Trends in nonlinear analysis. On the occasion of the 60th birthday of Willi Jäger. (English) Zbl 1001.00073

Berlin: Springer. xv, 419 p. EUR 79.95/net; sFr. 133.00; £56.00; $ 89.95 (2003).

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Indexed articles:
Kirkilionis, Markus; Krömker, Susanne; Rannacher, Rolf; Tomi, Friedrich, Interview with Willi Jäger., 1-21 [Zbl 1141.01300]
Fiedler, Bernold; Scheel, Arnd, Spatio-temporal dynamics of reaction-diffusion patterns, 23-152, 411-417 [Zbl 1082.37004]
Fife, Paul, Some nonclassical trends in parabolic and parabolic-like evolutions, 153-191 [Zbl 1072.35005]
Oliker, Vladimir, Mathematical aspects of design of beam shaping surfaces in geometrical optics, 193-224 [Zbl 1062.78002]
Mikelić, Andro, Recent developments in multiscale problems coming from fluid mechanics, 225-267 [Zbl 1205.76256]
Deuflhard, Peter, From molecular dynamics to conformation dynamics in drug design, 269-287 [Zbl 1132.92304]
Kröner, Dietmar; Küther, Marc; Ohlberger, Mario; Rohde, Christian, A posteriori error estimates and adaptive methods for hyperbolic and convection dominated parabolic conservation laws, 289-306 [Zbl 1076.35072]
Mikula, Karol; Preußer, Tobias; Rumpf, Martin; Sgallari, Fiorella, On anisotropic geometric diffusion in 3D image processing and image sequence analysis, 307-321, 418-419 [Zbl 1061.65096]
Diekmann, Odo; Kirkilionis, Markus, Population dynamics: a mathematical bird’s eye view, 323-340 [Zbl 1056.92055]
Hoppensteadt, Frank; Waltman, Paul, Did something change? Thresholds in population models, 341-374 [Zbl 1056.92058]
Conti, Sergio; DeSimone, Antonio; Dolzmann, Georg; Müller, Stefan; Otto, Felix, Multiscale modeling of materials – the role of analysis, 375-408 [Zbl 1065.74056]


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Jäger, Willi