Stochastic processes: Modelling and simulation. (English) Zbl 1009.00011

Handbook of Statistics. 21. Amsterdam: North-Holland. xvii, 1000 p. (2003).

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Indexed articles:
Boukas, E. K.; Liu, Z. K., Modeling and numerical methods in manufacturing system using control theory, 1-49 [Zbl 1064.62574]
Cannings, C.; Penman, D. B., Models of random graphs and their applications, 51-91 [Zbl 1025.05055]
Cavanaugh, Joseph E.; Wang, Yazhen; Davis, J. Wade, Locally self-similar processes and their wavelet analysis, 93-135 [Zbl 1029.60029]
Cowan, Richard, Stochastic models for DNA replication, 137-166 [Zbl 1018.92009]
Ferreira, J. A., An empirical process with applications to testing the exponential and geometric models, 167-225 [Zbl 1016.62048]
Gani, J., Patterns in sequences of random events, 227-242 [Zbl 1023.60009]
Gautam, N., Stochastic models in telecommunications for optimal design, control and performance evaluation, 243-284 [Zbl 1065.90506]
Greenhalgh, David, Stochastic processes in epidemic modelling and simulation, 285-335 [Zbl 1017.92030]
Greenwood, Priscilla E.; Wefelmeyer, Wolfgang, Empirical estimators based on MCMC data, 337-370 [Zbl 1184.62051]
Hambly, B. M., Fractals and the modelling of self-similarity, 371-406 [Zbl 1041.60048]
Heyman, D., Numerical methods in queueing theory, 407-429 [Zbl 1032.60088]
Koutras, M. V., Applications of Markov chains to the distribution theory of runs and patterns, 431-472 [Zbl 1023.60010]
Li, Stan Z., Modelling image analysis problems using Markov random fields, 473-513 [Zbl 1024.68113]
Limnios, Nikolaos; Oprişan, Gheorghe, An introduction to semi-Markov processes with application to reliability, 515-556 [Zbl 1028.60093]
Manoharan, M.; Alamatsaz, M. H.; Shanbhag, D. N., Departures and related characteristics in queueing models, 557-572 [Zbl 1030.60086]
McKenzie, Eddie, Discrete variate time series, 573-606 [Zbl 1064.62560]
Nadarajah, Saralees, Extreme value theory, models and simulation, 607-691 [Zbl 1027.60049]
Pakes, Anthony G., Biological applications of branching processes, 693-773 [Zbl 1019.92022]
Rao, C. R.; Albassam, M.; Rao, M. B.; Shanbhag, D. N., Markov chain approaches to damage models, 775-794 [Zbl 1066.60068]
Scargle, Jeffrey D.; Babu, Gutti Jogesh, Point processes in astronomy: Exciting events in the universe, 795-825 [Zbl 1025.85003]
Rao, T. Subba; Terdik, Gy., On the theory of discrete and continuous bilinear time series models, 827-870 [Zbl 1016.62102]
Tanizaki, Hisashi, Nonlinear and non-Gaussian state-space modeling with Monte Carlo techniques: A survey and comparative study, 871-929 [Zbl 1017.62086]
Yeo, G. F.; Milne, R. K.; Madsen, B. W.; Li, Yun; Edeson, R. O., Markov modelling of burst behaviour in ion channels, 931-967 [Zbl 1064.60501]


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