Economics, management and optimization in sports. Foreword by Juan Antonio Samaranch. (English) Zbl 1084.90001

Berlin: Springer (ISBN 3-540-20712-0/hbk). x, 300 p. (2004).

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Indexed articles:
Boginski, Vladimir; Butenko, Sergiy; Pardalos, Panos M., Matrix-based methods for college football rankings, 1-13 [Zbl 1246.90070]
DeOliveira, Erickson H.; Callum, Robert, Who’s the best? Data envelopment analysis and ranking players in the National Football League, 15-30 [Zbl 1246.90071]
Sackrowitz, Harold, Dynamic programming and time related strategies in sports, 31-41 [Zbl 1246.90156]
Croucher, John S., Using statistics to predict scores in English Premier League soccer, 43-57 [Zbl 1247.62308]
Dobson, Stephen; Goddard, John, Modelling and forecasting match results in the English Premier League and Football League, 59-77 [Zbl 1247.62309]
Dejonghe, Trudo, Restructuring the Belgian Professional Football League: a location-allocation solution, 79-100 [Zbl 1246.90082]
Lafuente, Jaime Gil, The best systems for appointing referees, 101-120 [Zbl 1153.90494]
Wilde, Nick, Fashion accessory, social identity or tribal uniform? Exploratory research into the reasons why football consumers purchase replica football kits in Spain and England, 121-130 [Zbl 1246.90079]
Hirotsu, Nobuyoshi; Wright, Mike, Modelling a baseball game to optimize pitcher substitution strategies using dynamic programming, 131-161 [Zbl 1130.90411]
Lin, Chii-Dean; Levine, Richard A., Mega deal? A relative performance analysis for Major League Baseball players, 163-184 [Zbl 1247.62310]
Bailey, Michael J.; Clarke, Stephen R., Market inefficiencies in player head to head betting on the 2003 Cricket World Cup, 185-201 [Zbl 1152.90512]
McGarry, Tim, Searching for patterns in sports contests, 203-223 [Zbl 1153.90496]
Liu, Yuanlong, Track and field performance data and prediction models: promises and fallacies, 225-233 [Zbl 1247.62311]
Tan, Wei-Han, Using response surface models for evolutionary estimation of optimum running times, 235-242 [Zbl 1247.62313]
Aggoun, Abderrahmane; Vazacopoulos, Alkis, Solving sport scheduling and timetabling problems with constraint programming, 243-264 [Zbl 1162.90439]
Boginski, Vladimir; Butenko, Sergiy; Pardalos, Panos M.; Prokopyev, Oleg, Collaboration networks in sports, 265-277 [Zbl 1162.90348]
Hurley, William, The holdup system for grouping minor hockey participants into age divisions, 279-288 [Zbl 1162.90494]
Szymanski, Stefan, Promotion and relegation in rent seeking contests, 289-300 [Zbl 1159.91366]


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