Field-programmable logic and applications. Reconfigurable computing is going mainstream. 12th international conference, FPL 2002, Montpellier, France, September 2–4, 2002. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1010.68847

Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 2438. Berlin: Springer. xxii, 1187 p. (2002).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference has been reviewed (see Zbl 0972.68764).
Indexed articles:
Master, Paul, The age of adaptive computing is here, 1-3 [Zbl 1020.68797]
Hartenstein, Reiner W., Disruptive trends by data-stream-based computing, 4 [Zbl 1020.68657]
Brebner, Gordon, Multithreading for logic-centric systems, 5-14 [Zbl 1020.68558]
Sarmadi, Siavash Bayat; Miremadi, Seyed Ghassem; Asadi, Ghazanfar; Ejlali, Ali Reza, Fast prototyping with co-operation of simulation and emulation, 15-25 [Zbl 1020.68877]
Krupnova, Helena; Meurou, Veronique; Barnichon, Christophe; Serra, Carlos; Morsi, Farid, How fast is rapid FPGA-based prototyping: Lessons and challenges from the digital TV design prototyping project, 26-35 [Zbl 1020.68747]
Ho, Quoc Thai; Rigaud, Jean-Baptiste; Fesquet, Laurent; Renaudin, Marc; Rolland, Robin, Implementing asynchronous circuits on LUT based FPGAs, 36-46 [Zbl 1020.68671]
Di Martino, Beniamino; Mazzocca, Nicola; Saggese, Giacinto Paolo; Strollo, Antonio G. M., A technique for FPGA synthesis driven by automatic source code analysis and transformations, 47-58 [Zbl 1020.68610]
Compton, Katherine; Sharma, Akshay; Phillips, Shawn; Hauck, Scott, Flexible routing architecture generation for domain-specific reconfigurable subsystems, 59-68 [Zbl 1020.68597]
Khan, Jawad; Handa, Manish; Vemuri, Ranga, iPACE-V1: A portable adaptive computing engine for real time applications, 69-78 [Zbl 1020.68713]
Sima, Mihai; Vassiliadis, Stamatis; Cotofana, Sorin; van Eijndhoven, Jos T. J.; Vissers, Kees, Field-programmable custom computing machines — A taxonomy, 79-88 [Zbl 1020.68892]
Leijten-Nowak, Katarzyna; van Meerbergen, Jef L., Embedded reconfigurable logic core for DSP applications, 89-101 [Zbl 1020.68760]
Cardells-Tormo, Francisco; Valls-Coquillat, Javier; Almenar-Terre, Vicenc; Torres-Carot, Vicente, Efficient FPGA-based QPSK demodulation loops: Application to the DVB standard, 102-111 [Zbl 1020.68571]
Dick, Chris; Harris, Fred, FPGA QAM demodulator design, 112-121 [Zbl 1020.68611]
Lemieux, Guy G.; Lewis, David M., Analytical framework for switch block design, 122-131 [Zbl 1020.68762]
Koorapaty, Aneesh; Pileggi, Lawrence, Modular, fabric-specific synthesis for programmable architectures, 132-141 [Zbl 1020.68737]
Fan, Hongbing; Liu, Jiping; Wu, Yu-Liang; Cheung, Chak-Chung, On optimum designs of universal switch blocks, 142-151 [Zbl 1020.68622]
Robertson, Ian; Irvine, James; Lysaght, Patrick; Robinson, David, Improved functional simulation of dynamically reconfigurable logic, 152-161 [Zbl 1020.68863]
Lopez-Buedo, S.; Riviere, P.; Pernas, P.; Boemo, E., Run-time reconfiguration to check temperature in custom computers: An application of JBits technology, 162-170 [Zbl 1020.68779]
Smit, Gerard J. M.; Havinga, Paul J. M.; Smit, Lodewijk T.; Heysters, Paul M.; Rosien, Michel A. J., Dynamic reconfiguration in mobile systems, 171-181 [Zbl 1020.68894]
Horta, Edson L.; Lockwood, John W.; Kofuji, Sérgio T., Using PARBIT to implement partial run-time reconfigurable systems, 182-191 [Zbl 1020.68673]
Turner, R. H.; Woods, R.; Courtney, T., Multiplier-less realization of a poly-phase filter using lUT-based FPGAs, 192-201 [Zbl 1020.68923]
