Computer performance evaluation. Modelling techniques and tools. 12th international conference, TOOLS 2002, London, GB, April 14–17, 2002. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 0992.00046

Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 2324. Berlin: Springer. xi, 349 p. (2002).

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The articles of mathematical interest will be reviewed individually.
Indexed articles:
Borst, S. C.; Boxma, O. J.; Núñez-Queija, R., Heavy tails: The effect of the service discipline, 1-30 [Zbl 1047.68023]
Derisavi, Salem; Kemper, Peter; Sanders, William H.; Courtney, Tod, The Möbius state-level abstract functional interface, 31-50 [Zbl 1047.68518]
Bause, F.; Beilner, H.; Fischer, M.; Kemper, P.; Völker, M., The ProC/B toolset for the modelling and analysis of process chains, 51-70 [Zbl 1047.68512]
Rácz, Sándor; Tari, Árpád; Telek, Miklós, MRMSolve: Distribution estimation of large Markov reward models, 71-81 [Zbl 1047.68539]
Horváth, András; Telek, Miklós, PhFit: A general phase-type fitting tool, 82-91 [Zbl 1047.68528]
Klemm, Alexander; Lindemann, Christoph; Lohmann, Marco, Traffic modeling of IP networks using the batch Markovian arrival process, 92-110 [Zbl 1047.68532]
Gilmore, Stephen; Hillston, Jane; Ribaudo, Marina, PEPA nets: A structured performance modelling formalism, 111-130 [Zbl 1047.68527]
Donatelli, Susanna; Ferro, Liliana, Validation of GSPN and SWN models through the PROD tool, 131-140 [Zbl 1047.68519]
Petriu, Dorin; Woodside, Murray, Software performance models from system scenarios in use case maps, 141-158 [Zbl 1047.68537]
Petriu, Dorina C.; Shen, Hui, Applying the UML performance profile: Graph grammar-based derivation of LQN models from UML specifications, 159-177 [Zbl 1047.68538]
Bradley, J. T., A passage-time preserving equivalence for semi-Markov processes, 178-187 [Zbl 1047.68024]
Davies, Ian; Knottenbelt, William J.; Kritzinger, Pieter S., Symbolic methods for the state space exploration of GSPN models, 188-199 [Zbl 1047.68517]
Kwiatkowska, Marta; Norman, Gethin; Parker, David, PRISM: Probabilistic symbolic model checker, 200-204 [Zbl 1047.68533]
Riska, Alma; Smirni, Evgenia, MAMSolver: A matrix analytic methods tool, 205-211 [Zbl 1047.68541]
Festag, Andreas; Westerhoff, Lars; Wolisz, Adam, The MOMBASA software environment – a toolkit for performance evaluation of multicast-based mobility support, 212-219 [Zbl 1047.68522]
Pearce, David J.; Kelly, Paul H. J.; Field, Tony; Harder, Uli, GILK: A dynamic instrumentation tool for the Linux kernel, 220-226 [Zbl 1047.68536]
Kant, Krishna; Tewari, Vijay; Iyer, Ravishankar, Geist: A web traffic generation tool, 227-232 [Zbl 1047.68531]
Franceschinis, Giuliana; Gribaudo, M.; Iacono, M.; Mazzocca, N.; Vittorini, V., DrawNET++: Model objects to support performance analysis and simulation of systems, 233-238 [Zbl 1047.68523]
Hopkins, Richard; King, Peter, A visual formalism for the composition of stochastic Petri nets, 239-258 [Zbl 1047.68085]
Gautama, Hasyim; van Gemund, Arjan J. C., Symbolic performance prediction of data-dependent parallel programs, 259-278 [Zbl 1047.68525]
Kumar, L.; Misra, M.; Mitrani, I., Analysis of a transaction system with checkpointing, failures, and rollback, 279-288 [Zbl 1047.68025]
Conway, Adrian E.; Zhu, Yali, Analyzing voice-over-IP subjective quality as a function of network QoS: A simulation-based methodology and tool, 289-308 [Zbl 1047.68515]
Oke, Adeniyi; Bunt, Rick, Hierarchical workload characterization for a busy web server, 309-328 [Zbl 1047.68535]
Garg, Pankaj K.; Eshghi, Kave; Gschwind, Thomas; Haverkort, Boudewijn; Wolter, Katinka, Enabling network caching of dynamic web objects, 329-338 [Zbl 1047.68524]
Richard, Pascal, A tool for controlling response time in real-time systems, 339-348 [Zbl 1047.68540]


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