Teaching statistics. A bag of tricks. (English) Zbl 1020.97500

Oxford: Oxford University Press. xv, 299 p. (2003).
From the preface: This book is intended for teachers of college and high school statistics courses. The different chapters cover demonstrations, examples, and projects for a succession of topics in statistics and probability. (We distinguish between demonstrations, which involve active student participation, and examples, which are conducted by the instructor.) This book contains more material than could possibly be used in a single course; we suggest you read through it all and then try out some of the ideas. Pick and choose what works for you.
Part I of the book presents a large selection of activities for introductory statistics courses. Part II gives some tips on what works and what doesn’t, how to set up effective demonstrations and examples, and how to inspire students to participate in class and work effectively in homeworks, exams, and group projects. A sample course plan is presented in Chapter 12 to illustrate how to integrate these materials into a semester-long statistics course. Part III presents demonstrations, examples, and projects for some more advanced courses on topics including decision theory, Bayesian statistics, sampling, and mathematical probability and statistics.


97D40 Mathematics teaching methods and classroom techniques
62-XX Statistics