Melnikoff, Stephen J.; Quigley, Steven F.; Russell, Martin J., Speech recognition on an FPGA using discrete and continuous hidden Markov models, 202-211 [Zbl 1020.68807]
Jamin, Antony; Mähönen, Petri, FPGA implementation of the wavelet packet transform for high speed communications, 212-221 [Zbl 1020.68687]
Carreira, A.; Fox, T. W.; Turner, L. E., A method for implementing bit-serial finite impulse response digital filters in FPGAs using JBits, 222-231 [Zbl 1020.68576]
Manohararajah, Valavan; Borer, Terry; Brown, Stephen D.; Vranesic, Zvonko, Automatic partitioning for improved placement and routing in complex programmable logic devices, 232-241 [Zbl 1020.68791]
Kannan, Parivallal; Balachandran, Shankar; Bhatia, Dinesh, Rapid and reliable routability estimation for FPGAs, 242-252 [Zbl 1020.68702]
Danek, Martin; Muzikár, Zdenek, Integrated iterative approach to FPGA placement, 253-262 [Zbl 1020.68601]
Cabral, Lucídio A. F.; Aude, Júlio S.; Maculan, Nelson, TDR: A distributed-memory parallel routing algorithm for FPGAs, 263-270 [Zbl 1020.68564]
Kielbik, Rafal; Moreno, Juan Manuel; Napieralski, Andrzej; Jablonski, Grzegorz; Szymanski, Tomasz, High-level partitioning of digital systems based on dynamically reconfigurable devices, 271-280 [Zbl 1020.68716]
Yamaguchi, Yoshiki; Miyajima, Yosuke; Maruyama, Tsutomu; Konagaya, Akihiko, High speed homology search using run-time reconfiguration, 281-291 [Zbl 1020.68955]
Dyer, Matthias; Plessl, Christian; Platzner, Marco, Partially reconfigurable cores for Xilinx Virtex, 292-301 [Zbl 1020.68618]
Gericota, Manuel G.; Alves, Gustavo R.; Silva, Miguel L.; Ferreira, José M., On-line defragmentation for run-time partially reconfigurable FPGAs, 302-311 [Zbl 1020.68643]
Poon, Kara K. W.; Yan, Andy; Wilton, Steven J. E., A flexible power model for FPGAs, 312-321 [Zbl 1020.68845]
Cadenas, Oswaldo; Megson, Graham, A clocking technique with power savings in Virtex-based pipelined designs, 322-331 [Zbl 1020.68565]
Martina, Maurizio; Masera, Guido; Piccinini, Gianluca; Vacca, Fabrizio; Zamboni, Maurizio, Energy evaluation on a reconfigurable, multimedia-oriented wireless sensor, 332-339 [Zbl 1020.68795]
Todorovich, E.; Gilabert, M.; Sutter, G.; Lopez-Buedo, S.; Boemo, E., A tool for activity estimation in FPGAs, 340-349 [Zbl 1020.68917]
Sutter, Gustavo; Todorovich, Elias; Lopez-Buedo, Sergio; Boemo, Eduardo, FSM decomposition for low power in FPGA, 350-359 [Zbl 1020.68909]
Nam, Gi-Joon; Sakallah, Karem; Rutenbar, Rob, Hybrid routing for FPGAs by integrating Boolean satisfiability with geometric search, 360-369 [Zbl 1020.68824]
Benkrid, K.; Crookes, D.; Benkrid, A.; Belkacemi, S., A Prolog-based hardware development environment, 370-380 [Zbl 1020.68544]
Ho, C. H.; Leong, P. H. W.; Tsoi, K. H.; Ludewig, R.; Zipf, P.; Ortiz, A. G.; Glesner, M., Fly – a modifiable hardware compiler, 381-390 [Zbl 1020.68670]
Bolsens, Ivo, Challenges and opportunities for FPGA platforms, 391-392 [Zbl 1020.68552]
Kirimura, Masayuki; Takamoto, Yoshifumi; Mori, Takanori; Yasumoto, Keiichi; Nakata, Akio; Higashino, Teruo, Design and implementation of FPGA circuits for high speed network monitors, 393-403 [Zbl 1020.68724]
Gokhale, Maya; Dubois, Dave; Dubois, Andy; Boorman, Mike; Poole, Steve; Hogsett, Vic, Granidt: Towards gigabit rate network intrusion detection technology, 404-413 [Zbl 1020.68646]
