Bourbaki seminar. Volume 2002/2003. Exposes 909–923. (Séminaire Bourbaki. Volume 2002/2003. Exposés 909–923.) (English, French) Zbl 1052.00010

Astérisque 294. Paris: Société Mathématique de France (ISBN 2-85629-156-2/pbk). ix, 470 p. (2004).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding seminar (2001/2002) has been reviewed (see Zbl 1050.00006).
Indexed articles:
Bilu, Yuri F., Catalan’s conjecture., 1-26, Exp. No. 909 [Zbl 1094.11014]
Fischler, Stéphane, Irrationality of zeta values (following Apéry, Rivoal, \(\dots\))., 27-62, Exp. No. 910 [Zbl 1101.11024]
Métivier, Guy, Examples of instabilities for nonlinear wave equations (following G. Lebeau)., 63-75, Exp. No. 911 [Zbl 1215.35106]
Schlenker, Jean-Marc, The bellows conjecture (following I. Sabitov)., 77-95, Exp. No. 912 [Zbl 1078.52014]
Valette, Alain, New approaches to Kazhdan’s property (T), 97-124, Exp. No. 913 [Zbl 1068.22012]
Chambert-Loir, Antoine, Rational points and fundamental groups: applications of the \(p\)-adic cohomology (following P. Berthelot, T. Ekedahl, H. Esnault, etc.)., 125-146, Exp. No. 914 [Zbl 1078.14024]
Dehornoy, Patrick, Recent progress about the continuum hypothesis (following Woodin)., 147-172, Exp. No. 915 [Zbl 1057.03042]
Ghys, Étienne, Random groups (following Misha Gromov, \(\dots\))., 173-204, Exp. No. 916 [Zbl 1134.20306]
Morain, François, Primality in polynomial time (following Adleman, Huang; Agrawal, Kayal, Saxena)., 205-230, Exp. No. 917 [Zbl 1097.11059]
Rousset, Frédéric, Hyperbolic systems and vanishing viscosity (following S. Bianchini and A. Bressan)., 231-250, Exp. No. 918 [Zbl 1215.35104]
Colmez, Pierre, The \(p\)-adic Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer’s conjecture., 251-319, Exp. No. 919 [Zbl 1094.11025]
Connes, Alain, \(L^2\) Betti numbers and applications of the \(p\)-adic cohomology type II\({}_1\) factors (following D. Gaboriau and S. Popa)., 321-333, Exp. No. 920 [Zbl 1133.46032]
Itenberg, Ilia, Amoebas of algebraic varieties and curves counting (following G. Mikhalkin)., 335-361, Exp. No. 921 [Zbl 1059.14067]
Paulin, Frédéric, On the elementary theory of free groups (following Sela)., 363-402, Exp. No. 922 [Zbl 1069.20030]
Szamuely, Tamás, Galois groups of fields of finite type (following Pop)., 403-431, Exp. No. 923 [Zbl 1148.12300]


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Zbl 1050.00006