The topological asymptotic expansion for the Dirichlet problem. (English) Zbl 1053.49031

Summary: The topological sensitivity analysis provides an asymptotic expansion of a shape function when creating a small hole inside a domain. This expansion yields a descent direction which can be used for shape optimization if one wishes to keep a classical domain throughout the optimization process. In this paper, such an expansion is obtained for the Poisson equation for a large class of cost functions and arbitrarily shaped holes. In the three-dimensional case, this expansion depends on the shape of the hole but not on its orientation if the cost function involves only the solution \(u\) to the underlying partial differential equation, whereas it may also depend on its orientation if the cost function involves the gradient \(\nabla u\). In contrast, the asymptotic expansion is independent of the shape in the two-dimensional case. A numerical example illustrates the use of the asymptotic expansion, which yields a minimizing sequence of classical domains in a case where no classical solution exists.


49Q10 Optimization of shapes other than minimal surfaces
49Q12 Sensitivity analysis for optimization problems on manifolds
74P15 Topological methods for optimization problems in solid mechanics
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