Zhou, Kuan; Channakeshav; Guo, Jong-Ru; You, Chao; Goda, Bryan S.; Kraft, Russell P.; McDonald, John F., Fast SiGe HBT BiCMOS FPGAs with new architecture and power saving techniques, 414-423 [Zbl 1020.68972]
Hall, Tyson S.; Hasler, Paul; Anderson, David V., Field-programmable analog arrays: A floating-gate approach, 424-433 [Zbl 1020.68654]
Tanigawa, Kazuya; Hironaka, Tetsuo; Kojima, Akira; Yoshida, Noriyoshi, A generalized execution model for programming on reconfigurable architectures and an architecture supporting the model, 434-443 [Zbl 1020.68911]
Pionteck, T.; Zipf, P.; Kabulepa, L. D.; Glesner, M., A framework for teaching (re)configurable architectures in student projects, 444-451 [Zbl 1020.68843]
Cho, Young H.; Navab, Shiva; Mangione-Smith, William H., Specialized hardware for deep network packet filtering, 452-461 [Zbl 1020.68591]
Buerner, Thomas, Implementation of a successive erasure BCH (16,7,6) decoder and performance simulation by rapid prototyping, 462-471 [Zbl 1020.68563]
Ramírez, J.; García, A.; Meyer-Baese, U.; Lloris, A., Fast RNS FPL-based communications receiver design and implementation, 472-481 [Zbl 1020.68856]
Haynes, Simon D.; Epsom, Henry G.; Cooper, Richard J.; McAlpine, Paul L., UltraSONIC: A reconfigurable architecture for video image processing, 482-491 [Zbl 1020.68660]
Fox, Trevor W.; Turner, Laurence E., Implementing the discrete cosine transform using the Xilinx Virtex FPGA, 492-502 [Zbl 1020.68633]
Staller, Alexander; Dillinger, Peter; Männer, Reinhard, Implementation of the JPEG 2000 standard on a Virtex 1000 FPGA, 503-512 [Zbl 1020.68904]
Beuchat, Jean-Luc; Tisserand, Arnaud, Small multiplier-based multiplication and division operators for Virtex-II devices, 513-522 [Zbl 1020.68547]
Gaffar, Altaf Abdul; Luk, Wayne; Cheung, Peter Y. K.; Shirazi, Nabeel; Hwang, James, Automating customisation of floating-point designs, 523-533 [Zbl 1020.68639]
Jang, Ju-wook; Choi, Seonil; Prasanna, Viktor K., Energy-efficient matrix multiplication on FPGAs, 534-544 [Zbl 1020.68689]
Seng, Shay; Luk, Wayne; Cheung, Peter Y. K., Run-time adaptive flexible instruction processors, 545-555 [Zbl 1020.68885]
de Sousa, José T.; Gonçalves, Fernando M.; Barreiro, Nuno; Moura, João, DARP – a digital audio reconfigurable processor, 556-566 [Zbl 1020.68605]
Charlwood, Stephen; Mangnall, Jonathan; Quigley, Steven, System-level modelling for performance estimation of reconfigurable coprocessors, 567-576 [Zbl 1020.68582]
Ting, Kurt K.; Yuen, Steve C. L.; Lee, K. H.; Leong, Philip H. W., An FPGA based SHA-256 processor, 577-585 [Zbl 1020.68914]
Zipf, P.; Glesner, M.; Bauer, C.; Wojtkowiak, H., Handling FPGA faults and configuration sequencing using a hardware extension, 586-595 [Zbl 1020.68974]
Krasniewski, Andrzej, On the set of target path delay faults in sequential subcircuits of lUT-based FPGAs, 596-606 [Zbl 1020.68744]
Rebaudengo, M.; Reorda, M. Sonza; Violante, M., Simulation-based analysis of SEU effects on SRAM-based FPGAs, 607-615 [Zbl 1020.68858]
Krasniewski, Andrzej, Exploiting reconfigurability for effective testing of delay faults in sequential subcircuits of lUT-based FPGAs, 616-626 [Zbl 1020.68743]
Matoušek, Rudolf; Tichý, Milan; Pohl, Zdeněk; Kadlec, Jiří; Softley, Chris; Coleman, Nick, Logarithmic number system and floating-point arithmetics on FPGA, 627-636 [Zbl 1020.68798]
Roesler, Eric; Nelson, Brent, Novel optimizations for hardware floating-point units in a modern FPGA architecture, 637-646 [Zbl 1020.68864]
Chiricescu, Silviu; Schuette, Michael; Glinton, Robin; Schmit, Herman, Morphable multipliers, 647-656 [Zbl 1020.68589]
