Numerical flow simulation II. CNRS-DFG collaborative research programme. Results 1998-2000. (English) Zbl 0995.00004

Notes on Numerical Fluid Mechanics (NNFM). 75. Berlin: Springer. xvi, 328 p. (2001).

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Indexed articles:
Borchers, W.; Kräutle, S.; Pasquetti, R.; Rautmann, R.; Roß, N.; Wielage, K.; Xu, C. J., Towards a parallel hybrid highly accurate Navier-Stokes solver, 3-18 [Zbl 1013.76065]
Deister, F.; Rocher, D.; Hirschel, E. H.; Monnoyer, F., Self-organizing hybrid Cartesian grid generation and solutions for arbitrary geometries., 19-33 [Zbl 1036.76053]
Hackbusch, W.; Kriemann, R.; Le Borne, S.; Maitre, J.-F., CD2D3D – a package to solve convection-dominated problems employing ordering techniques., 34-48 [Zbl 1146.76630]
Hänel, D.; Dervieux, A.; Gloth, O.; Fournier, L.; Lanteri, S.; Vilsmeier, R., Development of Navier-Stokes solvers on hybrid grids, 49-66 [Zbl 1027.76029]
Degenhardt, A.; Droll, P.; El Ganaoui, M.; Kadinski, L.; Kurz, M.; Lamazouade, A.; Morvan, D.; Raspo, I.; Serre, E.; Bontoux, P.; Durst, F.; Müller, G.; Schäfer, M., High performance computer codes and their application to optimize crystal growth processes. II., 69-97 [Zbl 1146.76620]
Ginzburg, I.; Wittum, G.; Zaleski, S., Spline volume tracking for interfacial flows., 98-115 [Zbl 1035.76031]
Neises, J.; Delannoy, Y.; Medale, M.; Laschet, G.; Stemmler, M.; Fontaine, G., Modeling of free surfaces in casting processes., 116-126 [Zbl 1146.76616]
Zienicke, Egbert; Politano, Hélène; Pouquet, Annick, Parallel computation of the saturation process in a nonlinear dynamo model., 127-141 [Zbl 1146.76627]
Buffat, Marc; Yan, Jianping; de Lageneste, L. Duchamp; Rung, Thomas; Guerriau, O.; Thiele, Frank, Investigation of the flow characteristic occurring in flame stabilization processes, 145-160 [Zbl 1146.76604]
Herrmann, M.; Chen, M.; Binninger, B.; Peters, N.; Favier, V.; Réveillon, J.; Vervisch, L., Modeling partially premixed turbulent combustion, 161-180 [Zbl 1026.76540]
Paxion, S.; Baron, R.; Gordner, A.; Neuss, N.; Bastian, P.; Thévenin, D.; Wittum, G., Development of a parallel unstructured multigrid solver for laminar flame simulations with detailed chemistry and transport., 181-198 [Zbl 1036.76039]
Schneider, Th.; Klein, R.; Fortenbach, R.; Munz, C.-D., Numerical methods for weakly compressible reactive flows., 199-216 [Zbl 1146.80309]
Wepler, U.; Huhn, Ch.; Koschel, W., Numerical simulation of shock wave interaction effects on supersonic mixing layer growth., 217-228 [Zbl 1146.76618]
Fröhlich, J.; Rodi, W.; Bertoglio, J. P.; Bieder, U.; Touil, H., Large eddy simulation of flow around circular cylinders on structured and unstructured grids. II, 231-249 [Zbl 1012.76524]
Hüttl, T. J.; Deng, G. B.; Manhart, M.; Piquet, J.; Friedrich, R., Direct numerical and statistical simulation of turbulent boundary layer flows with pressure gradient, 250-267 [Zbl 1009.76516]
Meri, A.; Wengle, H.; Schiestel, R., DNS and LES of a backward-facing step flow using 2nd- and 4th-order spatial discretization and LES of the spatial development of mixing of turbulent streams with non-equilibrium inflow conditions, 268-287 [Zbl 1009.76515]
Opiela, M.; Meinke, Matthias; Schröder, Wolfgang; Comte, P.; Briand, E., LES of turbulent boundary layers and wakes, 288-302 [Zbl 1009.76514]
Schneider, Kai; Farge, Marie; Koster, F.; Griebel, M., Adaptive wavelet methods for the Navier-Stokes equations, 303-318 [Zbl 1019.76034]
Visonneau, M.; Schmid, M.; Deng, G.; Perić, M., Analysis of discretization and modeling errors in complex three-dimensional flows., 319-328 [Zbl 1146.76638]


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Zbl 0922.76035