Algebraic geometry 2000, Azumino. Proceedings of the symposium, Nagano, Japan, July 20–30, 2000. (English) Zbl 1007.00031

Advanced Studies in Pure Mathematics. 36. Tokyo: Mathematical Society of Japan. 442 p. (2002).

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Indexed articles:
Ashikaga, Tadashi; Konno, Kazuhiro, Global and local properties of pencils of algebraic curves., 1-49 [Zbl 1088.14010]
Breuil, Christophe, Integral \(p\)-adic Hodge theory., 51-80 [Zbl 1046.11085]
Mochizuki, Shinichi, A survey of the Hodge-Arakelov theory of elliptic curves. II., 81-114 [Zbl 1056.14032]
Saito, Morihiko, Refined cycle maps., 115-143 [Zbl 1060.14014]
Fujiwara, Kazuhiro, Independence of \(\ell\) for intersection cohomology (after Gabber)., 145-151 [Zbl 1057.14029]
Fujiwara, Kazuhiro, A proof of the absolute purity conjecture (after Gabber)., 153-183 [Zbl 1059.14026]
Heckman, Gert; Looijenga, Eduard, The moduli space of rational elliptic surfaces., 185-248 [Zbl 1063.14044]
Illusie, Luc, About the Picard-Lefschetz formula, 249-268 [Zbl 1061.14011]
Kato, Kazuya; Matsubara, Toshiharu; Nakayama, Chikara, Log \(C^\infty\)-functions and degenerations of Hodge structures., 269-320 [Zbl 1047.14005]
Kato, Kazuya; Usui, Sampei, Borel-Serre spaces and spaces of SL(2)-orbits., 321-382 [Zbl 1071.14014]
Kondō, Shigeyuki, The moduli space of curves of genus 4 and Deligne-Mostow’s complex reflection groups., 383-400 [Zbl 1043.14005]
Saito, Shuji, Infinitesimal logarithmic Torelli problem for degenerating hypersurfaces in \(\mathbb{P}^n\). Appendix by Atsushi Ikeda., 401-434; appendix 435-442 [Zbl 1063.14011]


00B25 Proceedings of conferences of miscellaneous specific interest
14-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to algebraic geometry