Belanović, Pavle; Leeser, Miriam, A library of parameterized floating-point modules and their use, 657-666 [Zbl 1020.68542]
Stansfield, Tony, Wordlength as an architectural parameter for reconfigurable computing devices, 667-676 [Zbl 1020.68905]
Baleani, Massimo; Conti, Massimo; Ferrari, Alberto; Frascolla, Valerio; Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, Alberto, An enhanced POLIS framework for fast exploration and implementation of I/O subsystems on CSoC platforms, 677-686 [Zbl 1020.68539]
Wigley, Grant B.; Kearney, David A.; Warren, David, Introducing ReConfigME: An operating system for reconfigurable computing, 687-697 [Zbl 1020.68943]
Sidhu, Reetinder; Prasanna, Viktor K., Efficient metacomputation using self-reconfiguration, 698-709 [Zbl 1020.68891]
Arias-Estrada, Miguel; Rodríguez-Palacios, Eduardo, An FPGA co-processor for real-time visual tracking, 710-719 [Zbl 1020.68531]
Fischer, Viktor; Drutarovský, Miloš; Lukac, Rastislav, Implementation of 3-D adaptive LUM smoother in reconfigurable hardware, 720-729 [Zbl 1020.68630]
Amira, A.; Bouridane, A.; Milligan, P.; Bensaali, F., Custom coprocessor based matrix algorithms for image and signal processing, 730-739 [Zbl 1020.68526]
Aranki, Nazeeh; Moopenn, Alex; Tawel, Raoul, Parallel FPGA implementation of the split and merge discrete wavelet transform, 740-749 [Zbl 1020.68530]
Kerins, Tim; Popovici, Emanuel; Marnane, William; Fitzpatrick, Patrick, Fully parameterizable elliptic curve cryptography processor over GF(2), 750-759 [Zbl 1020.68712]
Hämäläinen, Antti; Tommiska, Matti; Skyttä, Jorma, 6. 78 gigabits per second implementation of the IDEA cryptographic algorithm, 760-769 [Zbl 1020.68653]
Moreira, Emmanuel A.; McAlpine, Paul L.; Haynes, Simon D., Rijndael cryptographic engine on the ultraSONIC reconfigurable platform, 770-779 [Zbl 1020.68822]
Quisquater, Jean-Jacques; Standaert, Francois-Xavier; Rouvroy, Gael; David, Jean-Pierre; Legat, Jean-Didier, A cryptanalytic time-memory tradeoff: First FPGA implementation, 780-789 [Zbl 1020.68853]
Lauwereins, Rudy, Creating a world of smart re-configurable devices, 790-794 [Zbl 1020.68756]
Marescaux, Théodore; Bartic, Andrei; Verkest, Dideriek; Vernalde, Serge; Lauwereins, Rudy, Interconnection networks enable fine-grain dynamic multi-tasking on FPGAs, 795-805 [Zbl 1020.68793]
Landaker, Wesley J.; Wirthlin, Michael J.; Hutchings, Brad L., Multitasking hardware on the SLAAC1-V reconfigurable computing system, 806-815 [Zbl 1020.68754]
Valtonen, Tuomas; Isoaho, Jouni; Tenhunen, Hannu, The case for fine-grained re-configurable architectures: An analysis of conceived performance, 816-825 [Zbl 1020.68926]
Kokosinski, Zbigniew; Sikora, Wojciech, An FPGA implementation of a multi-comparand multi-search associative processor, 826-835 [Zbl 1020.68735]
Labbé, Anna; Pérez, Annie, AES implementation on FPGA: Time-flexibility tradeoff, 836-844 [Zbl 1020.68750]
Koeune, Francois; Rouvroy, Gael; Standaert, Francois-Xavier; Quisquater, Jean-Jacques; David, Jean-Pierre; Legat, Jean-Didier, An FPGA implementation of the linear cryptanalysis, 845-852 [Zbl 1020.68734]
Budiu, Mihai; Goldstein, Seth Copen, Compiling application-specific hardware, 853-863 [Zbl 1020.68562]
Cardoso, João M. P.; Weinhardt, Markus, XPP-VC: A C compiler with temporal partitioning for the PACT-XPP architecture, 864-874 [Zbl 1020.68573]
Tripp, Justin L.; Jackson, Preston A.; Hutchings, Brad L., Sea Cucumber: A synthesizing compiler for FPGAs, 875-885 [Zbl 1020.68920]
