On certain classes of Galois extensions of rings. (English) Zbl 1005.16025

The aim of this paper is to investigate relations between the following classes of Galois extensions of noncommutative rings: centrally projective Galois extensions, faithfully Galois extensions, and \(H\)-separable Galois extensions. It is shown that the intersection of the class of centrally projective Galois extensions and the class of faithfully Galois extensions is precisely the class Azumaya Galois extensions.
Reviewer: Toma Albu (Ankara)


16S35 Twisted and skew group rings, crossed products
16W20 Automorphisms and endomorphisms
16H05 Separable algebras (e.g., quaternion algebras, Azumaya algebras, etc.)
16W22 Actions of groups and semigroups; invariant theory (associative rings and algebras)
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