Between data science and applied data analysis. Proceedings of the 26th annual conference of the Gesellschaft für Klassifikation e. V., Mannheim, Germany, July 22–24, 2002. (English) Zbl 1023.00021

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference has been reviewed (see Zbl 1024.00034).
Indexed articles:
Atkinson, Anthony; Cerioli, Andrea; Riani, Marco, Robust classification through the forward search, 3-12 [Zbl 05280152]
Dagum, Estela Bee; Luati, Alessandra, Fitting and smoothing properties of length constrained smoothers applied to time series, 13-21 [Zbl 05280153]
Durand, Jean-François; Lombardo, Rosaria, Interaction terms in non-linear PLS via additive spline tranformation, 22-29 [Zbl 05280154]
Gardner, Sugnet; le Roux, Niël, Discriminant analysis with categorical variables: a biplot bases approach, 30-38 [Zbl 05280155]
Hader, Sören; Hamprecht, Fred A., Efficient density clustering using basin spanning trees, 39-48 [Zbl 05280156]
Ingrassia, Salvatore; Cerioli, Andrea; Corbellini, Aldo, Some issues on clustering of functional data, 49-56 [Zbl 05280157]
Littau, David; Boley, Daniel, Scalable clustering of high dimensional data, 57-64 [Zbl 05280158]
Miglio, Rossella; Soffritti, Gabriele, Methods to combine classification trees, 65-73 [Zbl 05280159]
Mucha, Hans-Joachim; Bartel, Hans-Georg; Dolata, Jens, Core-based clustering techniques, 74-82 [Zbl 05280160]
Pillati, Marilena; Calò, Daniela G.; Galimberti, Giuliano, Combining regression trees and radial basis function networks in longitudinal data modelling, 83-91 [Zbl 05280161]
Pouwels, Britta; Theis, Winfried; Röver, Christian, Implementing a new method for discriminant analysis when group covariance matrices are nearly singular, 92-99 [Zbl 05280162]
Sabatier, Robert; Vivien, Myrtille; Amenta, Pietro, Two approaches for discriminant partial least squares, 100-108 [Zbl 05280163]
Steel, Sarel; Louw, Nelmarie, Improving the classification performance of a discriminant rule by dealing with data cases having a substantial influence on variable selection, 109-117 [Zbl 05280164]
Weihs, Claus; Ligges, Uwe; Güttner, Jörg; Hasse-Becker, Petra; Berghoff, Sonja, Classification and clustering of vocal performances, 118-126 [Zbl 05280165]
Wodny, Michael; Jäger, Bernd; Biebler, Karl-Ernst, Cluster- and discriminant analysis with both metric and categorial data, 127-130 [Zbl 05280166]
Baragona, Roberto; Battaglia, Francesco, Multivariate mixture models estimation: a genetic algorithm approach, 133-142 [Zbl 05280167]
Bock, Hans-Hermann, Two-way clustering for contingency tables: maximizing a dependence measure, 143-154 [Zbl 05280168]
Bouchard, Guillaume, Localised mixtures of experts for mixture of regressions, 155-164 [Zbl 05280169]
Bozza, Silvia; O’Hagan, Anthony, A Bayesian approach for the estimation of the covariance structure of separable spatio-temporal stochastic processes, 165-172 [Zbl 05280170]
Ceulemans, Eva; van Mechelen, Iven, An algorithm for the HILCLAS-R model, 173-181 [Zbl 05280171]
Chiogna, Monica; Gaetan, Carlo, Some applications of time-varying coefficient models to count data, 182-190 [Zbl 05280172]
Critchley, Frank, On ziggurats and dendrograms, 191-200 [Zbl 05280173]
D’Ambra, Luigi; Amenta, Pietro; Lombardo, Rosaria, A dimensionality reduction method based on simple linear regressions, 201-208 [Zbl 05280174]
Etschberger, Stefan; Hilbert, Andreas, Evolutionary strategies to avoid local minima in multidimensional scaling, 209-217 [Zbl 05280175]
Giordani, Paolo, Principal component analysis of Boolean symbolic objects, 218-225 [Zbl 05280176]
