International conference on differential, difference equations and their applications, July 1–5, 2002, Patras, Greece. (English) Zbl 1089.34002

Cairo: Hindawi Publishing Corporation (ISBN 977-5945-14-3/hbk). vi, 379 p. (2004).

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Indexed articles:
Siafarikas, Panayiotis D., Evangelos K. Ifantis and his work, 1-9 [Zbl 1130.01307]
Artemiadis, Nicolas K., The mathematicians’ share in the general human condition, 11-16 [Zbl 1101.00302]
Cecchi, Mariella; Došlá, Zuzana; Marini, Mauro, Positive solutions for singular discrete boundary value problems, 17-29 [Zbl 1099.39004]
Došlý, Ondřej, Symplectic difference systems: oscillation theory and hyperbolic Prüfer transformation, 31-40 [Zbl 1100.39006]
Belmehdi, S.; Chehab, J.-P., Integral representation of the solutions to Heun’s biconfluent equation, 41-52 [Zbl 1104.33010]
Dassios, George; Kariotou, Fotini, On the exterior magnetic field and silent sources in magnetoencephalography, 53-60 [Zbl 1151.92318]
Grammatikopoulos, M. K.; Popivanov, N. I.; Popov, T. P., New singular solutions of Protter’s problem for the 3D wave equation, 61-81 [Zbl 1115.35078]
Čermák, Jan; Kundrát, Petr, Linear differential equations with unbounded delays and a forcing term, 83-91 [Zbl 1104.34053]
Dassios, George; Vafeas, Panayiotis, Comparison of differential representations for radially symmetric Stokes flow, 93-106 [Zbl 1151.76428]
Fokas, A. S.; Kamvissis, S., Zero-dispersion limit for integrable equations on the half-line with linearisable data, 107-116 [Zbl 1105.35321]
Poulkou, Anthippi, On sampling expansions of Kramer type, 117-131 [Zbl 1111.34014]
Kravvaritis, Dimitrie; Păltineanu, Gavriil, A density theorem for locally convex lattices, 133-139 [Zbl 1106.46302]
Kiguradze, I., On periodic-type solutions of systems of linear ordinary differential equations, 141-152 [Zbl 1109.34011]
Ďurikovič, Vladimír; Ďurikovičová, Monika, On the solutions of nonlinear initial-boundary value problems, 153-170 [Zbl 1103.35337]
Gatsori, E.; Ntouyas, S. K.; Sficas, Y. G., On a nonlocal Cauchy problem for differential inclusions, 171-180 [Zbl 1112.34009]
Ifantis, E. K.; Vlachou, K. N., Exact solutions of the semi-infinite Toda lattice with applications to the inverse spectral problem, 181-197 [Zbl 1123.34004]
Byers, Peter; Himonas, A. Alexandrou, Nonanalytic solutions of the KdV equation, 199-206 [Zbl 1105.35101]
Baštinec, Jaromír; Diblík, Josef, Subdominant positive solutions of the discrete equation \(\Delta u(k+n)= -p(k)u(k)\), 207-216 [Zbl 1101.39003]
Stratis, Ioannis G.; Yannacopoulos, Athanasios N., Electromagnetic fields in linear and nonlinear chiral media: a time-domain analysis, 217-232 [Zbl 1151.78338]
Litsyn, Elena; Myasnikova, Marina; Nepomnyashchikh, Yurii; Ponosov, Arcady, Efficient criteria for the stabilization of planar linear systems by hybrid feedback controls, 233-245 [Zbl 1108.93061]
Medková, Dagmar, Which solutions of the third problem for the Poisson equation are bounded?, 247-256 [Zbl 1151.35336]
Ohmiya, Mayumi, Darboux-Lamé equation and isomonodromic deformation, 257-270 [Zbl 1116.34071]
Benchohra, M.; Gatsori, E.; Ntouyas, S. K., Multivalued semilinear neutral functional differential equations with nonconvex-valued right-hand side, 271-287 [Zbl 1110.34055]
Nowakowska, Wiesława; Werbowski, Jarosław, Conditions for the oscillation of solutions of iterative equations, 289-296 [Zbl 1099.39013]
Řehák, Pavel, On certain comparison theorems for half-linear dynamic equations on time scales, 297-311 [Zbl 1106.34019]
Shindiapin, Andrei, On linear singular functional-differential equations in a functional space, 313-321 [Zbl 1114.34046]
Rachůnková, Irena; Tvrdý, Milan, Nonmonotone impulse effects in second-order periodic boundary value problems, 323-336 [Zbl 1109.34024]
Kalas, Josef, Nonuniqueness theorem for a singular Cauchy-Nicoletti problem, 337-348 [Zbl 1111.34015]
Medina, Rigoberto; Gil’, M. I., Accurate solution estimates for nonlinear nonautonomous vector difference equations, 349-357 [Zbl 1099.39011]
Bretti, Gabriella; Natalini, Pierpaolo; Ricci, Paolo E., Generalizations of the Bernoulli and Appell polynomials, 359-369 [Zbl 1114.33021]


34-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to ordinary differential equations
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