Geometry, mechanics, and dynamics. Volume in honor of the 60th birthday of J. E. Marsden. (English) Zbl 0993.00007

New York, NY: Springer. xvii, 571 p. (2002).

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Indexed articles:
Ball, John M., Some open problems in elasticity., 3-59 [Zbl 1054.74008]
Mielke, Alexander, Finite elastoplasticity Lie groups and geodesics on \(\text{SL}(d)\)., 61-90 [Zbl 1146.74309]
Lew, A.; Ortiz, M., Asynchronous variational integrators., 91-110 [Zbl 1114.74405]
Holm, Darryl D., Euler-Poincaré dynamics of perfect complex fluids., 113-167 [Zbl 1114.37308]
Shkoller, Steve, The Lagrangian averaged Euler (LAE-\(\alpha\)) equations with free-slip or mixed boundary conditions, 169-180 [Zbl 1019.53013]
Knobloch, Edgar; Vega, José M., Nearly inviscid Faraday waves, 181-222 [Zbl 1006.76025]
Hughes, Thomas J. R.; Oberai, Assad A., The variational multiscale formulation of LES with application to turbulent channel flows., 223-239 [Zbl 1114.76330]
Golubitsky, Martin; Stewart, Ian, Patterns of oscillation in coupled cell systems, 243-286 [Zbl 1017.37045]
Chenciner, Alain; Gerver, Joseph; Montgomery, Richard; Simó, Carles, Simple choreographic motions of \(N\) bodies: a preliminary study., 287-308 [Zbl 1146.70333]
Scheurle, Jürgen; Walcher, Sebastian, On normal form computations, 309-325 [Zbl 1017.37023]
Ortega, Juan-Pablo; Ratiu, Tudor S., The optimal momentum map, 329-362 [Zbl 1015.53053]
Guillemin, Victor; Zara, Catalin, Combinatorial formulas for products of Thom classes, 363-405 [Zbl 1009.57034]
Littlejohn, Robert G.; Mitchell, Kevin A., Gauge theory of small vibrations in polyatomic molecules., 407-428 [Zbl 1043.70014]
Bloch, Anthony M.; Leonard, Naomi Ehrich, Symmetries, conservation laws, and control., 431-460 [Zbl 1146.70340]
Fischer, Arthur E.; Moncrief, Vincent, Conformal volume collapse of 3-manifolds and the reduced Einstein flow, 463-522 [Zbl 1021.83007]
Gotay, Mark J., On quantizing semisimple basic algebras. I: \(\text{sl}(2,\mathbb R)\), 523-536 [Zbl 1029.53093]
Jerrold Marsden, 1942–, 537-568 [Zbl 1010.01513]


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Marsden, J. E.