Discrete and computational geometry. The Goodman-Pollack Festschrift. (English) Zbl 1014.00040

Algorithms and Combinatorics. 25. Berlin: Springer. xii, 853 p. (2003).

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Indexed articles:
Agarwal, Pankaj K.; Aronov, Boris; Sharir, Micha, On the complexity of many faces in arrangements of pseudo-segments and circles, 1-24 [Zbl 1077.52515]
Ahmed, Maya; De Loera, Jesús; Hemmecke, Raymond, Polyhedral cones of magic cubes and squares, 25-41 [Zbl 1077.52506]
Akiyama, Jin; Nakamura, Gisaku, Congruent Dudeney dissections of triangles and convex quadrilaterals – all hinge points interior to the sides of the polygons, 43-63 [Zbl 1077.52501]
Alt, Helmut; Braß, Peter; Godau, Michael; Knauer, Christian; Wenk, Carola, Computing the Hausdorff distance of geometric patterns and shapes, 65-76 [Zbl 1104.68792]
Angelier, Pierre; Pocchiola, Michel, A sum of squares theorem for visibility complexes and applications, 77-137 [Zbl 1104.68793]
Arkin, Esther M.; Fekete, Sándor P.; Hurtado, Ferran; Mitchell, Joseph S. B.; Noy, Marc; Sacristán, Vera; Saurabh, Sethia, On the reflexivity of point sets, 139-156 [Zbl 1077.52509]
Asinowski, A.; Holmsen, A.; Katchalski, M.; Tverberg, H., Geometric permutations of large families of translates, 157-176 [Zbl 1077.52502]
Bárány, Imre; Matoušek, Jiří, Integer points in rotating convex bodies, 177-201 [Zbl 1077.52504]
Below, Alexander; Krummeck, Vanessa; Richter-Gebert, Jürgen, Complex matroids, phirotopes and their realizations in rank 2, 203-233 [Zbl 1077.52521]
Böröczky, Károly jun.; Wintsche, Gergely, Covering the sphere by equal spherical balls, 235-251 [Zbl 1077.52513]
Borodin, Allan; Ostrovsky, Rafail; Rabani, Yuval, Lower bounds for high dimensional nearest neighbor search and related problems, 253-274 [Zbl 1104.68442]
Brass, Peter; Károlyi, Gyula; Valtr, Pavel, A Turán-type extremal theory of convex geometric graphs, 275-300 [Zbl 1074.05048]
Brieden, Andreas; Gritzmann, Peter, On the inapproximability of polynomial-programming, the geometry of stable sets, and the power of relaxation, 301-311 [Zbl 1072.90037]
Chakrabarti, Amit; Chazelle, Bernard; Gum, Benjamin; Lvov, Alexey, A lower bound on the complexity of approximate nearest-neighbor searching on the Hamming cube, 313-328 [Zbl 1104.68443]
Dey, Tamal K.; Giesen, Joachim, Detecting undersampling in surface reconstruction, 329-345 [Zbl 1104.68809]
Eckhoff, Jürgen, A survey of the Hadwiger-Debrunner \((p, q)\)-problem, 347-377 [Zbl 1084.52002]
Edelsbrunner, Herbert, Surface reconstruction by wrapping finite sets in space, 379-404 [Zbl 1104.68798]
Felsner, Stefan; Morawe, Nicole, Infeasibility of systems of halfspaces, 405-424 [Zbl 1077.52518]
Finschi, Lukas; Fukuda, Komei, Combinatorial generation of small point configurations and hyperplane arrangements, 425-440 [Zbl 1077.52519]
Gabrielov, Andrei, Relative closure and the complexity of Pfaffian elimination, 441-460 [Zbl 1094.14045]
Grünbaum, Branko, Are your polyhedra the same as my polyhedra?, 461-488 [Zbl 1080.52505]
Hales, Thomas C., Some algorithms arising in the proof of the Kepler conjecture, 489-507 [Zbl 1104.68800]
Hass, Joel; Lagarias, Jeffrey C., The minimal number of triangles needed to span a polygon embedded in \(\mathbb R^d\), 509-526 [Zbl 1103.52013]
He, W.; Prabhu, N., Jacobi decomposition and eigenvalues of symmetric matrices, 527-550 [Zbl 1104.68801]
Kaneko, Atsushi; Kano, M., Discrete geometry on red and blue points in the plane - a survey, 551-570 [Zbl 1079.52505]
Laczkovich, M., Configurations with rational angles and trigonometric Diophantine equations, 571-595 [Zbl 1081.11027]
Lemke, Paul; Skiena, Steven S.; Smith, Warren D., Reconstructing sets from interpoint distances, 597-631 [Zbl 1104.68803]
Lubachevsky, Boris D.; Graham, Ronald, Dense packings of congruent circles in rectangles with a variable aspect ratio, 633-650 [Zbl 1077.52511]
Nešetřil, Jaroslav; Ossona de Mendez, Patrice, Colorings and homomorphism of minor closed classes, 651-664 [Zbl 1071.05526]
Pach, János; Tóth, Géza, Conflict-free colorings, 665-671 [Zbl 1104.68545]
Pericleous, Savvas; Vorobjov, Nicolai, New complexity bounds for cylindrical decompositions of sub-Pfaffian sets, 673-694 [Zbl 1094.14046]
Radoičić, Radoš; Tóth, Géza, Note on the chromatic number of the space, 696-698 [Zbl 1071.05527]
Rote, Günter; Santos, Francisco; Streinu, Ileana, Expansive motions and the polytope of pointed pseudo-triangulations, 699-736 [Zbl 1077.52503]
Roy, Marie-Françoise, Some recent quantitative and algorithmic results in real algebraic geometry, 739-749 [Zbl 1081.14525]
Scholl, Peter; Schürmann, Achill; Wills, Jörg M., A discrete isoperimetric inequality and its application to sphere packings, 751-765 [Zbl 1077.52514]
Schur, Zvi; Perles, Micha A.; Martini, Horst; Kupitz, Yaakov S., On the number of maximal regular simplices determined by \(n\) points in \(\mathbb R^d\), 767-787 [Zbl 1081.52016]
Sharir, Micha; Welzl, Emo, Balanced lines, halving triangles, and the generalized lower bound theorem, 789-797 [Zbl 1077.52510]
Sloane, N. J. A.; Beferull-Lozano, B., Quantizing using lattice intersections, 799-824 [Zbl 1077.52508]
Solymosi, József, Note on a generalization of Roth’s theorem, 826-827 [Zbl 1087.11013]
Vrećica, Siniša T.; Živaljević, Rade T., Arrangements, equivariant maps and partitions of measures by k-fans, 829-848 [Zbl 1077.52520]
Zamfirescu, Tudor, Qualitative infinite version of Erdős’ problem about empty polygons, 849-853 [Zbl 1081.52017]


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