Proceedings of the 4th international conference on geometry, integrability and quantization, Sts. Constantine and Elena (near Varna), Bulgaria, June 6–15, 2002. (English) Zbl 1008.00022

Geometry, Integrability and Quantization. Sofia: Coral Press Scientific Publishing (ISBN 954-90618-4-1/pbk). 344 p. (2003).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference (3, 2001) has been reviewed (see Zbl 0980.00035).
Indexed articles:
Hirshfeld, Allen C., Deformation quantization in quantum mechanics and quantum field theory, 11-41 [Zbl 1039.53104]
Holzapfel, Rolf-Peter, Enumerative geometry for complex geodesics on quasi-hyperbolic 4-spaces with cusps, 42-87 [Zbl 1053.14060]
Naber, Gregory L., Equivariant localization and stationary phase, 88-124 [Zbl 1033.57016]
Altay, Sezgin; Özen, Füsun, Nets of asymptotic lines in a Riemannian hypersurface with non-symmetric metric connection, 127-134 [Zbl 1034.53017]
Bucker, Beatrice, Modern approaches to the quantization of gauge theories, 135-152 [Zbl 1040.81089]
Cherbal, Omar; Maamache, Mustapha; Drir, Mahrez, Nonadiabatic Hannay’s angle of spin one half in Grassmannian version and invariant angle coherent states, 153-160 [Zbl 1058.81028]
Cristea, Valentin, Necessary conditions for a superdifferentiable supercurve to be a weak minimum relative to two sub-supermanifolds, 161-167 [Zbl 1039.58006]
Gueorguiev, Vesselin, Matter, fields, and reparametrization-invariant systems, 168-177 [Zbl 1023.81035]
Juráš, Martin, Variational symmetries and Lie reduction for Frobenius systems of even rank, 178-192 [Zbl 1036.58004]
Kasparian, Azniv, Compressed product of balls and lower boundary estimates of Bergman kernels, 193-205 [Zbl 1057.32003]
Mladenov, Ivaïlo; Oprea, John, Unduloids and their closed geodesics, 206-234 [Zbl 1051.53005]
Moş, Ionel; Chirici, Silvana; Puta, Mircea, The charged heavy top and the Dirac problem, 235-238 [Zbl 1103.70303]
Özen, Füsun; Altay, Sezgin, Conformal mappings and special networks of Weyl spaces, 239-247 [Zbl 1032.53004]
Puta, Mircea; Caşu, Ioan; Cǎruntu, Mircea, The stability problem and the existence of periodic orbits in the heavy top dynamics, 248-256 [Zbl 1103.70302]
Sakane, Yusuke; Yamada, Takumi, Harmonic forms on compact symplectic 2-step nilmanifolds, 257-270 [Zbl 1033.53078]
Sato, Hajime; Ozawa, Tetsuya, Conformal Schwarzian derivatives and differential equations, 271-283 [Zbl 1043.53015]
Schmid, Rudolf, \(\mathfrak g\)-symplectic orbits and a solution of the BRST consistency condition, 284-295 [Zbl 1072.53030]
Smirnov, Sergey, Exactly solvable periodic darboux \(q\)-chains, 296-302 [Zbl 1047.37048]
Tolksdorf, Jürgen, Mass and curvature, 303-315 [Zbl 1043.53069]
Ungar, Abraham, The relativistic center of momentum, 316-325 [Zbl 1024.83002]
Vaisman, Izu, On locally Lagrangian symplectic structures, 326-329 [Zbl 1035.53111]
Yoshioka, Akira; Matsumoto, Toshio, Path integral for star exponential functions of quadratic forms, 330-340 [Zbl 1039.53105]


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Zbl 0980.00035
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