Matrices. Theory and applications. (Les matrices: théorie et pratique.) (French) Zbl 1008.15002

Masson Sciences. Mathématiques. Paris: Dunod. vii, 168 p. (2001).
English translation: Matrices. Theory and applications. New York, Springer (2002).
The author begins by providing a clean and concise introduction to the basic theory of matrices. He then goes on to give many interesting applications of matrices to different aspects of mathematics and also other areas of science and engineering. The book mixes together algebra, analysis, complexity theory and numerical analysis. As such, this book will provide many scientists, not just mathematicians, with a useful and reliable reference. It is inteded for advanced undergraduate and graduate students with either applied or theoretical goals.


15-01 Introductory exposition (textbooks, tutorial papers, etc.) pertaining to linear algebra