Hansohm, Jürgen, Multivariate analysis for variables of arbitrary information level, 226-234 [Zbl 05280177]
Hennig, Christian, How wrong models become useful – and correct models become dangerous, 236-243 [Zbl 05280178]
Irpino, Antonio; Lauro, Carlo; Verde, Rosanna, Visualizing symbolic data by closed shapes, 244-251 [Zbl 05280179]
Iswanto, Bambang Heru; Fritzke, Bernd, LBGY-EM algorithm for mixture density estimation, 252-260 [Zbl 05280180]
Krauth, Joachim, Change-points in Bernoulli trials with dependence, 261-269 [Zbl 05280181]
Krolak-Schwerdt, Sabine, Two-mode clustering methods: compare and contrast, 270-278 [Zbl 05280182]
Kuhnt, Sonja; Becker, Claudia, Sensitivity of graphical modeling against contamination, 279-287 [Zbl 05280183]
Lauro, Carlo N.; Palumbo, Francesco; D’Enza, Alfonso Iodice, New graphical symbolic objects representations in parallel coordinates, 288-295 [Zbl 05280184]
Lombardi, Luigi; Ceulemans, Eva; van Mechelen, Iven, A hierarchical classes approach to discriminant analysis, 296-304 [Zbl 05280185]
Luebke, Karsten; Weihs, Claus, Prediction optimal data analysis by means of stochastic search, 305-312 [Zbl 05280186]
Mantovan, Pietro; Pastore, Andrea, System error variance tuning in state-space models, 313-320 [Zbl 05280187]
Monari, Paola; Montanari, Angela, Corrado Gini and multivariate statistical analysis: the (so far) missing link, 321-328 [Zbl 05280188]
Pärna, Kalev, On corresponcence analysis of incomplete orderings, 329-336 [Zbl 05280189]
Robin, Stéphane, Some statistical issues in microarray data analysis, 337-347 [Zbl 05280190]
Sołtysiak, Arkadiusz, Background of the variability in past human populations: selected methodological issues, 348-357 [Zbl 05280191]
Tonellato, Stefano F., Spatial prediction with space-time models, 358-366 [Zbl 05280192]
Aria, Massimo; Mooijaart, Ab; Siciliano, Roberta, Neural budget networks of sensorial data, 369-377 [Zbl 05280193]
Bozza, Silvia; Mantovan, Pietro; Schiavo, Rosa A., Evolutionary model selection in Bayesian neural networks, 378-386 [Zbl 05280194]
Chavez-Demoulin, V. C.; Jarvis, S. A.; Perera, R.; Roehrl, A. S. A.; Schmiedl, S. W.; Sondergaard, M. P., Extreme datamining, 387-394 [Zbl 05280195]
de Carvalho, Francisco A. T.; Bezerra, Byron L. D., Information filtering based on modal symbolic objects, 395-404 [Zbl 05280196]
Friesen, Karsten; Schmitz, Hans, Analyzing learner behavior and performance, 405-411 [Zbl 05280197]
Geyer-Schulz, Andreas; Hahsler, Michael; Neumann, Andreas; Thede, Anke, An integration strategy for distributed recommender service in legacy library systems, 412-420 [Zbl 05280198]
Geyer-Schulz, Andreas; Hahsler, Michael; Thede, Anke, Comparing simple association-rules and repeat-buying based recommender systems in a B2B environment, 421-429 [Zbl 05280199]
Göcks, Marc; Baier, Daniel, Student’s preferences related to web based e-learning: results of a survey, 430-437 [Zbl 05280200]
Hermes, Bernd; Stempfhuber, Maximilian; Demicheli, Luca; Lavalle, Carlo, MURBANDY: the (so far) missing link: user-friendly retrieval and visualization of geographic information, 438-446 [Zbl 05280201]
Hilbert, Andreas, ASCAID: using an asymmetric correlation measure for automatic interaction detection, 447-455 [Zbl 05280202]
Kaski, Samuel; Sinkkonen, Janne, Discrimitative clustering: vector quantization in learning metrics, 456-463 [Zbl 05280203]
Prudêncio, Ricardo B. C.; Ludermir, Teresa B., Neural network hybrid learning: genetic algorithms & Levenberg-Marquardt, 464-472 [Zbl 05280204]
