón Rebollo, T.; Lewandowski, R.; Murat, F., A model for two coupled turbulent fluids. I: Analysis of the system., 69-102 [Zbl 1034.35106]
Bosseur, F.; Orenga, P., Determination of boundary conditions in the open sea by a method of optimal control, 103-132 [Zbl 1011.35133]
Campillo, F.; Piatnitski, A., Effective diffusion in vanishing viscosity, 133-145 [Zbl 1008.35053]
Chechkin, G.; Cioranescu, D., Vibration of a thin plate with a “rough” surface., 147-169 [Zbl 1290.35263]
Chemin, J.-Y.; Desjardins, B.; Gallagher, I.; Grenier, E., Anisotropy and dispersion in rotating fluids., 171-192 [Zbl 1034.35107]
Collino, F.; Despres, B., Integral equations and saddle point formulation for scattering problems., 193-212 [Zbl 1034.35134]
Conca, C.; Gormaz, R.; Ortega, E.; Rojas, M., Existence and uniqueness of a strong solution for nonhomogeneous micropolar fluids., 213-241 [Zbl 1034.35109]
De Arcangelis, R., Homogenization of Dirichlet minimum problems with conductor type periodically distributed constraints, 243-271 [Zbl 1030.49017]
Degond, P., Transport of trapped particles in a surface potential, 273-296 [Zbl 1022.82014]
Díaz, J. I., Diffusive energy balance models in climatology, 297-328 [Zbl 1014.35080]
Eller, M.; Isakov, V.; Nakamura, G.; Tataru, D., Uniqueness and stability in the Cauchy problem for Maxwell and elasticity systems., 329-349 [Zbl 1038.35159]
Friedlander, S., On the unstable spectrum of the Euler equation., 351-365 [Zbl 1142.76374]
Gallagher, I.; Gérard, P., Profile decomposition of solutions of the critical semilinear wave equation outside a strictly convex obstacle, 367-392 [Zbl 1054.35029]
Girault, V.; Scott, L. R., Upwind discretizations of a steady grade-two fluid model in two dimensions., 393-414 [Zbl 1034.35110]
Haddar, H.; Joly, P., Stability of thin layer approximation of electromagnetic waves scattering by linear and non linear coatings., 415-456 [Zbl 1142.78308]
Iftimie, D., Remarks on the limit \(\alpha\to 0\) for second-grade fluids, 457-468 [Zbl 1014.35081]
Kavian, O., Remarks on the Kompaneets equations, a simplified model of the Fokker-Planck equation., 469-487 [Zbl 1034.35135]
Leguillon, D.; Sanchez-Palencia, E.; de Souza, C., Singular perturbations without limit in the energy space. Convergence and computation of the associated layers., 489-507 [Zbl 1142.35325]
Lipton, Robert; Velo, Ani P., Optimal design of gradient fields with applications to electrostatics., 509-532 [Zbl 1080.78003]
Maday, Y.; Patera, A. T.; Rovas, D. V., A blackbox reduced-basis output bound method for noncoercive linear problems, 533-569 [Zbl 1006.65124]
Nefedov, V.; Mattheij, R. M. M., Simulation of flow in a glass tank, 571-590 [Zbl 1032.76043]
Nguyen, P. A.; Raymond, J.-P., Control localized on thin structures for semilinear parabolic equations, 591-645 [Zbl 1026.49004]
Serre, D., Stability of viscosity shock waves that can be characteristic, 647-654 [Zbl 1034.35076]


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