Nonlinear analysis and convex analysis. Proceedings of the 3rd international conference (NACA2003), Tokyo, Japan, August 25–29, 2003. (English) Zbl 1063.00012

Yokohama: Yokohama Publishers (ISBN 4-946552-15-4/hbk). vii, 591 p. (2004).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The 1st conference has been reviewed (see Zbl 0969.00060).
Indexed articles:
Aoyama, Koji, A survey: an inverse of the Berge maximum theorem, 1-8 [Zbl 1149.54308]
Atsushiba, Sachiko, Strong convergence theorems for finite nonexpansive mappings in Banach spaces, 9-16 [Zbl 1095.47032]
Ding, Xiaosong; Ekenberg, Love; Danielson, Mats, A fast bilinear optimization algorithm, 17-27 [Zbl 1151.90548]
Fujii, Jun Ichi; Fujii, Masatoshi, Jensen’s inequalities of any interval for operators, 29-39 [Zbl 1080.47018]
Furuya, Kiyoko, Approximation of semigroups generated by \(-i\partial\widetilde {\Psi}\), 41-47 [Zbl 1089.47509]
Georgiev, Pando Gr., Random critical points, 49-57 [Zbl 1099.49024]
Hohzaki, Ryusuke, A search game with several types of false contacts, 59-79 [Zbl 1149.91012]
Horiguchi, Masayuki; Kurano, Masami, Stopped semi-Markov decision processes with multiple constraints, 81-96 [Zbl 1151.90573]
Ibaraki, Takanori; Takahashi, Wataru, Convergence of regularized solutions of ill-posed problem with monotone operators in a Banach space, 97-106 [Zbl 1086.47037]
Iemoto, Shigeru; Suzuki, Tomonari; Takahasi, Wataru, Nadler’s fixed point theorem with a vector-valued distance, 107-114 [Zbl 1078.54025]
Iiduka, Hideaki; Takahashi, Wataru, Strong and weak convergence theorems by a hybrid steepest descent method in a Hilbert space, 115-130 [Zbl 1090.47057]
Jimbo, H. C.; Quentcheu, A.; Bozeman, R. E., Portfolio optimization with the growth model, 131-141 [Zbl 1109.91027]
Kamimura, Shoji, The proximal point algorithm in a Banach space, 143-148 [Zbl 1086.47513]
Kawabe, Jun, The portmanteau theorem for Dedekind complete Riesz space-valued measures, 149-158 [Zbl 1076.28004]
Kawasaki, Hidefumi, A game-theoretic aspect of conjugate sets for a nonlinear programming problem, 159-168 [Zbl 1149.49301]
Kido, Kazuo, A nonlinear approximation of the nucleolus, 169-176 [Zbl 1149.91303]
Kim, Gang Eun; Kiuchi, Hirobumi, Strong convergences of Ishikawa iterations for asymptotically quasi-nonexpansive mappings in the intermediate sense, 177-186 [Zbl 1096.47060]
Kimura, Kenji; Tanaka, Tamaki, Existence result for vector-valued saddle-point problem by using convex envelope, 187-193 [Zbl 1149.90401]
Kimura, Yasunori, Mosco convergence and maximal monotone operators in Banach spaces, 195-202 [Zbl 1091.47041]
Kohsaka, Fumiaki; Takahashi, Wataru, Weak and strong convergence theorems for minimax problems in Banach spaces, 203-215 [Zbl 1086.47052]
Komuro, Naoto, Domination property of the set of upper bounds in ordered linear spaces, 217-226 [Zbl 1084.46004]
Kon, Masamichi, On fuzzy multicriteria location problems, 227-232 [Zbl 1151.90540]
Kurano, Masami; Yasuda, Masami; Nakagami, Jun-Ichi; Yoshida, Yuji, A fuzzy stopping problem with the concept of perception: the finite and infinite horizon cases, 233-243 [Zbl 1149.90433]
Lau, Anthony To-Ming; Takahashi, Wataru, Submeans and nonlinear analysis, 245-254 [Zbl 1074.43001]
Maruyama, Yukihiro, Associative sequential decision process, 255-264 [Zbl 1151.90543]
Matsuhisa, Takashi, Communication leading to Nash equilibrium without acyclic condition, 265-275 [Zbl 1108.91015]