Carletta, J. E.; Rayman, M. D., Practical considerations in the synthesis of high performance digital filters for implementation on FPGAs, 886-896 [Zbl 1020.68574]
Meyer-Baese, U.; Ramírez, J.; García, A., Low power high speed algebraic integer frequency sampling filters using FPLDs, 897-904 [Zbl 1020.68810]
Cardells-Tormo, Francisco; Valls-Coquillat, Javier, High performance quadrature digital mixers for FPGAs, 905-914 [Zbl 1020.68572]
Mencer, Oskar; Huang, Zhining; Huelsbergen, Lorenz, HAGAR: Efficient multi-context graph processors, 915-924 [Zbl 1020.68808]
Carrión Schäfer, Benjamin; Quigley, S. F.; Chan, A. H. C., Scalable implementation of the discrete element method on a reconfigurable computing platform, 925-934 [Zbl 1020.68577]
Lam, Kai-Pui; Mak, Sui-Tung, On computing transitive-closure equivalence sets using a hybrid GA-DP approach, 935-944 [Zbl 1020.68753]
Salcic, Zoran; Roop, Partha; Biglari-Abhari, Morteza; Bigdeli, Abbas, REFLIX: A processor core for reactive embedded applications, 945-954 [Zbl 1020.68873]
Venkataramani, Girish; Sudhir, Suraj; Budiu, Mihai; Goldstein, Seth Copen, Factors influencing the performance of a CPU-RFU hybrid architecture, 955-965 [Zbl 1020.68929]
Sanz, A.; García-Nicolás, J. I.; Urriza, I., Implementing converters in FPLD, 966-975 [Zbl 1020.68876]
Benitez, Domingo, A quantitative understanding of the performance of reconfigurable coprocessors, 976-986 [Zbl 1020.68543]
Buchenrieder, Klaus; Nageldinger, Ulrich; Pyttel, Andreas; Sedlmeier, Alexander, Integration of reconfigurable hardware into system level design, 987-996 [Zbl 1020.68561]
Wolz, Frank; Kolla, Reiner, A retargetable macro generation method for the evaluation of repetitive configurable architectures, 997-1006 [Zbl 1020.68947]
Ramaswamy, Ramaswamy; Tessier, Russell, The integration of SystemC and hardware-assisted verification, 1007-1016 [Zbl 1020.68855]
Kaviani, Alireza S., Using design hierarchy to improve quality of results in FPGAs, 1017-1026 [Zbl 1020.68709]
Koutroumpezis, G.; Tatas, K.; Soudris, D.; Blionas, S.; Masselos, K.; Thanailakis, A., Architecture design of a reconfigurable multiplier for flexible coarse-grain implementations, 1027-1036 [Zbl 1020.68740]
Kaneko, Naoto; Amano, Hideharu, A general hardware design model for multicontext FPGAs, 1037-1047 [Zbl 1020.68701]
Porrmann, Mario; Witkowski, Ulf; Kalte, Heiko; Rückert, Ulrich, Dynamically reconfigurable hardware – A new perspective for neural network implementations, 1048-1057 [Zbl 1020.68847]
David, Raphael; Chillet, Daniel; Pillement, Sebastien; Sentieys, Olivier, A compilation framework for a dynamically reconfigurable architecture, 1058-1067 [Zbl 1020.68604]
Ichikawa, Shuichi; Yamamoto, Shoji, Data dependent circuit for subgraph isomorphism problem, 1068-1071 [Zbl 1020.68683]
Schmidt, Jan; Novotný, Martin; Jäger, Martin; Bečvář, Miloš; Jáchim, Michal, Exploration of design space in ECDSA, 1072-1075 [Zbl 1020.68881]
Damaj, Issam; Majzoub, Suhaib; Diab, Hassan, 2D and 3D computer graphics algorithms under MORPHOSYS, 1076-1079 [Zbl 1020.68600]
Blionas, S.; Masselos, K.; Dre, C.; Drosos, C.; Ieromnimon, F.; Pagonis, T.; Pneymatikakis, A.; Tatsaki, A.; Trimis, T.; Vontzalidis, A.; Metafas, D., A HIPERLAN/2 – IEEE 802. 11a reconfigurable system-on-chip, 1080-1083 [Zbl 1020.68550]
McBader, Stephanie; Clementel, Luca; Sartori, Alvise; Boni, Andrea; Lee, Peter, SoftTOTEM: An FPGA implementation of the TOTEM parallel processor, 1084-1087 [Zbl 1020.68802]
