Quantum field theory and noncommutative geometry. Based on the workshop, Sendai, Japan, November 2002. (English) Zbl 1060.58001

Lecture Notes in Physics 662. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 3-540-23900-6/hbk). x, 297 p. (2005).

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Indexed articles:
Landi, G., Noncommutative spheres and instantons, 3-56 [Zbl 1073.58022]
Natsume, T., Some noncommutative spheres, 57-66 [Zbl 1083.46039]
Kamimura, Shingo, From quantum tori to quantum homogeneous spaces, 67-74 [Zbl 1085.46049]
Cahen, M., Local models for manifolds with symplectic connections of Ricci type, 77-87 [Zbl 1072.53025]
Bursztyn, H., On gauge transformations of Poisson structures, 89-112 [Zbl 1076.53104]
Miyazaki, N., Classification of all quadratic star products on a plane, 113-126 [Zbl 1072.53034]
Bieliavsky, P.; Bonneau, P.; Maeda, Y., Universal deformation formulae for three-dimensional solvable Lie groups, 127-141 [Zbl 1072.53033]
Waldmann, S., Morita equivalence, Picard groupoids and noncommutative field theories, 143-155 [Zbl 1078.53083]
Crainic, M.; Fernandes, R. L., Secondary characteristic classes of Lie algebroids, 157-176 [Zbl 1068.22004]
Wess, J., Gauge theories on noncommutative spacetime treated by the Seiberg-Witten method, 179-192 [Zbl 1079.81067]
Jurčo, B., Noncommutative line bundles and gerbes, 193-204 [Zbl 1078.53098]
Paniak, L. D.; Szabo, R. J., Lectures on two-dimensional noncommutative gauge theory quantization, 205-237 [Zbl 1069.81064]
Kawahigashi, Y., Topological quantum field theories and operator algebras, 241-253 [Zbl 1067.81118]
Kimura, T., Topological quantum field theory an algebraic structures, 255-287 [Zbl 1088.81084]
Iiyori, N.; Itoh, T.; Iwami, M.; Nakada, K.; Masuda, T., An infinite family of isospectral pairs: topological aspects, 289-297 [Zbl 1063.05093]


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