Rapp, Reinhard, Syntagmatic and paradigmatic associations in information retrieval, 473-482 [Zbl 05280205]
St. Clair, Caroline, Finding the most useful clusters: clustering and the usefullness metric, 483-491 [Zbl 05280206]
Tamir, Raz, Internet thesaurus – extracting relevant terms from WWW pages using weighted threshold function over a cross-reference matrix, 492-500 [Zbl 05280207]
Viroli, Cinzia, Reflections on a supervised approach to independent component analysis, 501-509 [Zbl 05280208]
Yamazaki, Akio; Ludermir, Teresa B.; de Souto, Marcilio C. P., Simulated annealing and tabu search for optimization of neural networks, 510-518 [Zbl 05280209]
Bondarenko, Julia; Branger, Nicole; Esser, Angelika; Schlag, Christian, Decentralizing risk management in the case of quadratic hedging, 521-529 [Zbl 05280210]
Brusch, Michael; Baier, Daniel, Multimedia stimulus presentation methods for conjoint studies in marketing research, 530-537 [Zbl 05280211]
Hilbert, Andreas; Spatz, Alexander, Forecasting the customer development of a publishing company with decision trees, 538-545 [Zbl 05280212]
Höse, Steffi; Huschens, Stefan, Estimation of default probabilities in a single-factor model, 546-554 [Zbl 05280213]
Höse, Steffi; Huschens, Stefan, Simultaneous confidence intervals for default probabilities, 555-560 [Zbl 05280214]
Knab, Bernhard; Schliep, Alexander; Steckemetz, Barthel; Wichern, Bernd, Model-based clustering with hidden Markov models and its application to fincancial time-series data, 561-569 [Zbl 05280215]
Kossa, Wolfgang, Classification of multivariate data with missing values using expected discriminant scores, 570-577 [Zbl 05280216]
Kwiatskowska-Ciotucha, Dorota; Dziechciarz, Józef, Assessment of the polish manufacturing sector attractiveness: an end-user approach, 578-586 [Zbl 05280217]
Okada, Akinori; Imaizumi, Tadashi, Developing a layout of a supermarket through asymmetric multidimensional scaling and cluster analysis of purchase data, 587-594 [Zbl 05280218]
Shigemasu, Kazuo; Ohmori, Takuya; Hoshino, Takahiro, Market segmentation method from the Bayesian viewpoint, 595-603 [Zbl 05280219]
Stecking, Ralf; Schebesch, Klaus B., Support vector machines for credit scoring: comparing and combining with some traditional classification methods, 604-612 [Zbl 05280220]
Brunnert, Marcus; Krahnke, Tillmann; Urfer, Wolfgang, Classification of amino-acid sequences using state-space models, 615-623 [Zbl 05280221]
Camiz, Sergio; Rova, Elena, Quantitative study of images in archaeology: I. Textual coding, 624-632 [Zbl 05280222]
Camiz, Sergio; Rova, Elena; Tulli, Vanda, Quantitative study of images in archaeology: II. Symbolic coding, 633-642 [Zbl 05280223]
Capdevilla, Carles; Colomer, M. Angels; Conde, Josep; Miret, Josep; Zaragoza, Alba, Power functions in multiple sampling plans using DNA computation, 643-651 [Zbl 05280224]
de Cantis, Stefano; Mendola, Daria; Iannitto, Emilio, Methodological issues in the baffling relationship between Hepatitis C Virus and non Hodgkins’s Lymphomas, 652-661 [Zbl 05280225]
Markowetz, Florian; von Heydebreck, Anja, Class discovery in gene expression data: characterizing splits by support vector machines, 662-669 [Zbl 05280226]
Rahnenführer, Jörg, Efficient clustering methods for tumor classification with microarrays, 670-679 [Zbl 05280227]
Scarnó, Marco; Sforzini, Donatella; Ulivieri, Alessandra; Nasi, Sergio, A method to classify microarray data, 680-688 [Zbl 05280228]


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