Function spaces, differential operators and nonlinear analysis. The Hans Triebel anniversary volume. Based on the lectures given at the international conference on function spaces, differential operators and nonlinear analysis, FSDONA-01, Teistungen, Germany, June 28–July 4, 2001, in honor of the 65th birthday of H. J. Triebel. (English) Zbl 1011.00045

Basel: Birkhäuser. xii, 474 p. (2003).

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Indexed articles:
Besov, Oleg; Kalyabin, Gennadiy, Spaces of differentiable functions., 3-21 [Zbl 1039.46028]
Edmunds, David E., Entropy, embeddings and equations., 23-43 [Zbl 1039.47012]
Alves, Claudianor O.; de Figueiredo, Djairo G., Nonvariational elliptic systems via Galerkin methods., 47-57 [Zbl 1109.35040]
Bourdaud, Gérard, Superposition operators in Zygmund and BMO spaces., 59-74 [Zbl 1048.47046]
Kozlov, Vladimir; Maz’ya, Vladimir, Asymptotics of a singular solution to the Dirichlet problem for an elliptic equation with discontinuous coefficients near the boundary., 75-115 [Zbl 1067.35025]
Miyachi, Akihiko, Weighted Hardy spaces on a domain and its application., 117-140 [Zbl 1041.46018]
Pohozaev, Stanislav, The general blowup for nonlinear PDE’s., 141-159 [Zbl 1064.35219]
Solomyak, Michael, Laplace and Schrödinger operators on regular metric trees: The discrete spectrum case., 161-181 [Zbl 1079.34065]
Uhlmann, Gunther, Inverse boundary problems in two dimensions., 183-203 [Zbl 1054.35140]
Borovikova, Marina; Landes, Rüdiger, On the regularity of weak solutions of elliptic systems in Banach spaces., 207-217 [Zbl 1071.35030]
Bricchi, Michele, Complements and results on \(h\)-sets., 219-229 [Zbl 1040.28009]
Burenkov, Viktor I., Lifting properties of Sobolev spaces., 231-236 [Zbl 1037.46028]
Caetano, António M.; Haroske, Dorothee D., Sharp estimates of approximation numbers via growth envelopes., 237-244 [Zbl 1056.47016]
Cianchi, Andrea, Sharp summability of functions from Orlicz-Sobolev spaces., 245-254 [Zbl 1041.46024]
Dachkovski, Serguei, Regularity problems for some semi-linear problems., 255-266 [Zbl 1036.35060]
Dahlke, Stephan, Besov regularity for the Neumann problem., 267-277 [Zbl 1109.35023]
Dispa, Sophie, Intrinsic descriptions using means of differences for Besov spaces on Lipschitz domains., 279-287 [Zbl 1044.46028]
Drábek, Pavel, Landesman-Lazer type like results for the \(p\)-Laplacian., 289-295 [Zbl 1055.35047]
Evans, W. D., On the Sobolev, Hardy and CLR inequalities associated with Schrödinger operators., 297-304 [Zbl 1048.35015]
Gao, Ji, Mazur distance and normal structure in Banach spaces., 305-316 [Zbl 1045.46007]
Guliev, Vagif S., Some inequalities for integral operators, associated with the Bessel differential operator., 317-328 [Zbl 1054.47022]
Gyllenberg, Mats; Osipov, Andrei; Päivärinta, Lassi, On determining individual behaviour from population data., 329-339 [Zbl 1054.35129]
Il’yasov, Yavdat; Runst, Thomas, Nonlocal investigations of inhomogeneous indefinite elliptic equations via variational methods., 341-352 [Zbl 1109.35032]
Johnsen, Jon, Regularity results and parametrices of semi-linear boundary problems of product type., 353-360 [Zbl 1073.35049]
Labutin, Denis A., Potential estimates for large solutions of semilinear elliptic equations., 361-370 [Zbl 1072.35070]
Malý, Jan, Coarea properties of Sobolev functions., 371-381 [Zbl 1036.46025]
Méndez, Osvaldo; Mitrea, Marius, Banach envelopes of the Besov and Triebel-Lizorkin spaces and applications to PDE’s., 383-391 [Zbl 1041.46025]
Molinet, Luc; Ribaud, Francis; Youssfi, Abdellah, On the flow map for a class of parabolic equations., 393-401 [Zbl 1038.35026]
Opěla, David, Spaces of functions with bounded and vanishing mean oscillation., 403-413 [Zbl 1042.46014]
Opic, Bohumír, On equivalent quasi-norms on Lorentz spaces., 415-426 [Zbl 1036.46022]
Pustylnik, Evgeniy, Concave functions of second order elliptic operators, kernel estimates and applications., 427-437 [Zbl 1065.35106]
Simon, László, On approximation of solutions of parabolic functional differential equations in unbounded domains., 439-451 [Zbl 1036.35153]
Skrzypczak, Leszek, Function spaces in presence of symmetries: compactness of embeddings, regularity and decay of functions., 453-466 [Zbl 1036.46029]


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