Matsuhisa, Takashi; Ishikawa, Ryuichiro; Hoshino, Yoshiaki, Core equivalence in economy under generalized information, 277-287 [Zbl 1109.91014]
Matsumoto, Mitsutaka; Fuchimoto, Satoshi, An evolutionary game approach to sanctioning problems, 289-303 [Zbl 1117.91314]
Matsushita, Shin-Ya; Takahashi, Wataru, An iterative algorithm for relatively nonexpansive mappings by a hybrid method and applications, 305-313 [Zbl 1086.47055]
Miyake, Hiromichi, A fixed point theorem for asymptotically nonexpansive mappings in metric spaces with convex structures, 315-321 [Zbl 1086.54505]
Moritani, Atsuhsi; Tanino, Tetsuzo; Kuroki, Kojiro; Tatsumi, Keiji, Cooperative fuzzy games with restrictions on coalitions, 323-345 [Zbl 1149.91016]
Muroya, Yoshiaki; Ishiwata, Emiko, Global stability for nonlinear difference equations with variable delay, 347-358 [Zbl 1076.39008]
Nadezhinka, Natalia; Takahashi, Wataru, Modified extragradient method for solving variational inequalities in real Hilbert spaces, 359-366 [Zbl 1086.47508]
Naito, Koichiro, Recurrent dimensions of quasi-periodic orbits with multiple frequencies: extended common multiples and Diophantine conditions, 367-380 [Zbl 1088.47020]
Nakajo, K.; Shimoji, K.; Takahashi, W., A weak convergence theorem by products of mappings in Hilbert spaces, 381-390 [Zbl 1095.47040]
Nessah, Rabia; Larbani, Moussa, \(g\)-maximum equality, 391-400 [Zbl 1085.58015]
Nishishiraho, Toshishiko, The degree of convergence of equi-uniform approximation processes of integral operators in Banach spaces, 401-412 [Zbl 1132.41317]
Nishizaki, Ichiro; Sakawa, Masatoshi; Katagiri, Hideki; Uemura, Yoshio, Cost allocation based on the solution concept from fuzzy cooperative games for a production and transportation problem – a case study –, 413-429 [Zbl 1109.91039]
Nozawa, Ryôhei; Oettli, Werner, The polarization principle in dynamic optimization, 431-443 [Zbl 1152.49323]
Nuriya, Tetsuya; Kuroiwa, Daishi, An observation of approximate saddle points, 445-451 [Zbl 1069.49002]
Ogasawara, Hideho, A factorized form of the Broyden family of updates from the preconvex class, 453-460 [Zbl 1149.90424]
Park, Sehie, Fixed points, Robert spaces, and the compact AR problem, 461-468 [Zbl 1086.47024]
Petrosjan, Leon A., Cooperation in games with incomplete information, 469-479 [Zbl 1154.91324]
Saito, Seiji, Boundary value problems of fuzzy differential equations, 481-491 [Zbl 1084.34019]
Schaible, Siegfried; Shi, Jianming, Recent developments in fractional programming: Single-ratio and max-min case, 493-506 [Zbl 1149.90412]
Sekiguchi, Yoshiyuki, Necessary optimally conditions for general mathematical programming with continuous constraints, 507-517 [Zbl 1073.49010]
Shimizu, Tomoo, The almost fixed point property for multivalued nonexpansive mappings of a metric space with some kind of convexity, 519-525 [Zbl 1086.47013]
Suzuki, Tomonari, Krasnoselskii and Mann’s type sequences and Ishikawa’s strong convergence theorem, 527-539 [Zbl 1088.47512]
Tsukada, M.; Miura, T.; Wada, S.; Takahashi, Yasuji; Takahasi, S.-E., On Wirtinger-Beesack type integral inequalities, 541-549 [Zbl 1075.26007]
Yabe, Hiroshi, Global convergence of conjugate gradient methods for unconstrained minimization, 551-564 [Zbl 1149.90425]
Yamada, Isao; Ogura, Nobuhiko, Adaptive projected subgradient method and its applications to signal processing problems, 565-576 [Zbl 1149.90423]
Yoshimoto, Takeshi, On non-integral orders of strong ergodicity in nonlinear ergodic theory, 577-585 [Zbl 1083.46005]


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