Yokota, Takashi; Nagafuchi, Masamichi; Mekada, Yoshito; Yoshinaga, Tsutomu; Ootsu, Kanemitsu; Baba, Takanobu, Real-time medical diagnosis on a multiple FPGA-based system, 1088-1091 [Zbl 1020.68960]
Aoyama, Kazuo; Sawada, Hiroshi, Threshold element-based symmetric function generators and their functional extension, 1092-1096 [Zbl 1020.68529]
Schlecker, Wolfgang; Engelhart, Achim; Teich, Werner G.; Pfleiderer, Hans-Jörg, Hardware implementation of a multiuser detection scheme based on recurrent neural networks, 1097-1100 [Zbl 1020.68879]
Hwang, James; Ballagh, Jonathan, Building custom FIR filters using system generator, 1101-1104 [Zbl 1020.68682]
Feske, Klaus; Heinrich, Georg; Fritzsche, Berndt; Langer, Mark, SoC based low cost design of digital audio broadcasting transport network applications, 1105-1109 [Zbl 1020.68629]
Jamro, Ernest; Wiatr, Kazimierz, Dynamic constant coefficient convolvers implemented in FPGAs, 1110-1113 [Zbl 1020.68688]
Kanus, Urs; Wetekam, Gregor; Hirche, Johannes; Meißner, Michael, VIZARD II: An FPGA-based interactive volume rendering system, 1114-1117 [Zbl 1020.68703]
Izu, Naoyuki; Yokoyama, Tomonori; Tsuchiya, Junichiro; Watanabe, Konosuke; Amano, Hideharu, RHiNET/NI: A reconfigurable network interface for cluster computing, 1118-1121 [Zbl 1020.68685]
Miletic, Filip; van Leuken, Rene; de Graaf, Alexander, General purpose prototyping platform for data-processor research and development, 1122-1125 [Zbl 1020.68811]
Kobori, Tomoyoshi; Maruyama, Tsutomu, High speed computation of three dimensional cellular automata with FPGA, 1126-1130 [Zbl 1020.68732]
Poussier, Sylvain; Rabah, Hassan; Weber, Serge, SOPC-based embedded smart strain gage sensor, 1131-1134 [Zbl 1020.68849]
Ha, Yajun; Hipik, Radovan; Vernalde, Serge; Verkest, Diederik; Engels, Marc; Lauwereins, Rudy; De Man, Hugo, Adding hardware support to the HotSpot virtual machine for domain specific applications, 1135-1138 [Zbl 1020.68652]
Gaudino, Roberto; De Feo, Vito; Chiaberge, M.; Sansoè, C., An FPGA-based node controller for a high capacity WDM optical packet network, 1139-1143 [Zbl 1020.68642]
Calmon, F.; Fathallah, M.; Viverge, P. J.; Gontrand, C.; Carrabina, J.; Foussier, P., FPGA and mixed FPGA-DSP implementations of electrical drive algorithms, 1144-1147 [Zbl 1020.68567]
Melis, Wim J. C.; Cheung, Peter Y. K.; Luk, Wayne, Image registration of real-time broadcast video using the UltraSONIC reconfigurable computer, 1148-1151 [Zbl 1020.68804]
Carline, Dylan; Coulton, Paul, A novel watermarking technique for LUT based FPGA designs, 1152-1155 [Zbl 1020.68575]
Henz, Martin; Tan, Edgar; Yap, Roland H. C., Implementing CSAT local search on FPGAs, 1156-1159 [Zbl 1020.68665]
Niyonkuru, Adronis; Eggers, Göran; Zeidler, Hans Christoph, A reconfigurable processor architecture, 1160-1163 [Zbl 1020.68831]
Friebe, Sebastian; Köhler, Steffen; Spallek, Rainer G.; Juhr, Henrik; Künanz, Klaus, A reconfigurable system-on-chip-based fast EDM process monitor, 1164-1167 [Zbl 1020.68635]
Guccione, Steven A.; Keller, Eric, Gene matching using JBits, 1168-1171 [Zbl 1020.68649]
Saab, Daniel G.; Kocan, Fatih; Abraham, Jacob A., Massively parallel/reconfigurable emulation model for the \(d\)-algorithm, 1172-1176 [Zbl 1020.68871]
Miyashita, Akira; Fujiwara, Toshihito; Maruyama, Tsutomu, A placement/routing approach for FPGA accelerators, 1177-181 [Zbl 1020.68815]


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